Choosing the Best Tanning Bed Bulbs

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Choosing the Best Tanning Bed Bulbs

best tanning bed bulbs

Best tanning bulbs: Our favorite picks

Recent tanning techniques are becoming increasingly popular due to several reasons. Simply put tan involves changing a skin colour to a darker skin mostly by exposure to sunlight or artificial sources. Artificial tanning tools are tanning lamps which have been used inside a tanning bed. The popularity of tanning beds is rising, so the need to find the right bulbs can become a daunting task. Taining bulb is an important part of obtaining quality tanning. This is the long light bulbs attached to the bottom of the mattress which give the skin the necessary light and the result is a tan look. In order to find the perfect tanning beds bulbs, you need to buy.

Other Products We Looked At

Another fantastic alternative product for the Wolf F71 t12 is perfect for people looking for a gradual darker tan. It is available in a bipin style F71T12 which is compatible with most tanning rooms. It can be re-used in the same manner as Darktan IIPlus Equator Sun or Bronzing Sun Plus. These bulbs did not get into the Top 5 due to the slower process to show visible differences. The bulbs last up to 6-7 years and have been rated as long lasting as 1000 hours. The light and durable bulbs are ideal for both beginner and expert tanningers.

The Midday Sun Tanning Lamps can be also be used as an easy replacement to tanning bulbs such as Velocity, Wolff dark tan ii, Dark Tan, Diamond Sun, Golden Tan, Speed 175, and Brilliance. Its sockets are designed to be compatible with some of the most popular tanning beds, such as Wolff, SunVision, AlphaSun, and Sun Quest.

Key points in a glance

The Power Twister provides a complete tanning system for its users. The perfect size for an F71T12 bulb is compatible with all tanning beds such as Sunmaster or Sunquest Wolff. This kit contains 12 power dual tilt lights with 1000+ hours warranty. These lights are renowned for the huge surface area which helps users gain more tanning power. The face lamp is placed side by side to provide long-lasting and fast tanning. The tanning kit is the most effective option to attain an extremely dark tan.

Buying Considerations of Best Tanning Bed Bulbs

Choosing a tanning bed bulb may seem an easier task but if you do not consider the most important things such as the voltage of the bulb, its compatibility, the tendency to either overheat or glow dimmer you may end up regretting or messing up with your tanning If you’re thinking about finding a good tanning bed lamp, here are some important facts. Before you begin getting a tan, make sure that you have a good understanding of your skin tone. Has anyone ever been affected by skin problems? That’s what it’s all about.

Voltarc GTX VHOR & HOR lamps. Made in the USA | Tanning lamps, Ultra  violet, Sun tan

Types of Tanning Bulb

The bulb is different from the one used on the tanning bed. The hotter light emits more UVB light at 5.5 per cent UVB. Its bulbs have an extra advantage compared to standard light bulbs which are often used with beds. The color lamp that we choose can sometimes be confused with the other. It doesn’t matter how color the light is. Tanned bedlight bulbs come with different voltages, so use those recommended by your particular bed manufacturer. The larger your bulb wattage, the greater its need for replacement.

Why should you worry about Tanning Bulbs?

In the world of beauty, tanning beds have the greatest potential. Since tan skins were an integral part of a number of fashion benchmarks tanning beds can help meet fashion needs. They have no purpose other than the use of tanning lamps to change and touch your skin. This bulb is essential for tanning beds. Tell me the reason: The bottom line is that even though you have the perfect sunroom or tanning area, there will be a need to replace your tanning beds. Always use a tanning lamp for a comfortable glow.

Tanning Bed Bulb Buyer’s Guide

Tanting lamps are essential for anyone with an older tanning bed in place. In colder climates, indoor tanning with tanning bulbs can provide a tan and natural shade for users who need more time. Indoor tanning using tanning bulbs can provide stunning and glowing bronze skin. Suitable for use in. Since tanning lamps emit very high levels of ozone and UV radiation it triggers the formation of vitamin D3, increasing the absorption of potassium, phosphor and calcium. You can use tanning lotion indoors.

Risks of UV tanning

Tanning your skin can cause severe melanoma and other cancers and even blindness. It was never a joke. Learn to manage the risks when using a tanning bed. Spray tanning is safer than UV tanning – and tanning rooms are, we believe, the most dangerous. All things in life involve risks: a car ride on the streets if you’re tempted. Everyone takes risks too. Adults have a choice in how they use their tanning beds. All of us are in danger if we drive a vehicle, walk across a street and eat lunch. Everybody has risks, let me know.

