19 Benefits of Light Therapy Lamps for depression

19 Benefits of Light Therapy Lamps for depression

light therapy lamp

Among the different treatment options available for the people to overcome depression, light therapy has received lots of attention. Keep on reading this article to get to know about all the prominent benefits that light therapy can deliver to you with overcoming depression.

1. It is a convenient method to overcome depression

    You don’t always need to seek the assistance of a healthcare professional to overcome depression and the symptoms associated with it. You can use a light therapy to overcome the symptoms and conditions at the comfort of your home.

    2. It can keep you away from antidepressants


      Antidepressant medications are in a position to create a variety of negative effects on your body.

      You will have those side effects. However, using light therapy to overcome depression would make sure that you don’t have to deal with those frustrating side effects.

      3. It can deliver safe results to you

        A variety of studies have been conducted on the light therapy method in the past. From all those studies, it has been identified that light therapy is an effective and safe treatment option available for the people to consider. You don’t need to worry about side effects when trying it.

        4. It can mimic real sunshine

          A light therapy device has the ability to mimic real sunshine. Therefore, it will be able to improve your mood. When you are exposed to sunshine, you will be able to overcome most of the negative consequences that are linked with depression.

          5. It can deliver many other health benefits to support overcoming depression

            A light therapy device can also deliver many other health benefits to you, which can eventually help you to overcome depression from the root cause.

            For example, it can regulate your hormones, while enhancing the Vitamin D levels in the body.

            6. Healthcare professionals recommend it

              Using light therapy devices to overcome depression is a method that is recommended by healthcare professionals.

              Due to this reason, you don’t need to keep any doubts in mind when you are investing your money to purchase a light therapy device. It can deliver outstanding results to you.

              7. They are proven to treat depression

                A variety of studies have also been conducted in order to see how light therapy devices are in a position to help people overcome depression.

                Those studies have delivered positive results. Therefore, you will be using a clinically proven method to overcome depression.

                8. They have received excellent reviews

                  Light therapy devices have also delivered amazing results to the people who have experienced depression in the past. You can clearly see them in the customer reviews available about light therapy devices available in the market.

                  These reviews would motivate you to invest your money in purchasing a light therapy device.

                  9. You can receive instant relief

                    When you are dealing with depression, you would appreciate receiving instant relief. A light therapy device will be able to provide you with instant relief. This would tempt you to use a light therapy for depression as well.

                    10. They emit bright green light

                      The light therapy devices are in a position to emit bright green light. This bright green light is in a position to help you overcome depression in a convenient and an effective manner. You just need to use the light therapy device and it can provide you with the results that you expect.

                      11. You can use light therapy device at any given time of the day

                        After investing on a light therapy device, you will be provided with the opportunity to go ahead and use it at any given time of the day. Regardless of your busy and tight schedule, you can use it and overcome depression.

                        12. You can use the light therapy device on your own

                          You don’t need to seek the assistance of another person to use a light therapy device. They are portable devices, which are designed to help the buyers to use them on their own.

                          13. They come with all operating instructions

                            The light therapy devices will come with all operating instructions on the package. All you have to do is to go through these operating instructions and start using the devices. Therefore, you don’t need to have any special skills or previous experience to use a one.

                            14. You just need to spend 20 minutes a day

                              No matter how packed you are, you will find it as an easy task to find 20 minutes a day. This is all what you need to spend in order to receive the positive results that you want.

                              15. It can deliver measurable results within a couple months

                                You will have to use the light therapy device for an extended duration of time in order to receive the positive results. If you can use the device regularly for three months, you can receive measurable results out of it.

                                16. You can receive long-lasting results

                                  Light therapy devices have received lots of positive attention because of the ability that they have to deliver long-lasting results. Wen you are using light therapy device, you don’t need to take a look at the anti-depressants again.

                                  17. You don’t need to supplement the device with anything

                                    The light therapy device alone is more than enough for you to get the results that you want against depression. You don’t need to supplement it with other medications.

                                    18. It is a cost-effective treatment

                                      You will be able to overcome the doctor consultation expenses and expenses associated with drugs by purchasing a light therapy device. It is one of the most cost-effective methods to overcome depression.

                                      19. It can deliver many other benefits

                                        Apart from helping you to overcome depression, a light therapy device will be able to provide you with many other health benefits. You can take a look at the benefits of light therapy devices and get to know about them.

                                        Easy Light Therapy a foolproof cure for Seasonal Depression

                                        Easy Light Therapy a foolproof cure for Seasonal Depression

                                        light therapy device for seasonal depressionSeasonal Depression is one of the most frustrating and serious health conditions that a person will get. If you or one of your loved ones is affected with Seasonal Depression, it is important to rush for appropriate treatments. Then you will be able to overcome the negative effects that are created by it.

                                        Many different treatment options are available for the people who are affected with Seasonal Depression. Out of those treatment options, light therapy has received a lot of attention.

                                        That’s because light therapy is a non-invasive and a convenient treatment option available for all the people who are dealing with Seasonal Depression. Hence, it is worthy to take a look at the light therapy and see what it can provide you with.

                                        What is Seasonal Depression?

                                        As the first thing, let’s take a quick look at what Seasonal Depression is all about. Seasonal Depression can be considered as a prominent type of depression. It would hit people during the winter season or fall season.

                                        If Seasonal Depression is not treated properly, conditions would become worse. Hence, it is important to provide appropriate treatments in a timely manner.

                                        What is a light therapy box?

                                        A light therapy box is a device, which is in a position to subject a person to a specific color or a combination of colors.

                                        This exposure is in a position to trigger a variety of healthy changes in the body.

                                        Even people who are dealing with depression will be able to overcome their conditions with the assistance of Seasonal Depression.

                                        Therefore, it is worthy to take a look at the light therapy devices and understand what they are capable of delivering to you at the end of the day.

                                        How does a light therapy box work?

                                        Before you use a light therapy box to overcome Seasonal Depression, it is better to have a basic understanding about the functionality of them as well.

                                        Then you will be able to realize what you can receive for the amount that is being spent on the light therapy box. Along with that, you can also keep the peace of mind because you know the way how a light therapy box creates appropriate changes in your body to deliver the results that you expect to get.

                                        A light therapy box has the ability to mimic outdoor light and sunshine.

                                        During the fall season and winter season, you will not be exposed to sunlight very much. According to healthcare professional’s, that is one of the biggest reasons why people become victims of Seasonal Depression.

                                        In such a situation, a light therapy device comes into play and help you overcome the reason behind depression from the root cause. Therefore, you will be able to receive outstanding results.

                                        Light emitted by the light therapy device is also in a position to create some healthy changes in your body. In fact, these changes will be focusing your brain. Then your mood will be lifted. Along with that, all the other symptoms associated with Seasonal Depression will be lifted as well.

                                        In general, a light therapy device that you can purchase from the market is in a position to expose you to around 10,000 lux of light.

                                        light therapy glasses

                                        In addition to that, they are emitting UV rays low as much as possible. Due to this reason, you don’t need to worry about any frustrating side effects when you are moving forward with a light therapy device to overcome Seasonal Depression. It can deliver safe and long-lasting results, which you will love.

                                        How to use a light therapy box to overcome Seasonal Depression?

                                        Now you have a clear understanding on how a light therapy box will be able to help you with overcoming Seasonal Depression. With that in mind, you can purchase a light therapy device as well.

                                        In the meantime, you should figure out how to use a light therapy device and how to use it in order to overcome Seasonal Depression along with all the symptoms associated with it.

                                        It is better if you can use the light therapy device on a daily basis.

                                        Then you can quickly overcome the symptoms of Seasonal Depression. In addition to that, you will be able to retain the benefits that you get for an extended duration of time as well.

                                        To get the best possible results out of a light therapy device, you are encouraged to use it during the very first hour of waking up in the morning.

                                        You just need to allocate around 20 to 30 minutes in the morning to go ahead with light therapy device.

                                        Then you will be able to get the results that you want without any hassle.

                                        You need to keep the light therapy device at a distance of around 15 to 24 inches away from your face.

                                        Then you will be able to get optimum results out of it.

                                        During the treatment, it is possible for you to keep your eyes open. However, it is important for you not to take a look at the source of light directly. Then you will be provided with a safe and an effective treatment to overcome Seasonal Depression.

                                        How to purchase the best light box?

                                        As you can see, a light box is in a position to help you overcome Seasonal Depression.

                                        Therefore, you must have now got the need to overcome Seasonal Depression. With that in mind, you can go ahead and take a look at the different options available for you to overcome Seasonal Depression as well.

                                        It is better if you can invest your money in purchasing a light therapy device, which has received the FDA approval.

                                        Then you will be able to use it without any hassle and receive positive results. You don’t need to have a doctor’s prescription to use the light box and overcome Seasonal Depression.

                                        Therefore, you don’t need to think about contacting your doctor before you buy a light therapy box.

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                                        Anti Aging: 35 Beneficial Effects of Red Light Therapy on Face

                                        Anti Aging: 35 Beneficial Effects of Red Light Therapy on Face


                                        Infrared light therapy has proved to be the most trusted skin treatment. Many people around the world have taken advantage of this treatment and it has shown outstanding results in treating issues related to skin. Many kinds of research and different studies proved that the benefits of these therapies are noticeable. Including this skincare treatment in your overall skincare routine is a great step.

                                        Infrared light therapy is not only helpful in avoiding skin issues but also reversing the harmful effects of too much sunlight. Yes, it might look strange that people are improving their skin tone along with other skin problems by using infrared light. However, it is a treatment that is working in treating the skin issues amazingly well.

                                        Does red light therapy tighten loose skin?

