DIY Infrared Red Light Therapy | Can you make your own?

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DIY Infrared Red Light Therapy | Can you make your own?

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Red Light Therapy is actually a form of light therapy.

These light frequencies are used as treatments for ailments and infections of the skin. There are many benefits that can be gained from this type of treatment but some of the most common are discussed below.

Red Light Therapy is commonly used by doctors and medical professionals all over the world. The main advantage that it has is that it is known to stimulate the body’s healing ability.

It is also known to have great medical effects on your skin.

It is very important to have healthy skin in order to avoid many skin related illnesses and injuries. When you have a healthy and supple skin, you will be able to fight against many illnesses and injuries. This will in turn help you to fight off illnesses and injuries that you may get as a result of an accident or injury.

In addition to this, there are many studies that have been done which have proved that light therapy does not only improve your appearance but can help you to improve your overall health.

For example, one study showed that it

  • helps you to reduce your chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease.
  • shown to reduce the chance of heart attack.
  • One study showed that it can help you to improve your eyesight as well.

It is so effective that some people who have had no other treatments and have gone blind after a certain age have been able to see again thanks to light therapy.

So you can imagine what amazing benefits it can give to those who have eye problems and other health conditions.

So in conclusion, you can see that Red Light Therapy is an effective treatment for many health and eye problems.

LED face Mask

Handheld devices

Do handheld lamps deliver better quality at a lower cost? I don’t know. Handheld red light therapy kit does not provide enough light energy to absorb irradiated light into tissue.

How does red light therapy work on the skin?

The different wavelengths of light can differ between what we see and what we don’t see. UVB radiation and infrared radiation are not noticeable in the human eye. While in humans, light wavelengths can be found in a variety of shades. Different wavelengths in light have been found in this spectrum. The wavelength penetrates the skin to different depths and corresponds to various shades of LED lighting. The red light wavelength used for light therapy penetrates skin (dermis) and activates fibroblast cells, improving cellular functions. Fibroblast is a cell that grows from tissue.

How to use a red light therapy device at home?

As the effects of red light therapy are still being studied, it is unclear exactly where to use the light to achieve an optimal effect. It’s not likely to have a negative effect on the body because the drug hasn’t had an adverse effect on the brain. The bulbs should work perfectly if they have not been damaged or faulty. Generally start with five-ten minute treatments then progress to another five or so minutes. If your starting point has low levels of red light use please. You can use this device at least once daily. Your benefit will improve as a result.

How often should I use red light therapy?

Closer and longer treatments are better for some diseases, such as infectious diseases. Five – 15 minutes are generally enough for daily usage to work. A weak device will probably require 20 or more minutes. It’s difficult for me to figure out what power density the devices can be and whether or not this is useful. Keep in mind the deeper a treatment can penetrate the deeper it penetrates.

What is red light therapy?

Before we begin to explain why natural remedies are so useful it’s necessary that a simple explanation is provided. Have you seen rainbows in the past? These spectrums range between 300 MHz and 800 MHz based on the spectrum of. Infra red light has a longer wavelength (from 550 nm to 600 nm) which means that it penetrates skin without damaging the cells. Interestingly, light does not only protect our cells but is a powerful catalyst that promotes their repair. The use of red light in treating wounds and injury has proven beneficial.

red light therapy for skin

DIY red light therapy

Once you have discovered the benefits of the light therapy, you may surprise yourself to discover you can forget the complicated equipment if needed. You need a hose-laced light fixture and some suitable clamps and a suitable socket. You can buy an inexpensive infrared light bulb from any online retailer. Several items start at $10 and can reach as little as $30 per piece. Make sure you purchase an approved CE device with wavelengths between 600 and 1000 nm. Lastly, your lights will be fitted with clamps and a bulb guard.

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Infrared and red light, found at the higher end of the visible spectrum, are extremely therapeutic – soothing skin complaints , alleviating pain, healing wounds, reducing inflammation, and even helping with weight loss.

DIY sauna

Can we go a little further? Do you ever dream about sweating in the hot tub in your house or bath? You could make huge amounts of sauna panels… but can we do that by ourselves for under 5%? If you go the DIY route you will need this gear: You can put your sauna in a room, cupboard or even a shed, as long as you have room. Make sure the vent is adequate. It is not surprising when things are hot.

Near infra red wont heat the air in the room like a traditional sauna, but it will PENETRATE your flesh and provide a calming warming effect. The light waves go below the suffice of the skin, heating from the inside out.

Infrared Sauna

Is red light therapy at home effective?

Infrared light therapies in homes are equally efficient than going to salons or spas that have red light therapy tables for patients. LED light therapy offers great results because they’ve been designed to be non-invasive. The treatment can be done easily from the comfort of home. How does Infrared or Red light therapy work? LED Light Therapy helps you easily schedule your treatments on your personal schedule without the need for travel or scheduling an appointment. It is easy to set the environment for yourself.

infrared for wrinklesred light detox

How can I get the benefits of red light therapy at home?