The F Number – Bulb length

You may notice some products with a “F71” or “F73” tag on them. This means ‘fluorescent’ — essentially the length for the lamps in tanning lamps. Standard sizes are F73. The number indicates its height in cm or inches. The F71 is usually bipin and is the most commonly used bulb. It’s advantageous to get adapters that can be converted to f72 RDC bulbs or f73 bulbs.

How often should I change my tanning bed bulbs?

While most standard lighting can be rated as having a lifetime of 1000 hours a year, the lamp needs replacing in the 800 to 1000 series. The equivalent to 200 tanning sessions is 200 hours. This is a maximum of six years if one person uses their tanning beds at least once a day. So, the change is best after 650-700 hours of use for the maximum benefit.

Bi-pin Versus RDC

It is a basic bulb that can be used in tanning: RDC and Bipin. Most bedspinning lamps here are bipin and two pins stick out. The Recessed double contact (RSDC) is identical to a bipin but comes with adapters for both pins. Bipin lights can be an efficient replacement choice because their compatibility with many tanning beds is very high.

Power in Watts

Typically, a bulb has a power of 100 watts whereas an ordinary lamp has 100 watts. The more energy rated, the better your experience will be. However, wattage power should be optimal not excessive because this can cause burns. Generally, the 100 w F71 bulb is high in output and safe.

Important features to consider

Many characteristics are necessary when purchasing tanning lamps. If your tanning lamp does match with your tanning mattress it should be scanned to see its physical characteristics. The instructions for replacing the tanning bulbs are here. Let me explain it:

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Duration of use

The tanning bulbs will lose their efficiency by about half their lifecycle. The skin should glow but does not produce the same shade of skin. I like to keep timers in my bed. It might be necessary to inspect bulbs regularly to check their condition.

The T Number – Bulb Size

It shows how wide a bulb is. Numbers are expressed in inches. For example it is 12 inches, and it is extremely common. The dimensions of a bulb influence the coverage of the bulb as well as the intensity of the UV radiation.

What happens if the bulbs break during shipment?

If a bulb breaks while shipped please contact the seller quickly. They need to be packed, but they’re obviously fragile items. If you notify your local manufacturer, the bulb will be replaced immediately.

What are Bronzing lamps?

Bronzing lamps are lower UVB rated thus creating less dark tan. Please see our article on tanning beds for details.

Can a tanning lamp tan me faster?

It’s rated 8.5%, and gives faster bronzing results. Higher ratings certainly enhances tanning results.

Choosing the right tanning bed bulb

The only thing you can do is find the most comfortable tanning beds. The tanning lamp should be able to provide a light that lasts longer than the original bulb since you will probably only need it to last. It’s based around buying guides. The purchasing guide shows you what factors to consider when buying tanning bulbs. It helps to learn about features that need attention as well as how to apply this knowledge. Here are some things you need to know.


It’s worth assessing the power output first. In regards to wattage you shouldn’t buy bulbs that are too large to heat up after bronzing. But to get a nice tan, your body really needs something solid. The most beautiful tanning bulbs usually have the highest power of 125 watts. However if you want darker tans, you will likely require something over 900. A power supply of around 140 – 120 watts suffices. It is possible to get a maximum power of 160 watts for color, it is advisable that nothing be higher because excessive voltage can be hazardous.


Many tanning beds feature light-emitting LED lights with UVB or UVA light sources. Ultraviolets have the only negative effects in causing sunburn. Several LED lights offer red light treatment without UV sensitivity. However, they do not actually possess UV powers. Let’s say it’s your own decision to decide which colour you want. Lets see if there are any desired effects.

Brand and price

It’s last thing we consider a light manufacturer and it’s an expensive item. Keep in mind that buying cheap items can lead to harm if bulbs are ever burned out or overheated. If you purchase the bulb from a popular brand, you can be sure to remain safe inside the tanning bed. This is why our 5 best selections are a reliable brand with great feedback.

Wolff Velocity Plus Tanning Bulb

Velocity Plus 100W Tanning Bulbs

If you have used Wolff Velacity bulbs in your own home, you will particularly like this update. These are Wolff Velocity Plus tanning bulbs, which are well known for their higher strength than their Velocity counterparts. This one possesses 10x stronger UVB and UVC, and it also has much more UV B.

This product was named as the best replacement bulbs, for it emits only mild tanning substances and it won’t hurt or change the skin tone of the user.


The bulb generally has different sizes and can normally come in F or T sizes. Generally speaking for F, bulb size is F72. F73 is also common but less common than both of these. The sizes of T typically follows typical fluorescent sizes such as T12. You just need to read the product labels in order to determine the length you want.