                                        There is no danger using red light therapy to your skin because it is safe and gentle. The laser uses light waves of high energy. However, LED light therapy is good due to its gentle approach. That is why it is used widely to treat skin problems of different kinds. Red light therapy has many benefits for the skins like skin tightening, wrinkles, the appearance of fine lines, and dark spots are reduced with the help of red light therapy. So, we can easily say that red light therapy tightens loose skin.

                                        LED light therapy can also be beneficial for the treatment of

                                        • Active scars of acne
                                        • Active scars of residual acne
                                        • In improving uneven skin tone
                                        • Reducing the size of your skin pores
                                        • Improve the fineness of the skin
                                        • Brighten the skin
                                        • Rejuvenate the youthful glow

                                        Why is LED Light Therapy so popular for skin tightening?

                                        preparation for red light therapy for skin

                                        LED light therapy is great and popular for tightening the skin. In this treatment for skin tightening, a full blast of oxygen is heightened to the skin, which is also called the formation of capillaries. LED light therapy is a low budget treatment for skin tightening. It also helps in curing all kinds of skin problems and complaints. It has multi-dimensional advantages and also doesn’t have negligible side effects. In recent years, LED light therapy has gained fame and popularity because of its impact and effect. LED light therapy gives you:

                                        • Instant glow
                                        • Rejuvenating the look
                                        • Prevents inflammation
                                        • Prevent skin sores
                                        • Reduce the fine lines
                                        • Reduce the wrinkles
                                        • Produces fibroblasts

                                        Because of its multi-dimensional advantages, with reduced chances of risks, and minimal side effects, this therapy has gained immense popularity in recent years. LED Light Therapy for Skin tightening is within a budget cure for all kinds of skin complaints.

                                        What does infrared do to the skin?

                                        infrared skin session at clinic

                                        Infrared light helps in regenerating the cells and tissues of the body that get damaged by UV light rays. Infrared light has many beneficial effects such as:

                                        Infrared light is to give relief from pain by penetrating below the skin layers. It is a painless method that doesn’t harm your skin and gives you many benefits. It is non-invasive, natural, and doesn’t damage your skin through UV radiation. Infrared light naturally radiates from the skin regularly whenever someone is exposed to the sun.

                                        Infrared radiation treatment is painless and is not harmful to your skin. It is safe and not harmful at ambient temperature. Infrared radiation has great results and has many beneficial effects on your skin. These radiations have benefits that include:

                                        • Skin texture
                                        • Reduce wrinkles
                                        • Increase collagen
                                        • Elastin in the dermis
                                        • Stimulation of fibroblasts

                                        Does red light therapy help Creepy skin?

                                        before and after creepy skin treatment using light therapy

                                        Red light therapy is a safe and natural treatment and top skincare professionals around the world use red light therapy treatment for skin problems that include wrinkles, rejuvenation, acne, and healing injuries and scars.

                                        Different kinds of studies and research have determined the benefits of red light therapy which will be defined onwards.

                                        Red light therapy is safe and painless because no chemicals, UV rays or excess heat are used in this therapy. Wavelengths of natural light are delivered to the skin and cells which don’t cause any harm to your skin. In this therapy, the mitochondria in your cells similar to natural light are stimulated by the red and near-infrared wavelengths of light. This helps in reducing oxidative stress and also increases circulation. Because of this, the core of energy is made by your body to power itself.

                                        Red light therapy is a way of treating skin issues. Red low-level wavelengths of light are used in red light therapy to treat skin issues that include reducing:

                                        • Wrinkles
                                        • Scars
                                        • Persistent wounds

                                        There are many benefits of skin treatment by red light therapy that have been proven scientifically. Benefits of low-level-laser include:

                                        • Reduce wrinkles
                                        • Prevent wrinkles
                                        • Tighten the skin
                                        • Reduce the acne scars
                                        • Preventing scars
                                        • Reduce cellulite
                                        • Healing psoriasis

                                        Red light therapy will help your skin to heal from acne, acne scars, eczema, sun damage, redness, etc. If you need your skin to heal fast and naturally this therapy helps you. If your skin is healthy, this therapy gives effects like wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, and toned radiant skin.

                                        Does red light therapy stimulate collagen?

                                        before and after light therapy treatment on abdomen

                                        Collagen production is stimulated by using red LED light therapy. It is essential to produce collagen protein for the skin because it helps in:

                                        • Repairing damaged tissue
                                        • Replacing the old tissues
                                        • Stimulation of new tissues
                                        • Reduction of the aging effect of skin

                                        There are many studies by which it is proved that red light therapy stimulates the production of collagen. A 2014 study determined that those who use red light therapy experience an increase in collagen and improvement in skin complexion. By using red light therapy existing collagen is protected and the production of new collagen is boosted. Stimulating collagen helps with:

                                        • Texture
                                        • Tone
                                        • Pore size
                                        • Wrinkles

                                        red light therapy results after 4 weeks

                                        What are the top products recommendation that can do wonders for tightening the skin?

                                        Skin can lose elasticity and density because of many reasons such as UV rays of sunlight and environmental aggressors etc. The following recommended products can help you tighten your skin:

                                        Rejuven Mask Pro LED Light Therapy Mask for Anti-aging, Brightening, Improve Wrinkles. Tightening and Smoother Skin

                                        d7fabcb5c4f9524c809860a1c75a79e5 cropped

                                        Click here for Amazon Link

                                        Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Firming Butter

                                        927bacb08d06a91d94f251fc11af6bcd cropped 1568555862

                                        Click here for Amazon Link

                                        Palmer’s body lotions are wonderful for the skin and can be trusted. The formula that is used in this wonderful cream helps in tightening the skin even if you’ve lost weight. During pregnancy time or after this, Palmer’s lotion is used by the many women on their bellies. The ingredients of this skin cream are:

                                        • Cocoa Butter
                                        • Collagen
                                        • Elastin
                                        • Shea Butter
                                        • Ginseng
                                        • Vitamin E

                                        The combination of these ingredients helps in supporting the elasticity and texture of the skin. Some ingredients like Vitamin E and Ginseng help soften and rejuvenate the skin.

                                        Product Benefits


                                        • Wonderful ingredients like cocoa butter
                                        • Helps firming skin
                                        • Helps tone and tighten skin
                                        • Reduce stretch marks

                                        Advanced Clinicals Collage Skin Rescue Lotion

                                        c3e0bce6bae32f3017c01cd3891e6dba cropped

                                        Click here for Amazon Link

                                        Collage skin rescue lotion helps in tightening and firming the skin because of collagen. The high-quality ingredients of this lotion help in solving many skincare problems. This lotion is developed by the chemist using advanced technology to create effective formulations. This lotion consists of a collection of cosmeceuticals.

                                        This skincare lotion is having an affordable price. The ingredients of this lotion are:

                                        • Retinol
                                        • Vitamin C
                                        • Salicylic Acid
                                        • Glycolic Acid
                                        • Clinically tested anti-aging blends

                                        Product Benefits

                                        • Can be used daily
                                        • It is meant for all skin types
                                        • Tightens skin
                                        • Targets wrinkles

                                        IS Clinical Youth Complex

                                        IS Clinical Youth Complex

                                        Click here for Amazon Link

                                        This product can tighten your skin and can give you immediate, intermediate, and long-term results to your skin. If you want to have a skin that doesn’t have wrinkles then you should apply this cream on your skin. To tighten the skin, this cream includes these ingredients:

                                        • Antioxidants
                                        • Hyaluronic acid
                                        • Retinol
                                        • Panthenol

                                        The cream is lightweight and unique to IS clinical formulas. The signs of aging can slow down by using this cream. This tightens your skin and fights against your wrinkles.

                                        Rejuven Light 2.0 LED Light therapy w/ 4 Interchangeable heads Anti aging device, skin rejuvenation, lightens dark spots, promotes collagen and reduce wrinkles and fine lines (Rejuven Light)

                                        rejuven light

                                        Click Here for Amazon Link


                                        Infrared skin treatment is very helpful in providing you with smooth as well as healthier skin. To treat skin problems, different wavelengths of light are used in LED light therapy. This therapy is a skin treatment that not only works but works perfectly. You must be wondering why LED light therapy takes time to show results? It is due to the reason that collagen and elastin progressively grow with continued treatment.

                                        Red light therapy is very effective in tightening loose skin. This therapy helps creepy skin and stimulates collagen. Additionally, we have shown you a few of the best products to reduce wrinkles, tightening loose skin, and other skin problems. Infrared light therapy is today’s best skin treatment to get healthier and smooth skin.

                                        20 Awesome LED Mask Benefits For Smooth Skin

                                        20 Awesome LED Mask Benefits For Smooth SkinLED Mask


                                        LED lights are very safe as well as effective in treating different skin problems. If you have decided to get an LED light therapy device, you will notice that there are unlimited different devices available in the market.

                                        In such a scenario, the buying process not only becomes confusing but also difficult. To help you get through this confusion, we will show you a few of the best-LED masks.

                                        Do LED lights improve skin?

                                        LED light therapy doesn’t use light waves at high energy, that’s why this therapy is gentle and safe. The benefits of LED light therapy are as follows:

                                        • Treatment of skin diseases
                                        • Improving skin health
                                        • Improving uneven skin
                                        • Brightening the skin
                                        • Rejuvenating the youthful glow of the skin
                                        • Reducing the fine lines
                                        • Reducing the wrinkles
                                        • Reducing the dark spot

                                        These are only a few benefits of LED light therapy. It is used in the treatment of many other things like the treatment of active scars of acne and residual acne and to help in improving the uneven skin.

                                        The powerful function of LED therapy takes the dirt out and clears other debris from pores that help in making your skin clean and refreshed. ION and Nutri – functions help improve effectiveness.

                                        What does blue LED light do for skin?

                                        blue light therapy

                                        By using a blue LED light, bacteria are killed that contain Porphyrins.

                                        Propionibacterium is harmful because it can cause acne on your skin.

