Blue And Red Light Therapy: 5 Killer Ways to Radiant Skin

Blue And Red Light Therapy: 3 Killer Ways to Radiant Skin

blue light therapy on face killing bacteria

Acne can be a whole new experience for teenagers but they are not the only ones effected by it.

Adult acne is also something that is quite common and could be a nightmare to many. The very thought of it scares most since it could happen to anyone at any given point.

When acne comes to severe stages it causes permanent damage to the skin resulting in acne scars or marks.

Out breaks are common between ages 11-30 but can also affect other age categories.

Adult Pimples can be treated easily since there are several remedies using anti- bacterial or anti-inflammatory properties. However, acne scars are very hard to remove and can lead to permanent damage of skin cells.

While there isn’t any miracle pills or cream to prevent formation of acne over a night, dermatologists are constantly researching on various methods to reduce and prevent acne from occurring.

Acne is something that is happens throughout a lifetime and the best thing to do about is been constantly vigilant on current remedies and trends.

Adult acne is not a myth and something that should be regarded as important as acne during the teens. With proper treatment you can have a healthier and younger looking skin in a matter of months.

The reason behind acne

The main idea behind acne is both common on adults as well as teens. It’s the same process but occur due to different reasons. Our skin has various properties to keep our bodies healthy and fit and some of them are regulating temperature and removing off unwanted bacteria. Furthermore, our skin has tiny pores that are barely visible to the naked eye.

Every pore consists of a tiny follicle that is home to a strand of hair and an oil gland (commonly known in dermatology terms as sebaceous). These glands secretes the oil which travels up the strand exiting the pore and onto your skin.

red light therapy for skin diagram

The reason behind the secretion of the oil is to keep your skin moist, lubricated and soft. Even though this may seem an essential requirement in the cleansing process it is also the main reason in the causes of acne.

Once there is an excess amount of oil produced the pores become prone to bacterial infection and other harmful elements. And with time these pores start getting infected and pus grows underneath your skin damaging it. Leading to a zit or nodule.

These are small lumps that are visible since they are an accumulation of pus and damaged blood vessels. If not treated with proper care it can lead to acne scars. Unlike your ordinary acne marks, scars are a permanent and is something that requires intense treatment.

The various types of Acne

Treating acne is very important and understanding the type of acne is important as well. In order to have a more effective treatment and better understanding we should identify the types of acne out there.

Distinguishing them are crucial in the healing process. A small spot or indentation are some signs of acne but they all have different characteristics. Acne are divided into 2 categories inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne which means acne which cause swelling and the ones that don’t cause swelling.


black heads occur when a pore is clogged due to a collection of sebum and dead skin cells. The characteristic black color is dues to the pore open on top and clogged at the bottom.

blackhead on face


these are also formed due to the pores closing up all around. These are quite hard to remove since these pores are completely closed. A lot more treatment is needed to remove them.

whiteheads on face


they are combination of many like bacteria, sebum and dead skin cells. These are the worst case scenarios when they are very deep and deeper than nodules. Since it’s so deep there is a high chance of acne scarring to occur.

cyst on face


these are solid lumps that stay beneath the skin. Quite visible and similarly can cause irritation. They go much deeper and. these often occur when not treated for a long period.

scary nodules on face


when the walls around the pores start breaking down nodules occur. They are bumps in the skin filled with pus and have a yellow feature.

pustules riddled on face

The reasons behind Adult acne.

There is no scientific evidence that provides sufficient proof of a proper age category for acne to occur.

That being said we must been constantly vigilant about it, but there are common reasons as to why Adult acne occurs. Even though these outbreaks happen mostly during the teenage phase recent studies show they can have a similar scenario during the adult phase as well.

Commonly it’s believed that there are changes only between teenagers, and that can be the main cause of acne but ask a young adult and they will prove you wrong. True enough teenage hormonal changes can be the cause of acne outburst but studies indicate there are several other factors that trigger acne.