Shelf life

We usually talk about the shelf life and how long the product will take before burning. Our standards are generally 800 hours. Therefore, when buying a tanning bed bulb you should ensure it lasts at least 800 hours. Having something which will last longer would be great.

Sunmaster Red Light Therapy Bulb

24 Rejuvenescence Red Light Therapy Lamps/Bulbs – Medical Supply Store Co

Because UV lighting causes sunburn, most people choose red light therapy instead. Use a red bulb to replace your current bulbs. The lamp has 0% UV emission and contains higher red light treatment levels. Best feature:

Wolff System Wolff Dark Tan Bulb

16 New Wolff Dark Tan II Tanning Bed Bulbs : Tools & Home  Improvement

The UVB levels of the bulb are higher, enabling a shorter stay on a tanning bed but it produces a better result. What makes it so special?What is that:

Wolff System Wolff Bronzing Bulb

Tanning Bed Lamps Bulbs Wolff Velocity Plus Bronzing F71 100/120 Watt Lot  Of 34 46661418150 | eBay

It’s a good choice for people who wish to get a perfect shade of bronze. Using an UVA-UVB combination, this product offers a nice bronze finish with no tanning or oily tint. Exceptions.

F73 100-Watt Tanning Bulb

Wolff Velocity Hi-Watt F73 HO 100-120W RDC Tanning Lamp - Premium Bronzing  Bulbs! (20) : Beauty & Personal Care

Most bulbs listed here are F71 sized, but they offer varying sizes. Depending on the size and the type of bulb you have the bulb size F73 we will suggest it for you. Top characteristics:

Best tanning lamp reviews

Finding an old tanning bulb can sometimes be challenging. You should also ensure this bulb lasts a long time so it does not pose any risk to skin. It’s also important to take some precautions about some things that are important to you (more details on that later). The experts have selected the most effective tanning light and narrowed it down to five categories. Look at these reviews to determine the one that meets your needs:

Life expectancy

I don’t believe people should spend thousands of dollars on something that is dying. All tanning light fixtures have varying lifespans, resulting in their loss of functions and a decrease of performance. Generally this life expectancy is about 600hrs; however, it can reach 1000hrs or greater. Before buying a tanning lamp, always check with the manufacturer about its lifespan. You’ll see some products that promise 1000 plus hour life. Keep reading reviews and asking others who have used this before. It is clear that some of the products will last 5000+ hours but that may not be true for everyone.

Brilliance Bronzer F73

The lamp we’re gonna discuss next, pure brilliance. Ahh, it’ll be named after it. It has 120W output. Like all of them, it will take a little power to produce the desired output but the results will improve the speed at which the tanning takes place. This can be used to upgrade a lamp that has 240W power and it should also work as a lamp replacement. It’s the most effective bronzer tanning light. This light is very efficient and cheap and it also has good quality as well as a lot more features.

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Power Twister tanning lamp

This lamp is not only attractive for beauty lovers and perfectionists. The PowerTorquer X was named after the shape of a twister tube. It doesn’t help with lamp function, but it looks lovely. It must be used for commercial use. It uses the optimal output power for achieving the desired blend. This lighting is warm, effective, and effective. The lamp’s lifetime generally consists of about 1000 days. It’s way over my limits.

Is it normal lighting or a flashing light?

This is an essential decision you must make before you purchase the bulb that will replace your tanning bed. For tanningers, both lamps should come with a hood. The user decides. What should I say about that? Bronzing lamps produce enduring brown tans. This occurs by emitted higher intensity UVA radiation. Compared to replacement bulbs, they emit more UVB light resulting in gradual tanning. Our reviews listed both types of tanning bulbs which are very useful.


Not everybody who likes a lamp is a lamp. When purchasing the tanning lamps for the tanning beds, make sure you check the compatibility beforehand. Many tanning beds support bipin sanitizing lamps of the usual length, but some require another length. The compatibility is available either online or in person. The lamps package outlines its features and you should check it with the mattresses.

Tell me the type of bulb used in tanning beds?

The best tanning lamp is generally a high pressure lamp capable of producing enough heat to speed up melanin production. A bulb with such a high power range typically reaches between 100 and 160 Watts depending on the darkness or the intensity of tan the room produces. Usually this type varies between F71 and F73. The numbers represent the size of the bulb in inches. If you buy F71 bulbs then they are 71 inches in length.

Take a quick look at our top-rated tanning bed bulbs!

Tell me the simplest way to buy tanning bulbs 2020. This table gives you the basic knowledge of these products to help you get to know their features. This is why we have listed 5 top recommended tanning lamps in our list – the ones listed below are the ones listed below.