                                        These bacteria are found below the skin surface. Blue light has a high affinity that can kill Porphyrin bacteria with its wavelength. Blue lights are very effective for hypersensitivity because the calming sensation is present in this blue light. In simple words, blue LED light does a lot for the skin.

                                        How often should you use an LED mask?

                                        LED Mask

                                        You should continue the practice regularly after you get your treatment done.

                                        LED masks don’t need time for recovery because they are non-invasive. 10 treatments are needed to get the required results of the skin. Up to 20 minutes is needed to complete the procedure at the office of the LED light therapy. Until 10 weeks, you have to go after every week. After 10 weeks you can go every few months to get a better result. There are two ways in which this LED light therapy is done

                                        • By infusing the LED light that wants directly over your skin
                                        • Lying down directly under the lights

                                        Which way would be used is decided according to the office area or treatment area.

                                        How do you use an LED face mask?

                                        red light therapy device for face

                                        Red LED light therapy is used to stimulate collagen production. The production of collagen is important because this protein helps in repairing damaged tissue and also to replace the old tissues.

                                        LED light therapy is also used to reduce large pores and fine lines. The mask doesn’t take much time because the whole face is covered in only one treatment.

                                        You can use it easily because these masks are hands-free. LED light therapy masks are available in different colors which do different jobs like green relieves stress and blue is for acne etc. These masks are cheap.

                                        When Are Results Expected?

                                        before and after light therapy for face

                                        3 months of treatment is necessary to get the effective results of the red light therapy mask. This mask gives clear and improved skin. You get the long-term effect after getting the treatment done. Some effects that will be seen at first after using the mask would be bright, clear and tight skin. The long term effects that would be seen after completing the treatment are:

                                        • Reduce the fine lines
                                        • Reduce the wrinkles
                                        • Reduced dark circles

                                        If the treatment is done at home you should do 4 to 6 times a week for the first 2 to 3 weeks. 3 treatments are needed in at least 12 weeks. If you’re willing to get the best results you should continue this treatment for a long time.

                                        This treatment gives effective results but for that, you should have some patience. This wouldn’t give you the result after its first use. This treatment should be continued even after getting some better results.

                                        What is the best-LED face mask?

                                        Top 3 Infrared Facial Masks

                                        Rika Led Facial Massager 3 color Photo LED Light Therapy Facial Massager, Light Therapy Device for Acne, Vibration Skin Firming Care by RIKA

                                        Rika LED Facial

                                        Click here for Amazon Link

                                        You should apply toner and serum before using this massager. Rika Led Facial Massager is painless because it won’t get hot or hurt you. You’ve got to plug this into power while using it because this massager is not operated on a battery. The clarifying toner or serum can be used for cleansing function.

                                        To get anti-aging function anti-aging serum or other water-based cosmetic products such as Vitamin C/hyaluronic acid/collagen serum and face oil are used. This product is efficient because of its ingredients. The two modes of this device in which vibration function works are:

                                        • Intense vibration in continual progress
                                        • Intense vibration in the discontinuous process

                                        Project E Beauty 7 Color LED Mask Photon Light Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Facial Skin Care Mask by Project E Beauty

                                        project e

                                        Click here for Amazon Link

                                        This device is designed to make your face beautiful. By using this device natural light is transmitted into the skin. For different skin conditions, different colors of light are used. Each color of light gives different benefits.

                                        The benefits include:

                                        • Inhibits melanin pigment formation
                                        • Helps in improving skin elasticity
                                        • Wrinkles are reduced and prevented


                                        This product has natural light waves that help in improving the skin look. You can operate it easily and every color has beneficial effects on the skin. The Photon Beauty Device has designed natural light waves for facial beautification. By using LEDs these light waves are transmitted into the skin. It helps in improving the elasticity of the skin and inhibiting the formation of melanin pigment. Includes LED Mask X 1, remote Control X 1, USB Cable X 1, Power Cord X, full English User Manual X 1.

                                        This light therapy can be enjoyed comfortably in your house. This light therapy helps in working to build collagen and reduces visible signs of aging, age spots, sun damage, and redness. The skin’s clarity is improved and healthy, glowing skin is restored by this light therapy.

                                        Rejuvenation Mask Pro LED Light Therapy Mask For Anti-aging, Brightening, Improve Wrinkles. Tightening and Smoother Skin by Lift Care

                                        6cdbe06cb04a9ad59db1b1f71a7fbfe5 cropped

                                        Click here for Amazon Link

                                        This product is beneficial for anti-aging. The benefits include:

                                        • Transform and rejuvenate your skin synergistically
                                        • A more youthful appearance
                                        • Aid to boost collagen in the skin
                                        • Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished
                                        • Cumulative restorative effects
                                        • Easy to use

                                        By just applying for 10 minutes a day, you can get cumulative restorative effects.

                                        Why use Rejuvenation Mask?

                                        To get anti-aging effects the Rejuvenation Mask is really helpful. Different skin problems are solved by a different wavelength. This light therapy uses 7 different colors that have different effects. These 7 different colors are helpful in:

                                        • Penetrating the pores
                                        • Promoting cell metabolism

                                        The benefits of the mask include:

                                        • Skin aging problems
                                        • Blood circulation boosts
                                        • Collagen’s production increases
                                        • Your skin complexion improves

                                        This is easy to use because by touching a button you can change the mode and intensity.

                                        Do LED light masks work?

                                        light therapy benefits on skin

                                        These LED light masks are safe and give effective results. Instead of having other invasive skin treatments this is a great alternative. To treat many skin diseases like wrinkles and severe acne, this beauty product is one of the few viral beauty products.

                                        By using LED light wavelengths of the right color the cells are stimulated. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is used by the cells of the body as an energy form. You can get a lot of benefits by using this LED light therapy.

                                        The aging effect of skin is reduced and also the new tissues are stimulated by the use of this LED light therapy. To get these benefits, different colors of light are used like blue is used for acne treatment and red light for reducing aging effects.

                                        Final Words

                                        LED lights do improve skin and resolve many skin problems.

                                        LED face masks are amazingly innovative ways to prevent and treat skincare issues. There is no doubt that these LED face masks are a great addition to one’s daily health routine of skin. LED masks from many brands are available in today’s innovative market. However, it is always the best option to buy a mask to get smooth skin and that is suitable for your needs.

                                        The skin problem that needs to be resolved determines the selection of the best-LED mask. We presented a few of the best-LED masks. So, it is always recommended to get rid of skin problems by finding out the best-LED mask.

                                        Do You Recognize the 16 Warning Sign of Wrinkles? (Red Light Therapy)

                                        Do You Recognize the 16 Warning Sign of Wrinkles? (Red Light Therapy)

                                        wrinklesred light therapy for wrinkles


                                        Everyone likes to have the best and charming skin than anyone else in the world. However, wrinkles are the enemies of your skin.

                                        Wrinkle reduction is one of those issues that many people around the world are facing. After different studies, it was found that infrared LED light therapy does work. So, it can easily be said that this approach is to be added to your overall skincare routines. However, it is important to know about the warning signs of wrinkles.

                                        If you recognize these signs and symptoms, only then will you be in a position to act upon them.

                                        What are the first signs of aging on the face?

                                        crow's feet

                                        The first sign of aging that can appear in your 20s is in the form of:

                                        first aging signs

                                        • Crow’s feet
                                        • Crooping the upper eyelids
                                        • Fine lines

                                        In your 30s and 40s, the signs of aging that appear are:

                                        • Frown lines between our eyebrows
                                        • Laugh lines
                                        • Skin begins to lose volume and elasticity
                                        • Facial lines and folds to sag

                                        In the 30s and 40s, the skin becomes dry and loses volume. The appearance of the face changes because of losing jawline. Losing jawline is considered an advanced sign of aging skin.

                                        The signs of aging depend on the lifespan of skin cells. Environmental factors that include smoking and sun damage can be a cause of the aging process.

                                        You can reduce them by choosing different approaches. Some of the best products are also mentioned in this article which is good when it comes to aging and wrinkles reduction.

                                        What age do wrinkles start to show?

                                        The wrinkles start to show at the age of 20 to 60. It can appear overnight or maybe it won’t appear for years. The first wrinkle may start to appear around your eyes or mouth at the age of mid-’20s because of the skin dryness.

                                        What are the 7 signs of aging?

                                        The 7 aging effects that are found in people are as follows:

                                        1. The appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

                                        skin warning signs

                                        Fine lines and wrinkles start appearing at first because elastin and collagen fibers start to weaken. Both of these are responsible for the firmness of the skin. Balance cleansing system and crèmes can help you in solving these problems.

                                        2. Dullness of Skin

                                        The glowing skin gets dull and lifeless because it loses the moisture of the top layer of the skin. You can solve this problem by the glycolic treatment that helps in brightening up your complexion.

                                        3. Uneven Skin Tone

                                        As you age, there may be fluctuations in the hormonal levels that can uneven skin tone in places. Regular treatment can solve this problem.

                                        4. Dry Skin

                                        At a young age, the natural content of the skin makes the face look fresh. But after that the skin becomes dry because of not having the ability to retain moisture, this problem can be solved by using a moisturizer.

                                        5. Blotchiness and Age Spots

                                        Tiny blood vessels become prominent at an old age that gives a blotchy look. This problem can be solved by sunscreens that can stop UVA and UVB rays.

                                        6. Rough Texture of Skin

                                        The texture of the skin becomes noticeable at a mature age. This makes the skin uneven and bumpy due to the dead cells layer. This problem can be solved by using our home glycolic between treatments.

                                        7. Visible Pores

                                        As you age, the pore becomes visible because the skin loses its elasticity and sagging.

                                        What can I do for deep wrinkles?