Skin Aging Red light therapy is widely known for treating fine lines and wrinkles, saggy and papery skin, and age spots associated with aging. Prop the device on a table or hang it where you can comfortably face it with your face 6” to 10” away; close your eyes and relax in the warm glow for 10 to 20 minutes

DIY Infrared Sauna

This DIY project will give you ideas on building high powered infrared saunas to reduce stress and to reduce blood clots.

red light therapy at home

With those studies that is truly proven, I wanted to show you how to DIY Red Light Therapy.

Joovv Mini – A Great Home Infrared Light Therapy Device

Joovv Mini

The Joovv Mini works by exposing the skin to infrared light from a small light bulb which then is absorbed by the skin.

Although the product is small, it still allows infrared light to be emitted from the bulbs, which are then directed towards the face. As such, it offers the best opportunity to see the results you want to see.

Joovv Mini is very expensive but the quality is superb.


  • Total of 60 LEDs
  • 2 Grids, 6 X 5 Arrays of LEDs, 30 LEDs per Grid
  • This device composed of Red light LED and Near Infrared LED. The Red light LED has 14 LEDs with 660nm wavelength and the Near Infrared LED has 16 LEDs with 850nm wavelength.
  • Power : 120 W. The LEDs is 2W each.
  • With 120 W the Joovv Mini comes with 2 cooling fans.
  • Dimensions : 15″ x 8.25″ x 3″
  • Treatment Area : > 100 + mw/cm^2, 25″ x 18″ which is sufficient to cover certain areas of your body such as :
  • Face
  • Legs
  • Arm
  • Pain Areas

grow lights as light therapy

In summary,

Joovv Mini : 2 grids, 60 LEDs, 2 fans, 120W, USD$695 as of this time, cost per LED is $11.58

Joovv Solo : 5 grids, 150 LEDs, 5 fans, 300W, USD$1,195 as of this time, cost per LED is $8

Joovv Duo : 10 grids, 300 LEDs, 10 fans, 600W, USD$2,195 as of this time, cost per LED is $7.3

Here is the site of Joovv

The raw materials used for the construction of a Red Light Therapy Device would be as follows:

  • Metal Casing
  • Cooling Fans
  • Power Supply
  • 2W LEDs ( 660nm Infrared LEDs )
  • 2W LEDs ( 850nm Near Infrared LEDs )

There is a contender on the red light device which is 50% cheaper than Joovv. Mito Red Light Devices have the following models available:

  • Mitomin : 60 LEDs with 5W per LED which is +3W more than Joovv, Cost is about $249
  • MitoMID : 100 LEDs, Cost is about $449
  • MitoMAX : 200 LEDs, Cost is about $749
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Here is the site of Mitoredlight

Inexpensive Vendors at Aliexpress

There is one vendor at Aliexpress ( Amatsgreen Store ) offering the following prices:

300W 500W 1000W for both Red light therapy and Near Infrared Therapy for about :

$105, $165 and $275 prices respectively which is definitely cheaper than the companies mentioned above.

300W Red & NIR Specifications:

  • – LED Quantity: 60pcs by 5W- Wavelength: Red 660nm & IR 850nm; pure 660nm or 850nm- Operation Way: 2 Switch On / Off- Voltage: AC85 ~ 265V- Frequency: 50 / 60Hz- Weight: 3.0 kg- Dimensions: 400x170x60mm

    – Applied: for full body

500W Red & NIR Specifications:

  • – LED Quantity: 100pcs by 5W- Wavelength: Red 660nm & IR 850nm; pure 660nm or 850nm- Operation Way: Timer control(Timing for Red or NIR )- Voltage: AC85 ~ 265V- Frequency: 50 / 60Hz- Weight: 4.5 kg- Dimensions: 480x210x60mm

    – Applied: for full body

1000W Red & NIR Specifications:

  • – LED Quantity: 200pcs by 5W- Wavelength: Red 660nm & IR 850nm; pure 660nm or 850nm- Operation Way: Timer control(Timing for Red or NIR )- Voltage: AC85 ~ 265V- Frequency: 50 / 60Hz- Weight: 8.0 kg- Dimensions: 910x210x60mm

    – Applied: for full body

You do not have to buy the LEDs and build them yourself anymore since the red light therapy device can be bought at Aliexpress.

Is Red Light Therapy Devices EMF Free?

It is important to understand that red light therapy is not just a simple test that uses the use of light, but actually the key element in relieving a number of symptoms.

This helps to point out the fact that the use of light has been recognized for some time and has been used to help with certain conditions.

It is considered that the use of light in the environment is an inexpensive and non-toxic treatment option for a variety of ailments and conditions that have been suffered by mankind.

Some of the benefits that one can get from using red light therapy devices include the elimination of pain, irritation and swelling, relief from stress, a decrease in depression, improvement in mood and a reduction in fatigue.

These benefits are realized after the body is exposed to the radiation from the light and the body’s natural functions is stimulated.

Once the body is exposed to the light, the effects are felt immediately.

It is safe to say that this form of treatment will offer people protection against health conditions that include cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, migraine headaches, depression, cognitive impairment, anxiety and migraines.

People suffering from these ailments can use the light therapy devices to ease their suffering.