Things to consider when buying tanning bed bulbs

There are many ways to find the best tanning beds. You should also know which tanning bed replacement bulb is the most effective for your requirements as you may not need one. What should I look for when purchasing tanning beds bulbs?

Tanning effect

If you intend on tanned clothing, then you must know your skin texture. Can we achieve tanning for tan? Do people suffer from skin problems or allergic reactions? There is an option to find bulbs with FR emissions on the bed. Depending on the light the bulb may darken the skin within minutes.Some would take some. It is possible your tan doesn ‘t always work as expected. The skin will still depend on how well the skin copes.


As with all new appliances, you need the right kind of equipment to have good value. Check whether their quality is sufficient to justify the price, especially when purchasing online. Typically bulbs have lifespans up to 1200 to 1000 hours. These bulbs typically need to be replaced quickly, but also have greater tanning effects. Try not to use cheap tanning bed bulbs.

How can I change my tan lamp?

If there’s not a professional on hand, it may be possible to make a tanning bulb change on the bed. Take these measures:

Remove the worn out bulb

Then the bulb needs removing. To remove bulbs, first remove grilling equipment as well as everything else in its vicinity. Then remove your bulbs. This means:

What are the best tanning bed bulbs? What Tanning bed light bulbs ?

Most common F72 50W Bi-Pin tanning lamp session times have been listed here: Wolff Velocity with 4% UVB. Wolff Diamond Sun – 4.29% UVA. The Wolff Velocity Plus with 4.59% Radiance 550 with 4.50% UVB. (See Radiance buyers Guide). Wolff Velocity at 4% UVB. Wolff Diamond Sun S with 44.89% UVB. Wolff Velocity Plus 4.59%. Radiation 5000 with 57% UV B. )

What is the difference in tanning bed bulbs?

The lamps that glow use less ultraviolet light than the ones that use ultraviolet light. Normal tanning lamps use less UV A radiation and higher spectral intensity than UV B lamps. Normal tanning lamps are great for achieving a tan based on your own skin tone and can help with beginners in tanning.

What bulbs do tanning salons use?

Fluorescence lights lamps are frequently used on beds for tanning. This product can be used to tan because it emits ultraviolet radiation that promotes skin color and texture tanninging. A 100 W lamp is commonly used and 140W lamps can even be used.

Are more bulbs better in a tanning bed?

Increased light levels decreases tanning periods. A bed that has less lamps will still produce great results. There are only two possible problems with beds with fewer lamp lights.

Wolff bronzing sun System

When you’re replacing the bulbs in your tanning bed, look for those made by Wolff Systems. These bulbs are made to emit a very mild tanning substance. This will not result in an unnaturally dark tan, and you can even use them to continue a session you started with another brand. They also use a lower amount of electricity, since they have a lower wattage.

These bulbs have two pins that stick out of the end of the bulb. Then, you can use a screwdriver to remove the bulb. Then, you can replace it with a new one. Be sure to tighten the screws to prevent it from coming loose again. Once the new bulb is in, put the acrylic cover back on the glass shield and replace the screws. Then, plug your bed back into the wall.

These bulbs work with many different brands of tanning beds. You can find one that works for your Wolff bed. You can also find bulbs that work for other brands, including AlphaSun, Sunmaster, Sunquest, and Sunmaster. You can also find bulbs for Midday Sun tanning beds.

Wolff bronzing tanning bed bulbs are available in bronzing and dark tan types. These bulbs emit the same amount of UVA and UVB rays as the sun, but give a deeper tan within a shorter timeframe. You can find bulbs with an 800-hour lifespan. Another option is the Wolff Diamond Sun S lamp, which produces a deep, golden tan and lasts for more than 1,000 hours.

If you’re considering purchasing tanning bed bulbs, make sure to choose the right wattage for your needs. A lamp that works well in both UVA and UVB lamps is a good choice for beginners. While comparing wattage, you should also consider the price. A high quality bulb can make a big difference in the quality of the tan.

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When purchasing tanning bed bulbs, remember that they will eventually need replacement. If you don’t want to keep replacing the bulbs, make sure you find one that is compatible with your existing bed. GoldenBronze Maximum F71T12 bulbs are compatible with most beds, including Wolff beds.

GoldenBronze II

If you’re thinking of upgrading your GoldenBronze II tanning bed, it’s important to choose the right bulbs. GoldenBronze II bulbs are suitable for most tanning beds, including Sunmaster, Diamond Sun, and Dark Tan II Plus. The bulbs are compatible with most brands of tanning beds, and they’re compatible with a wide range of lamps.