                                        preventing early aging signs

                                        1. Best Face Cream for Wrinkles and Anti Aging – Daily Moisturizer with Matrixyl + Argireline + Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C + Vitamin E for Wrinkle Repair – Must Have Day Cream for Fine Lines

                                        Andre Face Cream

                                        Click here to check Amazon Link

                                        Most people, who have used this cream, consider it the best anti-aging cream that is also helpful in reducing wrinkles. It is the first daily face cream that has five powerful anti-aging ingredients, and interestingly into one jar. The ingredients are as follows:

                                        • Matrixyl
                                        • Argireline
                                        • Hyaluronic Acid
                                        • Vitamin C
                                        • Vitamin E

                                        2. RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Anti-Aging Retinol Night Cream, Oil-Free and Non-Comedogenic, 1 Fl Oz

                                        bd89fbf6e473e2220f0d39c089e95dbc cropped

                                        Click here for Amazon Link

                                        This cream has retinol that is helpful to fight deep wrinkles as well as lines. Most importantly, it does that while leaving the skin feeling healthy and smooth. It is clinically proven and works perfectly through the night.

                                        It is a great formula that begins working as it straight away penetrates deep within the surface of the skin. It is to help fill in even your deep wrinkles. In this way, you can get rid of wrinkles and other skin problems with the help of this amazing anti-aging cream.

                                        3. YEOUTH Neck Cream for Firming, Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream Moisturizer, Skin Tightening, Helps Double Chin, Turkey Neck Tightener, Repair Crepe Skin with Green Tea, Argireline, Vitamin C – 2oz

                                        01455253f3a16e89dadeba34f45c2e2f cropped

                                        Click here for Amazon Link

                                        This Neck Firming Cream delivers powerful moisturizing ingredients and delivers anti-aging results. It works perfectly to remove the signs of aging.

                                        These signs include fine wrinkles, lines, loss of elasticity, and discoloration specifically on the area around the neck. It is a strong cream that helps the neck area skin to regain the refreshment, smoothness, and flexibility.

                                        Free radicals are the reason for the premature aging of your skin.

                                        Everyone knows that environmental damage can’t be avoided. However, steps can be taken to block free radicals from becoming the reason for damaging your skin. YEOUTH Neck Firming Cream is here to protect your skin from many skin problems including premature aging.

                                        How do I fix wrinkles on my face?

                                        You get wrinkles on your face when the skin produces less collagen and elastin. Some factors like dehydration and environmental exposures can develop wrinkles on your face. If you want to fix wrinkles on your face, the following precautions will certainly help:

                                        1.Wear sunscreen

                                        You should apply sunscreen on your face before going out in the skin to prevent your skin from wrinkles. Applying sunscreen can help you to stop getting wrinkles on your face.

                                        2. Limit your sugar intake

                                        To fix wrinkles on your skin you should avoid taking a lot of sugar it breaks the collagen which can affect your skin and make your skin look older. To avoid wrinkles you should stop taking a diet that has a lot of sugar intake.

                                        3. Use coconut oil

                                        Applying coconut oil on your face makes your skin feel smooth. The moisture on the face can be regained which helps your face look fuller. It acts as an effective treatment for your skin. To avoid wrinkles or to fix it, you should apply coconut oil.

                                        4. Boost your beta carotene

                                        Beta carotenes should be increased to stop the UV rays of the sunlight harming your skin and eyes. Beta carotene can be found in the anti-wrinkle creams as an ingredient. These creams can be bought from the market.

                                        5. Try lemon balm leaf tea

                                        Lemon balm leaf tea is really helpful in correcting the damaged tissues and makes your skin more elastic. Many studies and researches have shown its benefits. It can help to fix the wrinkles on the face.

                                        6. Switch up your sleeping position

                                        Your sleeping position can also be a cause of wrinkles on the face. Sleeping on your back can help you to prevent wrinkles.

                                        7. Wash your face regularly

                                        If you don’t wash your face at night and leave the makeup, most of it can get absorbed. That’s why you should take 3 to 5 minutes extra to wash your face or remove your makeup to avoid wrinkles on your face.

                                        8. Avoid ultraviolet light

                                        The main reason behind the wrinkles on the face, neck, and hands is UV light. You can avoid UV light by wearing sunglasses and applying sunscreen while being outside. You can wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts to avoid wrinkles.

                                        How can I stop my face from aging?

                                        Sun is the main cause of skin aging. Some steps that should be followed to stop the aging effects are as follows:

                                        Protection from the sun

                                        It is very important to protect your skin from the sun if you don’t want to have an aging effect on your skin. First of all, try to cover your face with the help of clothing or use shades while going outside in the sunshine. However, if you don’t cover your face, to protect your skin from the sun you can apply sunscreen.

                                        Stop smoking

                                        Your skin starts aging if you smoke more. It has many bad effects on your skin like

                                        • Wrinkles
                                        • Dullness
                                        • Sallow complexion

                                        If you want to stop your face from aging you should stop smoking.

                                        Prevent from repetitive facial expressions

                                        You should not repeat the same expression every time because it causes the underlying muscle to contract. When the same muscle contracts for many years, it becomes permanent.

                                        Taking a well-balanced diet

                                        Skin aging can increase if your diet contains a lot of sugar and refined carbohydrates. If you want to stop your skin from aging you should take fresh fruits and vegetables.

                                        Less alcohol intake

                                        Your skin becomes dehydrated and damaged by drinking more alcohol. Drinking alcohol can show aging signs as well as skin roughness at an early stage. To stop aging, you should try to drink less alcohol.

                                        Exercise, Exercise, and Exercise

                                        Exercise helps you to stop aging on your skin because it helps in boosting the immune system and improving the circulation. Exercise can make you look younger as well as energetic.

                                        Cleanse your skin gently

                                        Skin aging is increased by scrubbing because it irritates your skin. You should remove the makeup and pollution by washing gently so that your skin won’t get irritated.

                                        Wash your face regularly

                                        After sweating or whenever your skin gets irritated like after wearing a helmet or hat, you should wash your face to stop aging.

                                        Apply a facial moisturizer

                                        Your skin feels refreshed after applying moisturizer on your skin. So, it is another way to stop your face from aging.

                                        Stop using skin care products

                                        mackup removal before sleep

                                        Some skincare products cause burn your skin. You should stop using that product because it can harm your skin and can make your skin look older. They may also cause more skin complications.


                                        red light therapy device

                                        Red light therapy is a natural and promising treatment for the most common skin issues and problems including wrinkles. So, it is the best way to tackle if you are facing skin problems like fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging.

                                        However, recognizing the warning signs of wrinkles is the first step. After the recognition of wrinkles and knowing the first signs of aging, you can take the above-mentioned steps to avoid your face from aging and wrinkles.

                                        For deep wrinkles, you saw some of the best creams that are helpful and known all around the world. After reading this article, now you are in the position to fix the wrinkles on your face and always enjoy the skin and face beauty.

                                        6 Quick Steps on How to Use Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy for Pain

                                        6 Quick Steps on How to Use Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy for Pain

                                        infrared heat lampLight rays can beneficial for the human body and they can also be harmful.

                                        The UV rays are harmful for the human body as they cause tissue damage, it can even lead to skin cancer. On the contrary, the infrared light comes with its many benefits.

                                        It has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin for about 2-7cm which can increase the blood flow. The increased blood flow provides a good circulation in the whole body delivering healthy nutrients and oxygen to the cells.

                                        When the cells receive the oxygen and nutrients, they become able to regenerate and repair themselves. The regeneration and repairing of the cells allow the humans to get rid of chronic pains.

                                        What is Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy?

                                        Infrared heat lamp therapy is just one of the many alternative medicine techniques used in medicine today.

                                        It is basically a form of alternative medicine that utilizes infrared heat to activate the human body’s metabolism and to induce the growth of different type of cells and tissues.

                                        To date, it has proven highly effective in many cases.

                                        It also has the capacity to treat certain skin conditions, the most famous being eczema. Infrared heat lamps are quite expensive and you’ll find them hard to find if you are going to make a comparison with alternative therapy options like acupuncture, massage and Reiki.

                                        What is Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy

                                        What is Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy?

                                        Infrared heat lamps use infrared rays from the heat source to induce cells to increase the production of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps the body to increase the production of natural growth hormones.

                                        With regards to growth hormones, they are responsible for the increase in hair, skin, muscle and bone tissue. This allows a healthier growth of new cells and tissues.

                                        Infrared heat lamps have been proven to help with the strengthening of the immune system and promote the normalization of blood circulation.

                                        The actual infrared heat, which is generated by the infrared lamp, is not released into the air. The primary function of infrared heat lamp therapy is to promote the production of vitamin D in the body.

                                        There are other reasons why you may want to consider infrared heat lamp therapy.

                                        In the treatment of cancer, it’s the only way to reach critical mass in the body’s ability to fight cancer. After having a procedure, you can get your skin to heal naturally without harmful chemicals or surgery, thanks to the treatment of infrared heat.

                                        Does infrared light therapy really work for pain?

                                        The infrared light therapy does work for pain because unlike UV rays, it doesn’t cause harm to the skin. Rather, it allows the skin cells to heal, increases the blood flow, increases the provision of oxygen and nutrients which efficiently gets rid of the pain.

                                        To understand the scientific reason of the efficacy of infrared light therapy for pain is to the understand that nitric oxide is emitted through these light rays and when it penetrates through the skin, it reaches the arteries.

                                        blood vessel

                                        People can have various issues such as platelet clumping and irregular blood pressure but the nitric oxide maintains the blood circulation in the arteries, it also prevents any clumping of platelets in the arteries.

                                        When the circulation improves, the intensity of the pain lowers on its own, due to the provision of oxygen and nutrients to the cells in the human body.

                                        So, the answer of the question is quite clear that the infrared light therapy is extremely effective for pain. It also cures diseases like arthritis, bursitis, wounds and injuries, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and so many others. It is a scientifically tested and safe way of pain-relief.