All electrical devices emit some form of EMF. In terms of red light therapy devices they emit low-frequency electromagnetic fields which does not cause any adverse side effects in harming DNA or cells.

A Red Light Device Is Good For Reducing fine lines and wrinkles Smoothing skin roughness Increasing collagen production Healing acne Speeding wound healing Treating actinic keratosis (from sun exposure and sun damage) Reducing rosacea Treating skin mites Reducing skin inflammation.

DIY on Blue Light Therapy

When it comes to assembling your DIY red light device, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on any equipment and never leave your bulb unattended when switched on.

Research has been going on in the last decade to find out the benefits of Blue Light Therapy.

This treatment was first used in the 1950s as a therapy for patients suffering from motion sickness. This motion sickness is brought about by turbulence inside the patient’s head, causing the eyes to focus on the turbulence.

Other patients may be sedated to the point of confusion or sleep during the process. By exposing the patient to the blue light, you are creating an energy field that will remove the turbulence from the individual’s brain and bring back their inner clarity.

The benefits of Blue Light Therapy are being studied now because it is being used by many people all over the world.

One of the more interesting findings is that the Blue Light Therapy can be used to treat injuries caused to the eyes, particularly cataracts.

There is even evidence to show that the treatment may be beneficial to people who suffer from tinnitus. This means that if a person is experiencing ringing ears the Blue Light Therapy can be used to help the person get rid of the ringing ears.

Research in this area is still ongoing. Researchers are continuing to study the Blue Light Therapy to find out how beneficial this therapy truly is.

The benefits of Blue Light Therapy are quite astonishing and have many people wondering if there is anything that can be done about the problem of aging.

Blue light is used for bacterial infection such as acne.

Blue light can be used in conjunction with red light therapy which is great for skin.

Hanging red light panels on doors is what made them such a viral “hack” for getting affordable full-body red light therapy. It is cheap, simple to set up, and can get you doing full-body red light therapy in just minutes. However, we often notice that doors aren’t always the best place to hang a red light therapy panel.

There are different wavelengths of light on the visible light spectrum. The wavelengths penetrate the skin (dermis) to different depths and correspond to different colors of LED light. The red light wavelength found in red light LED therapy penetrates the skin (dermis) and works on fibroblasts, and improves cellular function.

Low Level Laser Therapy – What It Does For You

The benefits are wide-ranging, from improved circulation, to better wound healing, to skin health, to thyroid support and improved detoxification.

Red light therapy treatment includes both red light wavelengths and infrared wavelengths.

Laser therapy is an alternative form of medical therapy that uses light beams to treat a variety of illnesses, by destroying harmful cells and repairing damage.

It has shown to reduce pain and inflammation in both adults and children with muscle spasms, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, warts, asthma, hepatitis and skin cancer. It has also been shown to be effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and can be used on the skin, muscle, joints, cartilage and tendons.

This type of therapy uses specialized devices which are placed under the skin for a therapeutic session, but this is not painful and there are no risks involved as there are with invasive procedures.

The Low Level Laser Therapy is very similar to Red light therapy but the difference is that the LED red lights used have longer wavelength of 860nm to 1000 nm which goes deep into tissues so that it may be more effective in treating problems.

These devices are more focus and directed, typically the devices are expensive.

These super pulsed laser devices are very expensive but are used by professionals. Here is a link to Multi Radiance Medical Devices which are approved by FDA.

LaserTRX – 4 in 1 Home Use Pain Relief Device – Proven Combination of Cold Laser (lllt) Therapy, Red Light, Infrared Light & Magnetic Field

is an excellent resource on COLD LASERs with different manufacturers and wavelengths.

For inexpensive cold laser therapy here are numerous options at Aliexpress.


The most therapeutic benefits often result from applying both simultaneously. A light therapy device that delivers red and NIR light is useful for surface (red), as well as deeper-tissue (NIR) applications. Choose the right size light. A small LED panel is ideal for targeted applications including facial rejuvenation, hair loss.

You can find red light therapy options at the dermatologist, spa, or maybe a fancy gym, but you can also enjoy red light therapy at home with your own light therapy products.

Now that I have shown you different technologies on the red light therapy.

Here are some of the alternatives, that you can begin with your DIY Red Light Therapy.

For the most basic setup, you’ll just need two items: a good infrared heat lamp bulb and a clamp light enclosure that can handle 250 Watts or more. Philips Heat Lamp Bulb: 250-Watt, Medium Screw Base I chose to purchase my bulbs through SaunaSpace ($10) , but you can also find infrared heat lamp bulbs on Amazon.

So the kit comes with many different screws and mounting holes which could work for other red light panels you can find too.

Sgrow lights which are relatively inexpensive 45W with Infrared LED 660nm and Near Infrared LED 850nm

Plant grow lights red light therapy 660nm alternative

blue light therapyred light therapy grow lights

Infrared Light heat lamp 660nm for Pain and Skin Therapy

red light therapy heat lamp

Full spectrum heat lamp for strong bones

These are things that are inexpensive and you can enjoy the benefits before you progress into the professional strong wattage effective red light therapy.

Below are the items that I bought at Amazon with links below.

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