Stress can be the root for acne in most adults

Life depending decisions and choices are something of a package that comes once we become adults. Our free thinking time during teens dies away gradually. That said, these lead to a high amount of stress and with that several changes takes place in the body which leads to acne. For starters our adrenal gland secretes the stress hormone called cortisol, this helps the body dealing with stress but unfortunately a tiny bit of testosterone also secreted with it. Thus making the oil glands within the pore produce a lot more than required

Adult hormones

Just like the hormonal changes during teens these also affect once you are an adult. Fluctuating hormones which are common just before menstrual cycle are often the main cause within women. Once these hormones kick in androgen like testosterone the rest would be the formation of pimples, black heads and the list goes on


it may seem more likely to happen during teens but these affect also during adult hood. Dirt and dust from the city can be a main cause of acne and once you go to work on a regular basis it becomes the root cause behind your acne problems. Even sitting in your office space can lead to build up of bacteria. Studies show even air conditioned spaces consists of many bacteria that are quite harmful for your health

Using the wrong products

This is not mainly targeted to adults but there is a reason why choosing the right products are quite important. As we age so do our skin. And the best way to continue using beauty products is to make sure they are oil free and not too hard on the skin surface. The products may have been very useful during your teens but when its time make sure you get the one that suits your age.

Too much of cleansing

Well it is a good habit to keep your face clean but over doing it can lead to micro damages and dry out your skin. Since the body identifies the lack of moisture within the skin it secretes more oil glands to compensate with it, as usual leading to acne. Further, scrubbing hard and trying to get nasty pores out are another reason behind it.

Sugar may not always be nice

Just as we are well aware teenagers and adults react differently in many given situation and the process of sugar has the similar effects. Since it increases the insulin levels studies show that these increases can lead to boosting the production of oils within your skin.

How Blue and Red light therapy can help people overcome acne?

blue and red light therapy session on face

If you are a person who is suffering from acne, and if you want to get a permanent solution for it, you need to go ahead with blue and red light therapy. This is offered to you with LED lights, which emit both blue and red colors accordingly.

Blue colored light is in a position to kill bacteria

which is responsible for the creation of acne. In other words, it can provide a great assistance to you with calming the irritation that causes acne.

On the other hand, blue colored light is also in a position to balance the production of sebum.

sebum on skin

This is done without drying your skin. Hence, you will be able to end up with the most impressive results at the end of the day.

Red light can stimulate the production of collagen in your skin.

red and blue light therapy device for skin problems

Therefore, it can reduce the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines. Along with that, the blemishes created by acne are also removed.

As you can see, if you can first use blue light therapy and then use red light therapy, you will be able to receive impressive results with overcoming the appearance of acne. You can get a lot of relief with this method.

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5 Surprising Benefits On Cold Laser Therapy Treatment Protocol

5 Surprising Benefits On Cold Laser Therapy Treatment Protocol

cold laser therapy for pain

Cold laser therapy is one of the most popular forms of therapy that you can find out there in the world. People tend to go ahead with this therapy due to many different reasons. The most obvious benefit that a person can get out of Light force therapy is its ability to reduce inflammation and pain.

You can get subjected to inflammation and pain because of many different reasons.

Arthritis is one of the most common health conditions out of them.

Light force therapy will make sure that you no longer have to deal with the frustration of arthritis pain. It can relieve the pain and make sure that you can overcome the frustration that you are going through.

Low Level Laser Therapy is a popular therapy among professional healthcare providers as well. In other words, you can see how a large number of doctors use it in order to help the people in need.

If you are planning to go ahead with Light force therapy, you are encouraged to refer to some of the cold laser therapy reviews first. Then you can get a better overall understanding on what comes along with it and what benefits you can receive at the end of the day. Along with that, you can also make a better decision whether you are going forward with Cold Laser therapy or not.

Here are some of the most prominent benefits that you can see when you are going through cold laser therapy.

If you get convinced by these reviews, you can move to the next step and start working on it.

1. Light force therapy can help you to reduce pain and inflammation

inflammation on legs

As mentioned earlier, the most prominent health benefit that you can get out of cold laser therapy is that it can help you to reduce pain and inflammation in an effective manner.