                                        No surgery is required, no painful methods are adopted, just the use of the right wavelengths of infrared light is able to provide therapy for pain-relief.

                                        How do you use an infrared lamp?

                                        Infrared light lamps are cheap, easy to operate, safe and highly effective ways of getting pain-relief instead of opting for medication or surgeries.

                                        The infrared light lamp is a lamp which emits invisible infrared light and you may feel some heat on your skin when exposed to it but it is because the infrared light is actually penetrating into your skin while improving your blood circulation. The infrared lamps are perfect for injuries, wounds, muscle ache and even wounds due to diabetes.

                                        Here are the steps that you need to follow to effectively use the infrared lamp:

                                        Adjustment of the lamp

                                        The first step to effectively using an infrared lamp is to adjust the lamp where you can comfortably take the session, you can clamp it to a chair, to a desk or any other place where you can be comfortably exposed to the infrared light.

                                        18-24 inches distance

                                        Make sure that you are skin is not too close to the lamp, there should be distance of 18-24 inches to get the maximum efficiency from the session. As the infrared light rays are able to penetrate deep into the skin even with a certain distance so it is not necessary to expose the skin very closely to the lamp. The distance is important for the protection of the skin.

                                        Eye protection goggles

                                        Any time you take an infrared light therapy session, make sure that you keep your eyes protected with eye protection goggles.

                                        Adjust the heat

                                        The heat in the environment that you will be taking your session in should be comfortable. So, adjust the heat with the lamp according to your comfort. You don’t want the heat to be too high or too low.

                                        Duration of the session

                                        Next comes with duration of the session, each session must range from 10-15 minutes only and not more than that. Some people believe that greater time duration will be beneficial but it is really not. The advised time periods is the most ideal and effective, duration increased or decreased in comparison with the ideal time can be bad for health.

                                        Therapy on your head

                                        People take infrared light therapy sessions for their head too for pain relief. The time duration for this infrared light session must only be 10 minutes per session. Head is the most sensitive part of the human body hence it must not be exposed to any kind of light rays for longer than it is required.

                                        By following the above-mentioned steps, you will get a highly effective infrared light therapy session through an infrared light lamp. However, make sure that you keep moving the specific part of body here and there in between the session.

                                        How does infrared heat lamp help with muscle pain?

                                        Infrared light therapy is effective for muscle pain, it is cost-effective, safe and scientifically proven way of pain relief. Muscle pain can be really bad for people as it can impact the day to day functioning of the human body.

                                        People with diabetes, they may feel pain in their feet or calves, the pain is so bad that people are barely even able to walk. Some people may feel pain in their shoulders and arms.

                                        However, the infrared light therapy is able to provide relief for all kinds of muscle pain by maintaining blood pressure and improving blood circulation in the body.

                                        The infrared light therapy has the ability to emit wavelengths of about 650-1350 nm which penetrate deep down in to layers of the skin. In the muscle pains, the pain is caused by inflammation.

                                        The penetration of the infrared light deep into the skin increases the blood flow. With the increased blood flow, the body is able to get rid of toxins, unwanted chemicals and even inflammation.

                                        Due to this, the muscle spasms stop. As soon as the inflammation starts going away, the intensity of the pain lowers as well and a point comes where it diminishes completely.

                                        So, in simple terms, the infrared light therapy gets rid of the inflammation in the parts of the body causing pain relief.

                                        How does infrared heat lamp help with back pain?

                                        Back pains can be terrible, with immense back pain, people are unable to sit, stand, walk and even lie down on their own. Just as the infrared light therapy help with muscle aches, it helps with the back pain by penetrating deep down in to the skin layers. When it penetrates deep own, it reaches the blood vessels, stressed blood vessels may also cause pain.

                                        The infrared light therapy has the ability to cause a healing effect on the vessels in tension by relaxing them. It provides the skin with a deep warming effect which gives a pleasant soothing effect to the skin while exposing it to only healthy rays of light.

                                        Sun is also able to produce a similar effect but the problem is that the sun also has UV rays, UV rays instead of being beneficial for the skin are harmful. They don’t cause tissue repair but they cause tissue damage. Which is why, infrared light therapy is preferred because it is more effective and safer.

                                        The infrared light with the help of nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels while increasing the blood circulation. They also get rid of any circulatory disorders by expanding the blood vessels and by increasing the blood flow throughout the body. Once this is done, the intensity of the pain decreases and the person feels relieved.

                                        4 recommended infrared heat lamps for home use:

                                        Infrared heat lamps are a cheap alternative of the expensive saunas that you may go to get pain relief. The saunas are expensive, you have to go from one place to another which can be hectic.

                                        So, infrared light lamps are easier. You do the job at home, whenever you feel like and without spending so much money. The infrared light lamps are a onetime investment which will allow you to have multiple therapy session right at your home.

                                        Pick the right time for you, where you feel comfortable and easy, clamp the lamp somewhere nearby and then take a session for about 10 to 15 minutes and right after the first session you will feel a difference because the blood circulation will improve, the cells will get oxygen and nutrients with which they will repair and regenerate. As the blood flow will get better, you will certainly feel a decrease in the intensity of the pain.

                                        Are Infrared Heat Lamps Good For You?

                                        Are infrared heat lamps good for you

                                        The question about whether infrared heat lamps are good for you has been a burning question with all of us for years.

                                        Not many people know the answers to this question and this is because they keep on visiting doctors and staying in hospitals that deal with treatments of various conditions.

                                        They have also taken all the medicines prescribed by doctors and have been paying for them out of their own pockets or out of their retirement fund.

                                        But one thing that we cannot deny is that no one really knows how the body should be treated by the use of these types of heat lamp.

                                        Many people wonder if these infrared heat lamps are good for you?

                                        One of the most important things that has to be noticed here is that there are plenty of people who have been subjected to serious diseases by the use of these kinds of lamps.

                                        These are the ones who have suffered from ulcers, skin diseases and other such conditions. What can be done with these people and what can be done for them? You can use these devices as they are to find out if the treatment will help to cure them completely.

                                        These devices can also help you get rid of the effects of lack of sleep. If you keep on sleeping at night then you will wake up tired in the morning. With the use of these devices, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated at the end of the day. So what do you think of these infrared heat lamps? Do you think they are good for you? If you have been involved in a lot of research in this field then you can go through our website which contains all the facts related to this subject.

                                        Here are the recommended ones:

                                        Beurer Infrared Light Heat Lamp Red Light Therapy, Blood Circulation, Back Pain, Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, 300W IR Safe, IL50

                                        Beurer heat lamp

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                                        Serfory Near Infrared Light Therapy Heat Lamp Set

                                        serfory infrared heat lamp

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                                        Skin Act 5 Head Infrared Heat Therapy Lamp with Flexible Arms, infra red lamp, infrared light

                                        skin act 5 head infrared heat lamp

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                                        300W Red Light Therapy Lamp Red 660nm & Near Infrared 850nm, Full Body Led Light Therapy for Skin and Pain Relief

                                        300W Red Light Therapy Heat Lamp

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                                        How Often Can You Use Infrared Light Therapy?

                                        A lot of questions have been floating around in the minds of those who are looking into the use of infrared light therapy.

                                        One question that has always puzzled me is how often can you use it.

                                        It may seem like a new and strange concept, but this is not new at all. For the longest time, people have been using heat to stimulate certain parts of the body such as the skin or the throat.

                                        There is no reason why you can’t do the same thing with infrared light. Let’s look at how this works. If you remember the original use of sunlight, then you’ll know that it is based on the fact that it can penetrate through the air and come into contact with the human body.

                                        How often can you use infrared light therapy

                                        This means that by getting out of the way of the sun light, you allow the light to penetrate into the skin of the person.

                                        What does this mean for the person? By using the light, it will be able to trigger certain areas of the body to grow. By stimulating these areas, the body will then be able to grow bigger and healthier. This in turn will make the person feel more energetic and healthy.

                                        You can do this in various ways.

                                        You can use it through a special lamp or gel to use on the face or the body.

                                        These methods can work best with a person who is already using heat therapy.

                                        Another type of light that is used is called Gelsol.

                                        In this type of light, infrared light is used to stimulate different parts of the body.

                                        Since it can penetrate through the skin, it is used on the area that needs stimulation. So if you are looking for a way to improve your health, then infrared light may be just what you need.

                                        5 Steps to get ahead in beauty with LED Light Therapy

                                        5 Steps to get ahead in beauty with LED Light Therapy


                                        beautiful face


                                        Light emitting diode (LED) light therapy is the kind of therapy which uses different light wavelengths be it red or blue to improve the skin conditions. The LED light therapy can cure wrinkles due to its anti aging properties; it also gets rid of the acne by eradicating bacteria that may be present on the skin and by allowing the skin to repair the damaged cells and to heals the wounds, and it also reduces inflammation which prevents acne as well. So, it beautifies the skin by making it smoother and younger looking.

                                        It used red light and blue light both, let’s see how:

                                        Use of red light in LED light therapy:

                                        red light therapy device

                                        The red light in the LED light therapy is responsible for increasing the cellular energy. This increase in the cellular energy of the skin causes an increased production of collagen. Collagen is responsible for a wrinkle free and elastic skin. Lack of collagen causes appearance of fine lines which eventually turns into big wrinkles.

                                        Use of blue light in LED light therapy:

                                        blue light therapy device

                                        The blue light in LED light therapy is responsible for dealing with the oil glands present in the skin. The oil glands are manifested to keep the skin hydrated. However, these oil glands can sometimes produce unnecessary oil by becoming overactive. The increased oil production can cause acne on the skin. Also, there are all kinds of bacteria living on the skin, the blue light in the LED therapy makes sure that it gets rid of the excess oil produced by the skin and also gets rid of the bacteria that may be growing on the skin.

