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Why you should trust I consulted the following authority for this guide: Sports medicine specialist Michael S. Freitas, M.D., associate team medical practitioner for the University at Buffalo contest teams. I also contacted team doctor for Daemen College, and advisor for the Buffalo Bills; Joel Hawk who is a principal engineer manager within UL?s small … Read more

Amethyst Bio-mat Mini


Biomat Mini Thanks to the technological advancements, you’ll be able to take advantage of the therapeutical benefits associated with Biomat in a less, more compact format with the Biomat Mini. The Biomat Mini offers the right same technology and benefits as the bigger Biomat. Besides, the other advantage of the Biomat Mini is far lighter … Read more

Biomat Health Mat Review

What is Biomat? Biomat is a really an amazing product. Biomat has a lot of health benefits. This is a technology that can heal your body. This look like a yoga mat but actually it is composed of different material layers, semi-precious gemstones and temperature regulating device. Infrared heating mattress as some may call it, is … Read more

Negative Ion Mattress Review

? Best Negative Ion Mattress Review Have you ever thought, why you feel fresh when you move out of your office cabin and go to a garden or an open area? When you are driving in your car with windows closed, and AC turned on, why do you feel sleepy but as you get out … Read more

Top Best Quality Infrared Mat Review

Top Best Quality Infrared Mat Review Infrared mats are the best product for body healing. If anyone has any kind of body pain then it could be best for them. The infrared mat can produce infrared light without any harmful ultra-violate light. Infrared light is one of the good energy provides to us from the … Read more

5 Best PEMF Mat Review

Here is the 5 Best PEMF Mat Review PEMF is called pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. This therapy is very popular and it is considered to be very safe to use. Normally this technology is used for : brain tumors depression spinal cord injury It is proven that PEMF is effective and secure therapy. There are … Read more