The light bulbs come in a variety of colors and have a lifespan of about 1000 hours. They’re easy to replace and feature features such as mood building and relaxation. They’re also a good option for stubborn skin because of their low UVB rays. These bulbs have a lifespan of about 1000 hours, which is about the same as eight to twelve 15-minute sessions.

GoldenBronze II tanning bed bulbs can produce a deep tan in a short session. These bulbs emit a higher percentage of UVA light, which promotes melanin production. These bulbs are also great for longer sessions, as they offer longer tans. They also come in sets of six to 32 bulbs, which is great for salon use as well.

The GoldenBronze II tanning bed bulbs use a dual phosphor formula, which is designed to deliver even and consistent UV light. The combination of UVA and UVB light helps to produce more melanin in the body, resulting in a deep, beautiful tan in a short amount of time. The tanning bed bulb’s patented face tanners help keep your skin from drying out, while the Blue light is good for protecting your skin from the harmful UVA rays.

The bulbs are also compatible with most RDC tanning beds. The bulbs in this series are inexpensive and are great for level three base tans. The bulbs work well in any standard tanning bed and will help you achieve the best base tan possible. You can find these bulbs in a variety of different colors, so you can match the type of tanning bed you own. They also come with a RDC end for use with any type of tanning bed.

The GoldenBronze II tanning bed bulbs have a long life and can provide consistent results every time. They use bipin technology and use high quality phosphor blends and a special gas mixture. They are also perfect for those who want to achieve an even, gradual tan. Unlike other lamps, these lamps can provide optimal results for a longer time. The bulbs are available in both single-bulb and multi-bulb versions.

Wolff Velocity Extreme

The Wolff Velocity Extreme tanning lamp offers high-quality UVB and UVA rays. Its 1,000-hour rated lamp lasts longer than other similar bulbs. These bulbs also produce a beautiful bronze tan. The bulbs are compatible with most popular sunbeds.

These bulbs are sold in packs of 24. They are incredibly inexpensive, and are able to produce a tan that is as dark or as light as you want. The bulbs are easily replaced with the included buyer’s guide. This ensures that you get the proper bulbs sized for your tanning bed.

The bulbs themselves come in a variety of sizes, including bi-pin and recessed double-contact types. The bi-pin style has two prongs at one end, which can be removed for quick and easy replacement. The bi-pin bulbs are ideal for most tanning beds because they have a wide compatibility range.

The Velocity Extreme bulb is 10% stronger than the Velocity Plus and lasts for at least 20 minutes. You can purchase the bulbs online and receive them within a couple of days. They ship by truck or two-day delivery to most US cities. When you receive your lamps, please make sure to inspect them thoroughly. If they are not as described, you are responsible for paying the freight costs to replace them or return them.

When purchasing replacement bulbs for your tanning bed, you should always read the labels carefully. They will tell you the quality of the bulbs as well as their UV-A-certified lifespan. Some bulbs last for up to 600 hours, while others can last for even more. Some of these bulbs are also very difficult to find, which means that you need to be careful.

Wolff Diamond Sun

Wolff Diamond Sun tanning bed bulbs are designed to provide the perfect level of UVA and UVB rays for tanning beds. The light they emit is gentle, so you’re not burning your skin or turning it red. The bulbs are easy to install, and are also made with gentle phosphor blends for a safe tanning experience. This product is also highly durable and lasts for up to a thousand hours!

These bulbs are designed to mimic the natural sunlight, which helps in increasing the production of Vitamin D. They also have a long lifespan, so you’ll save on power bills and get the best tan possible. Plus, they’re made of high-quality materials and are compatible with most tanning beds.

This 400-watt bulb is placed behind a purple filter glass that helps keep the ultraviolet rays out of the body. Be sure to use the same type and wattage of bulbs if you’re changing your existing bulbs, as switching them may void the warranty. After installing the new bulbs, replace the end-cap and grill on your tanning bed.

Wolff bronzing sun plus tanning bed bulbs are easy to install and lightweight. They can be purchased individually or in packs of 24 for optimal convenience. They are generally compatible with standard tanning beds and require 12 to fifteen minutes of application time. The bulbs weigh approximately one pound and are easy to replace if they fail. A buyer’s guide is included in the product to ensure that the bulbs are installed properly. It also includes a guide to make sure you select the correct size of bulbs.

The Wolff Diamond Sun tanning bed bulbs can be easily replaced if you decide to change your tanning bed. These lamps have been designed to last a long time, and the bulbs should not be harmful to the skin. This bulb is made with a high-quality, durable plastic, and will not burn or damage your skin.

A Wolff Diamond Sun tanning bed replacement bulbs is designed to last 1,000 hours. They are also compatible with many different tanning beds.

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