                                        Cost and safety:

                                        The LED light therapy is inexpensive as compared to other procedures that are used for beautifying the skin by getting rid of the wrinkles, acne and scars. If you re getting a session from some place then the cost might range from $25-$80. However, if you are buying the device to use at home then the price of the different devices can vary from $25-$250.

                                        Talking about the safety, it is surprising to know that LED light therapy is one of the safest methods to achieve smooth and clear skin.

                                        Since the LED light therapy doesn’t have any UV rays due to which it provides the skin benefits rather than causing skin damage. Also, many other skin treatments have been known to cause skin burns, peeling effects and rashes to skin. The LED light may cause redness but it prevents the skin from getting burns or other side effects that different procedures can cause.

                                        Does LED mask therapy work?

                                        Skin care has always been an important step of the da of many people. Looking beautiful starts with taking care of the skin. Ladies and gents have been seen using a variety of moisturizers, cleansers, toners and other skincare products to make their skin like the way they want it to look which is fresh and clear.

                                        As a single day passes, there is a new technological development, similarly, LED masks have been created which utilize LED light for skincare. Previously, these masks were available only at your dermatologist’s clinic but now they are easily available for home use.

                                        The LED mask therapy is a modern way of blending a mask and LED light to get the skin care benefits. Different people have different kinds of skin, and they may have a different skin care need.

                                        The LED mask therapy allows you to use red light and blue light both. You can choose any of one of them according to your need. The red light helps in production of collagen which makes the skin look younger, on the other hand the blue light reduces the excessive oil produced by the skin and it also gets rid of the bacteria preventing the skin from acne.

                                        The LED therapy done at a dermatologist’s clinic is much stronger than the therapy that you can get at your home. It is expensive and one therapy session is good enough for the whole month, you will enjoy the flawless skin for a good time period. However, the mask therapy that you are going to do at home needs to be done every day for a certain time period to achieve the desired results. This is a cheaper method and you will be quite happy with the results.

                                        What is the best LED light therapy mask?

                                        The top 4 best LED light therapy masks are as follows:

                                        Dermashine Pro 7 Color LED Face Mask | Photon Red Light Therapy For Healthy Skin Rejuvenation | Collagen, Anti Aging, Wrinkles, Scarring | Korean Skin Care, Facial Skin Care Mask

                                        dermashine pro

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                                        Led Face Mask – Angel Kiss 7 Color Photon Blue Red Light Therapy Skin Rejuvenation Facial Skin Care Mask

                                        angel kiss

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                                        Led Face Mask, NEWKEY Led Light Therapy 7 Color Facial Skin Care Mask – with Clinically Proven Blue & Red Light Treatment Acne Photon Mask – Korea PDT Technology for Acne

                                        led face mask

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                                        ECO FACE Near-infrared LED Photon Mask for Home Therapy – WHITE | 120 LED lights (60 Near-infrared & 60 Visible) | Electric Facial Skin Rejuvenation | Clinically Tested &Being | Best Korean Skin Care

                                        eco face led mask

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                                        What are the skin benefits of using LED light therapy?

                                        Following are the benefits that you can get using LED light therapy:

                                        Antiaging effects

                                        The LED light therapy uses red light for anti aging effects, it increases the cellular energy by penetrating into the skin layers and causing them to regenerate. It also increases the production of collagen and fibroblasts which diminish the fine lines and wrinkles.

                                        Getting rid of scars and spots

                                        Scars and spots are eradicated by the LED light therapy due to the regeneration and repairing of the cells. When the cellular energy increases, the blood flow increases, the circulation is improved with which the cells get more oxygen and nutrients. Due to this, they are able to remove the scars and spots on the skin.

                                        Preventing acne

                                        The LED light therapy uses the blue light to prevent acne by eradicating excessive oils in the skin and by also getting rid of the bacteria present on the skin. The already present acne eventually starts to go away through the therapy.

                                        Does LED light therapy tighten loose skin?

                                        As the LED light therapy uses the red light to penetrate into the skin layers, increasing the existing energy in the cells, maintaining blood pressure, improving the blood circulation and also providing nutrients to the cells, the LED light therapy leads to a rise in the production of collagen.

                                        Collagen and fibroblasts are produced which are responsible for maintaining the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

                                        The rise in the produced collagen and fibroblasts causes the loose skin to be tightened, it also vanishes any wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. So, the LED light therapy, successfully tightens the loose skin.

                                        Can you use retinol with LED light therapy?

                                        Retinol is a strong compound which is applied on the skin to increase the cell production. People who don’t usually use any light therapies use retinol for improving their skin. The typical method of applying retinol is to apply the cream at night so that when your body is resting, the retinol can help increase the cell turnover.

                                        However, this strong compound when exposed to sunlight (which has UV rays) is not beneficial for the skin. It is suggested that when you have retinol on your skin, you must not go out in the sun as it can cause sun burn and rashes on the skin.

                                        Although it is harmful when exposed to sun, retinol can be safely applied after taking LED light therapy without any side effects. This is because LED light doesn’t have any UV rays. Following are the steps that you need to follow to get the effectiveness of retinol along with LED light therapy.


                                        Step 1: Cleansing your face

                                        Before you start any skincare routine, it is important to cleanse your face to make sure that there is no dirt, unwanted materials and oil on your skin. You need to start with a clean face always.

                                        Step 2: Dry your face

                                        Then comes, drying your face. Make sure you pat dry your face with a clean face towel or a piece of cloth to have dry skin to start the process with.

                                        Step 3: Apply moisturizer

                                        Now you need to apply moisturizer so that your skin is smooth and moisturized. Make sure that there is no dryness.

                                        Step 4: LED light therapy session

                                        Then comes the important step, here you start your LED light therapy session with a mask, make sure you do it only for the required time. don’t increase the duration because it doesn’t increase the impact.

                                        Step 5: Retinol

                                        Lastly, you can apply retinol which will intensify the whole process of anti aging, prevention of acne and getting rid of spots and scars. Don’t expose your skin to sunlight after this.

                                        Here’s 5 Awesome Benefits to Solve Eczema : Light Therapy

                                        Here’s 5 Awesome Benefits to Solve Eczema : Light Therapy


                                        Does red light therapy work for eczema, acne and psoriasis?

                                        Eczema, acne and psoriasis are some of the most commonly heard skin condition. Every person has suffered with at least one some time in life. Treating these skin conditions can be difficult and time taking. Many creams, ointments and lotions are applied to the skin to treat problems such as eczema and acne but no visible difference is seen in short periods of time. These conditions can take years to get better.

                                        A lot of researchers have researched that light therapy is very effective for these skin conditions. a visible difference can be seen after taking short sessions each day. So, the biggest advantage is that the red-light therapy has is that it improves the skin with safety in lesser time periods as compared to other procedures.

                                        The red-light therapy is the penetration of low-level lights rays into the skin to cause cell repair and regeneration. When the cells repair and regenerate, following are the benefits achieved which help with eczema, acne and psoriasis:

                                        Decrease in itching

                                          When you are suffering from eczema, acne or psoriasis, there is an urge to itch different areas of the skin. This causes a lot of discomfort and irritation. However, the red-light therapy enables a decrease in the itching. This is because due the to red light therapy, that the wounds start to heal themselves.

                                          Lack of swelling

                                            It is possible for your skin to swell if you have eczema, acne of psoriasis. The swelling in caused due to the inflammation of the skin, bacteria and excessive oils can also lead to swelling. Nevertheless, if you start red light therapy while suffering from these conditions, even a few sessions will make you see the notable difference in the swelling. Make sure you are consistent with the sessions, with the regular sessions, the swelling will decrease day by day.

                                            Less pain

                                              Acne, eczema and psoriasis, all three of them can be painful. Some people have less pain and for some, it is the worst. The inflammation of the skin causes a burning sensation which also leads to a lot of pain. Taking red-light therapy sessions, you will feel a decline in the intensity of the pain. Eventually, you will feel that the pain will completely go away and you will just be left with some of the acne.

                                              Healing of the skin

                                                Eventually, you will observe that your skin is going back to its best form. The pimples and rashes will start to fade. This is because the production of new cells and repairing of the old will cause your skin to get better. The red-light therapy is very good at healing the wounds.

                                                Diminishing of the skin condition

                                                  People who have to deal with eczema, acne or psoriasis lose their confidence and they feel that these skin conditions will not go away. Some people even get depressed due to it, they limit meeting people, they limit going out because of the fear that they will not be liked by people. The sessions of red-light therapy will allow the people to gain their confidence back by looking at their skin clearing. A point will come where they will receive a fully clear skin.

                                                  How long is light therapy for eczema?

                                                  For people suffering with eczema, they can take a red-light therapy session of a duration of 10-15 minutes each day. However, it is more about the consistency and not about the time duration. People feel that increasing the time duration will give them the desired results faster but it so not true. Being consistent with their sessions will give them the results that they dream of.

                                                  Key things for effective light therapy for eczema:


                                                    If you are not consistent with your therapy sessions then you will be very disappointed because you will not see the results that you wished for. A research showed that people who got 2 minutes of light therapy each day showed better skin. People feel that they are not having a change in their skin so they stop taking light therapy sessions. So, consistency is the key, be consistent to see the most amazing results. Get your clear skin back.

                                                    Time Duration

                                                      No, you will not get clearer skin by increasing the duration of your therapy session. As they say that excess of everything is bad, so don’t be fooled that by increasing the duration of the therapy, you will see better results. Take a session of 10 minutes every day but if you feel that your skin is in a worse condition then you can increase the session to 15 minutes but not more than that. Do it regularly and be surprised with the results.

                                                      Does blue light help in eczema, acne and psoriasis?

                                                      blue light therapy for skin

                                                      Blue light is very helpful for people suffering with eczema, acne and psoriasis. It is because of two essential things which are:

                                                      Removing excess oils from the skin

                                                        The skin consists of glands which are responsible for producing oil. Oil is naturally produced by the skin itself to keep the skin hydrated and to prevent it from dryness. The oil producing glands can sometimes become overactive and they end up producing more oil than what is needed. This excess oil is the reason of acne. The blue light penetrates through the skin and gets rid of the excess oil and help people clear their skins.

                                                        Fighting the bacteria present on the skin

                                                          The second thing that the blue light does is that it kills the bacteria on the skin. Not only oil skin is responsible for acne, inflammation and rashes. The bacteria on the skin also have the capacity to cause the skin to break out. By eradicating the bacteria, blue light helps people with acne, eczema and psoriasis.

                                                          What is light therapy for skin disorders?

                                                          Light therapy is very beneficial for skin disorders. There are so many skin disorders, people have acne, eczema, psoriasis. Some people have peeling skin, others have an uneven skin tone.

                                                          Some people have big pores on the skin. All over the world, different methods are used to treat skin disorders. The first thing that people do is that they rush to their dermatologist, the dermatologist may prescribe them some medication.

                                                          They may even get some creams, lotions or other ointments to apply to their skin. There are surgical methods to improve skin conditions too.

                                                          However, all the methods that may be used for skin disorders are quite expensive and the dilemma is that they never show the desired results quickly. Every procedure that is adopted asks for hefty amounts of money, care, consistency, and a lot of time.

                                                          Then comes in light therapy, whether it is red light therapy or blue light therapy, or even LED light therapy, these light therapies have the ability to heal the wounds, to make the blood circulation better, to decrease the pain, to improve the cell production and so many other benefits.

                                                          When an individual start taking the therapy session, he may feel that nothing is happening in the first two sessions but right after a few sessions a visible difference will be observed.

                                                          The biggest benefit of these light therapies is that they come with no side effects, they are scientifically proven to be completely safe on the skin and they are super effective as well. Also, you don’t have to waste hefty amounts of cash because these therapy sessions are quite cheap and affordable in comparison with procedures that are done at the clinic.

                                                          To get complex procedures done on your skin, you have to take an appointment from your doctor, wait at their office for hours, spend quite a lot of money, and after all that end up being effected with the side effects of the procedure that you went through all of that pain.

                                                          Coming to the light therapies, you will have to make a onetime investment to get the specific device for a specific purpose. Then you can do the session at your home without asking for anybody’s help and without spending more money. Its easy and its convenient. You can treat the skin disorders on your own.

                                                          Top 3 products from amazon for treating skin problems using light therapy

                                                          Day by day, new devices for treating skin problems are coming out. For treating the skin problems, you can invest into light therapy devices and get amazing results without going to the dermatologist every month. Here are the top three products that we picked through our research:

                                                          Project E Beauty 7 Colors LED Face Mask Photon Therapy For Skin Rejuvenation Tightening and Whitening Anti Aging Wrinkles Scarring Removal Beauty Facial Skin Care Mask

                                                          project e

                                                            Click Here For Amazon Link

                                                            Silk’n FaceFX – At Home Anti-Aging Skin Care Device with Red Light Therapy for Bright, Smooth Skin

                                                            Silk And Face

                                                              Click Here for Amazon Link

                                                              Pulsaderm ACE – Acne Clearing Eraser LED Therapy (FDA Cleared) – Red and Blue LED


                                                                Click Here for Amazon Link

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                                                                5 Best Professional Led Light Therapy Machine

                                                                5 Best Professional Led Light Therapy Machine

                                                                red light therapy machine

                                                                Before we go into the top 5 product recommendation of the LED Light Therapy machine, I need to explain clearly the benefits of the red light therapy for skin.

                                                                Please check the comprehensive links below that will answer the common questions why the red light therapy will help the condition of your skin.

                                                                Does red light therapy increase collagen?

                                                                Does blue light therapy help with wrinkles?

                                                                Does red light therapy help cellulite?

                                                                Does red light therapy tighten loose skin?

                                                                After our research, we have selected top 5 products relating to the LED light therapy. These products have an ability to give you the skin that you wished for with the help of LED light. Following are the products:

                                                                Led Face Mask – Angel Kiss 7 Color Photon Blue Red Light Therapy Skin Rejuvenation Facial Skin Care Mask

                                                                angel kiss led face mask

                                                                Click here for Amazon Link

                                                                To get the flawless skin that you ever wished for, you need to get your hands on this angel kiss 7 color photon light therapy masks. It comes with 7 colors, with each color of its own benefit. The red light is responsible for the elasticity and collagen production in the skin while the blue light takes over the excessive oil and bacteria on the skin. Other different colors show their benefits on other skin conditions. This masks also promotes the production of melanin and also maintains the elasticity of the skin.

                                                                Some major benefits of this mask are as follows:

                                                                Oil control

                                                                The blue light is responsible for eradicating excessive oils in the skin making the smooth and without acne.

                                                                Shrinkage of pores

                                                                Quite a few people have enlarged pores which appear even bigger under sunlight. The enlarged pores take away the smoothness of the skin causing a rough appearance on the skin. This mask comes in to rescue, it shrinks the large pores while bringing back the smoothness of the skin.

                                                                Anti-aging effects

                                                                The collagen and fibroblast production will increase due to the light therapy from this masks. This will ensure that there are no wrinkles and fine lines on the skin anymore.

                                                                Freckle removal

                                                                There are people who loves freckles and then there are some people who are pretty tired of time. People look for ways to get rid of freckles. This mask is one of the most effective ones. It will get rid of the freckles while giving you a smooth skin.

                                                                Skin tightening

                                                                Lastly, collagen production causes skin tightening. With reduced collagen, the skin loses its tightness but when the production increases the skin becomes tight again.


                                                                • It is safe to use
                                                                • Affordable
                                                                • Saves time and resources
                                                                • Simple and convenient
                                                                • Can be used on sensitive skin as well


                                                                • Can only be used on the face

                                                                Rejuven Light 2.0 LED Light therapy w/ 4 Interchangeable heads Anti aging device, skin rejuvenation, lightens dark spots, promotes collagen and reduce wrinkles and fine lines (Rejuven Light)

                                                                rejuven light therapy

                                                                Click Here for Amazon Link

                                                                It is one of the most popular LED light therapy devices which comes with interchangeable heads. It is a facial kit but you can use it on other parts of the body too if you like. It allows a hands-free application due to its power base; you can easily swap the light head attachment. With its high build quality, it is a sturdy device so you don’t have to worry about breaking it. It emits different wavelengths of light so that you skin can respond in different ways and can be benefited from it.

                                                                Some of its benefits are as follows:

                                                                Reduces acne

                                                                This device has the LED light with which its uses both red and blue to light to reduce acne. It gets rid of bacteria and excess oil from the skin, while allowing the cells to regenerate and repair which lead to healing of the skin.

                                                                Gives a natural plump to the skin

                                                                Since this device has the ability to get rid of anti aging effects, it gives a natural plump to your skin.

                                                                Smoother skin texture

                                                                By shrinking large pores, maintaining the elasticity of the skin and by getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines, this device smoothens your skin texture and gives you fresh skin.

                                                                Increases blood circulation

                                                                When the LED light penetrates through the skin, it improves the blood circulation giving the cells an opportunity to get oxygen and nutrients. This allows them to rejuvenate.

                                                                Reverses sun damage

                                                                If your skin by any chance has been damaged through the sun light, this device will efficiently reverse it.


                                                                • Powered by 48 individual LED lights
                                                                • Serums and creams can be used with this device
                                                                • Uses continuous and pulsed wavelengths


                                                                • It doesn’t come with a timer

                                                                Lucky star ZLY 7 Colors PDT LED Light Therapy Machine, Anti Aging Skin Care Tools for Face Neck Body, Salon SPA Rejuvenation Beauty Equipment with Protective Eye Glasses

                                                                lucky star led light therapy machine

                                                                Click here for Amazon Link

                                                                The Lucky star ZLY is another device which comes with the LED light therapy, it also has anti-aging effects so it will beautify your skin in a shocking way. You will be quite stunned to see that how beautiful your skin looks. It is combined with 7 different colors of light and each of the light deals with a different problem of skin. It has a classy shape, comes with protective eye goggles and is great for your face and neck.

                                                                Some of its benefits are as follows:

                                                                Provides skin relaxation

                                                                This device gives you light therapy which has the ability to relax your skin.

                                                                Reduces large pores and wrinkles

                                                                It improves the skin texture by making it smooth. It gets rid of the large pores and wrinkles. By removing the wrinkles, you achieve the youthful skin.

                                                                Improves complexion

                                                                With poor blood circulation, people get a poor complexion which makes you look dull. This device improves the skin complexion by improving blood circulation.

                                                                Evens skin tone

                                                                The skin tone may also not be even due to poor blood circulation but this device evens the skin tone too.

                                                                Removes spots and scars

                                                                The spots and scars are hard to get rid of but this device works wonders.


                                                                • Comes with a power adapter
                                                                • The package also includes eye protective goggles
                                                                • User manual is also included in the package

                                                                MOMASK Skin Care LED Light Red Blue Facial Mask Beauty Lamp Therapy with Skin Rejuvenation, Lightens Dark Spots, Promotes Collagen and Reduce Wrinkles

                                                                Momask led light therapy

                                                                Click Here for Amazon Link

                                                                If you prefer lamps over other devices then you will certainly love this LED light lamp for skin care. This Led lamp comes with two interchangeable head to provide specific treatments for specific problems. It is a completely safe and non-invasive lamp which will keep your skin protected from skin disorders but will allow you to get smooth and flawless skin.

                                                                Some of its benefits are as follows:

                                                                Heals blemishes

                                                                If you have blemishes then this lamp will help you heal them.

                                                                Helps improve sunburn

                                                                Sunburn takes away the moisture from the skin and also causes dryness and peeling. It reverses sunburn by the healing process of the cells.

                                                                Reduces acne and inflammation

                                                                Acne and inflammation are caused due to bacteria and excessive oils, the blue light from this lamp gets rid of the excessive oils while preventing cane and it also helps you clear your skin.

                                                                Improves skin tone

                                                                When the blood circulation is poor, the skin tone also becomes poor. So, this device helps you in improving your skin tone too.

                                                                Removes spots and scars

                                                                Some scars are very rigid and do not go away even when proper treatment is given. This device removes spots and scars even which are too stubborn.


                                                                • Provides moisture to the skin
                                                                • Soothes and rejuvenates the skin
                                                                • Allows the light to penetrate deep in to the skin
                                                                • Reduces skin degradation

                                                                Facial neck massager anti-wrinkle, LED Photon Therapy Neck and Face Lifting Massager Vibration Skin Tighten Reduce Double Chin Anti-Wrinkle Remove Device

                                                                facial neck light therapy

                                                                Click here for Amazon Link

                                                                Lastly, we have a facial and neck massager which is quipped with LED light technology. This massager has the ability to create heat which increases the blood flow on your face and your neck. It comes with three different types of vibration which allows the removal of the top layer of skin which consist of dead skin while giving you smooth skin.

                                                                Some of its benefits are as follows:

                                                                Improves blood circulation

                                                                This facial and neck massager has the ability to ensure proper blood flow. With this, the skin gets due to the oxygen and nutrients received by the skin cells.

                                                                Removes dead skin

                                                                The first layer of the skin contains dead cells so the massager removes the dead skin.

                                                                Gets rid of wrinkles

                                                                Wrinkles are also removed due to the increased blood flow on the skin due to the increased cellular energy of the skin. The cells repair themselves while leaving behind a clear skin.

                                                                Stimulates neck acupuncture points

                                                                Acupuncture points are stimulated through the massager which relaxing your neck and strengthening the muscles.

                                                                Gets rid of toxic chemicals

                                                                There are some toxins on the skin which can cause inflammation, acne and redness on the skin. The massager helps to get rid of these toxins and prevents from acne.


                                                                • It creates heat which increases the blood flow in the skin
                                                                • Comes with a USB cable and a user manual
                                                                • It has three different intensities of vibration

                                                                We hope that this article helped you in finding the best product according to your need.

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                                                                Here’s a quick way to solve wrinkles: Red Light Therapy

                                                                Here’s a quick way to solve wrinkles: Red Light Therapy

                                                                crow's feet

                                                                Red light therapy is a kind of therapy in which low-level wavelengths of red light are utilized to stimulate the skin cells so that the energy inside the cells is increased.

                                                                red light therapy spectrum on face

                                                                The idea behind increasing the energy in the cells is to make the cells able to rejuvenate and to repair damage.

                                                                This is done by strengthening the mitochondria present inside the cells.

                                                                When mitochondria are strengthened, they make more ATPs and with more ATPs, the cells get greater energy. With this increased energy the cells are able to repair any damage to skin.

                                                                Does red light therapy work on wrinkles?

                                                                Red light therapy has the ability to treat many ailments in the human body by increasing the cell energy.

                                                                The red-light therapy works amazingly in tissue repairing, it helps in the treatment of conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, it can also heal wounds.

                                                                Similarly, the red-light therapy works wonders on the wrinkles. People who feel that their skin is losing its elasticity, firmness and shape should give red light therapy a try because it helps in getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines.

                                                                Wrinkles and fine lines start making you look quite older than your age as soon as they start appearing, however, the red-light therapy is capable of building collagen which is responsible for the firmness of the skin.

                                                                With the increased collagen production, the wrinkles and fine lines are diminished. To increase the production of collagen, the red-light therapy also increases the production of fibroblasts with which people can get super smooth skin and also look younger.

                                                                light therapy for face

                                                                Does red light therapy tighten lose skin?

                                                                Skin tightening is quite difficult to achieve without any scientifically tested procedure, while red light therapy is that scientifically tested procedure which is proved to be safe and effective for skin.

                                                                The light is penetrated through the skin which increases the energy present inside the cells.

                                                                The increased energy also leads to an increase in the production of collagen which is responsible for plumping the skin, it also increases the elastin which tighten the skin and it also has the capability to remove bacteria which cause acne on the skin.

                                                                Collagen and elastic both are responsible for smooth and younger looking skin. However, as you age, the number of collagen and elastin decrease with which fine lines start to appear.

                                                                The fine lines then turn into wrinkles which make you look very old.

                                                                The red-light brings back the collagen and elastin by increasing the energy in the cells. Due to this, the red-light therapy successfully tightens lose skin.

                                                                What does LED red light do for skin?

                                                                light therapy device for skin

                                                                The LED red light works magically for skin.

                                                                The LED red light penetrates deep into the skin, which then increases the energy of the cells through mitochondria allowing the cells to repair damage and to make skin look beautiful.

                                                                The LED red light provides high amounts of oxygen to the skin cells which ultimately makes the skin glow. It also increases the production of fibroblasts which causes skin tightening.

                                                                Not only does the red-light therapy tighten skin but it also works to improve the complexion of the skin. It gives you an even skin tome without dark spots and acne scars. When the energy is increased in the skin cells, they rejuvenate the skin while taking away dark spots and acne scars.

                                                                Skin sores are also very common, they may cause due to friction or any other reason but if you take red light therapy sessions then it is likely that you will not get skin sores because the therapy prevents them.

                                                                For people who have acne, red light therapy is the safest and the fastest way of getting rid of it. As the red-light therapy stimulates energy in the skin cells, it also gets rid of bacteria which can cause acne and people who already have acne problems they will see a notable difference after they start taking red light therapy sessions. When the bacteria will be removed, the acne will go on its own as well.

                                                                Above all, red light therapy may not only make you look younger by getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines but it will also give you younger and fresh-looking skin.

                                                                To instantly get kin tightened, people use so many expensive methods and procedures but they don’t really work, sometimes if they do work, they end up leaving behind side effects. With red light therapy you don’t have to worry about such things because it is scientifically proven to be completely safe and it is more affordable as compared to other expensive treatments.

                                                                Invest into a red-light therapy product just once and you will be shocked to the see effective results eventually.

                                                                How long does red light therapy take to work?

                                                                There is no specific time in which you can say that the light therapy will work, it is because each person is different from another.

                                                                Each skin type is different and the severity of the problem is also different.

                                                                Due to this, you cannot expect the red-light therapy to work at a specific time. However, red light therapy does show notable differences sooner than any other treatments done on the skin.

                                                                People who have severe acne may take more to get rid of it as compared to the people who have less acne. Similarly, people who have fine lines will see them diminish sooner than those people who have many wrinkles.

                                                                Here are some recommendations which will allow you to see fruitful results:

                                                                Be patient:

                                                                Don’t expect results right after your first session of red-light therapy. It will take some time but it will work. So, be patient and take all the suggested sessions and you will be certainly very happy with the final results.

                                                                Timing of the light exposure:

                                                                The timing of the red-light exposure can from 90 seconds up to 20 minutes per session. It can vary depending upon the skin type, severity of the problem and it also depends upon the type of method used for red light therapy.

                                                                Cleansed skin:

                                                                Every time you intend to take a session of red-light therapy, it is important that you cleanse your skin so that there is no dirt or unwanted particles resting on your skin. Once your skin is fully clean, it will be ready to get the therapy and you will see the results sooner.

                                                                Usage of other skin products:

                                                                While you are taking red light therapy sessions, you can use other skin care products if you like because the red-light therapy itself is a painless process. Your doctor or skin specialists, may suggest you, antioxidants to achieve the desired results.

                                                                Does red light therapy reverse sun damage?

                                                                If you have faced sun damage then you will know that sun damage causes the skin to appear darker, dry, and wrinkly. The exposure to sun for longer periods of time without any protection causes the skin to become dry and eventually it causes damage which can cause skin peeling, inflammation and even pain. To avoid sun damage, it is always suggested that sunscreen must be applied before being exposed to sun.

                                                                If your skin is exposed to sun without sunscreen for longer periods of time then the sunrays will slow down the production of collagen, elastin and fibroblasts which are responsible for keeping your skin fresh and wrinkle free.

                                                                The red-light therapy has the ability to stimulate the skin cells which increases the energy of the cells and causes them repair damage.

                                                                With this, the skin will eventually stop appearing red and will start going back to its original shape. Since the circulations is increased in the skin due to red light therapy, the damaged cells are diminished and new skin cells are formed. So, we can say that the red-light therapy does reverse the sun damage.

                                                                Again, there is no specific time span in which you will get your original skin back, it is a therapy which will take its time to work. If the damage caused by sun is not really severe then within a few sessions you will see your skin getting better.

                                                                To get reverse the sun damage sooner, if you start exfoliating your skin along with the red-light therapy sessions. You will definitely see the results in lesser time.

                                                                What are the top 4 recommended red-light products?

                                                                The top 4 recommended red-light products are as follows. These products will allow you to do the red light therapy session at home without having to go to another place to get it done.

                                                                a) NOVA RED Facial Light Therapy Machine for Skin Care Collagen Boost 660nm – Skin Firming & Lifting L.E.C. Sensor- Computer USB/Wall Plug Charging with Unique feature -Light Emission Control Sensor

                                                                b) LightStim for Wrinkles

                                                                c) Anti-Aging Red LED Light Therapy 38 LED Bulb for Fine Lines & Wrinkles 660nm

                                                                d) Rejuven Light 2.0 LED Light therapy w/ 4 Interchangeable heads Anti-aging device, skin rejuvenation, lightens dark spots, promotes collagen and reduce wrinkles and fine lines (Rejuven Light)

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