To get a better understanding about this, you are encouraged to deep dive and take a look at the way on how it works. Then you will also get convinced to go ahead with it.

During laser therapy, a unique process called photobiomodulation is followed. In here, photons that you direct towards your body from a source would enter into the tissues. Then they will interact with cytochrome c complex, which exist within mitochondria.

This is a kind of an interaction, which has the ability to generate a series of biological events. That’s where you also get the chance to receive positive results out of cold laser therapy.

One of the changes that take place within your body is the increase of cellular metabolism. Along with that, you will be able to experience a reduction in inflammation and pain. This is quite different from medications. That’s because laser therapy has the ability to reduce pain, without leading you to any unwanted side effects.

If you want to deliver long-lasting pain relief to arthritis pain and other related health conditions, Cold laser therapy is the best option available to go ahead with. In most of the instances, patients are provided with the chance to receive positive results after a couple of treatments. Therefore, you can go ahead with it without having any doubts or second thoughts in mind. You will fall in love with all the results that you can get out of it with reducing pain and inflammation.

2. Light force therapy can help you when dealing with chronic and acute health conditions

one of the cold laser devices that heal inflammation

Most of the people in todays’ world tend to go ahead with laser therapy in order to treat chronic and acute health conditions. However, this is a risky process. That’s because laser therapy has to be administered throughout to make sure that you don’t end up with any injuries. That’s where you can take a look at cold laser therapy.

It can help you to reduce inflammation fast after a chronic and acute health condition. Therefore, you can kick off the healing process and make sure that you receive positive results after a short period of time.

Among the different treatment options that are offered to people who get chronic and acute health conditions, Cold laser therapy has received lots of attention.

It can provide a great assistance to the clinicians with treating a variety of related health conditions. On the other hand, Cold laser therapy is not in a position to trigger any unwanted effects. Therefore, people who follow Low Level Laser therapy will be able to keep the peace of mind and go ahead with it at all times.

3. Light force therapy treatments can be customized

Another prominent benefit that you can discover in Light force therapy is that the treatments can easily be customized according to the nature of results you want to receive. The laser lights contain a powerful range.

Therefore, you can receive a set of versatile treatment options at the end of the day as well. In other words, you can have the Light force therapy to have an operational output, which is low as 0.5W or which is high as 25W.

This can provide an enhanced level of flexibility to the technicians who is dealing with it. In other words, the technician just need to take a look at the situation and use the right output with Cold laser therapy to make sure that maximum results are achieved at the end of the day.

The availability of a variety of treatment options, which contain a high degree of flexibility can actually benefit a clinician. That’s the main reason why you can see Light force therapy increasing its popularity along with time.

You will be able to have multiple delivery methods and you can get them matched according to the situation. No matter with what treatment option you go ahead with, you can keep the peace of mind because it doesn’t trigger any frustrating health conditions or side effects. Therefore, you will be able to keep the peace of mind at all times as well.

Cold laser therapy is heavily used in cooperation with the latest technology. In other words, advanced computer software can be used to enhance the functionality of Cold laser therapy along with the results that you will be getting at the end of the day. For example, it can be customized to focus on a specific health condition that you are dealing with, specific region of the body or specific characteristics of a patient.

cold laser therapy

There is an intuitive selection process in Cold laser therapy, which is paired with touchscreens as well. Therefore, you will be able to deliver the right amount of dose with ease. If you want to end up with higher levels of customization, you are provided with the ability to formulate something new. This feature has impressed technicians out there.

4. Cold laser therapy treatments feel good

A patient who goes through Light force therapy will not feel any pain or discomfort. In fact, the treatments feel really good. Therefore, patients will never fuss before they go for a treatment with Light force therapy.

However, it is also important to understand that the exact results you can get out of Light force therapy vary depending on the laser light used for the therapy. When some of the laser lights are used, you will have to feel a light sensation. However, this is not true for the other types of laser lights.

You will get a soothing and a gentle warmth out of them. Most of the patients who go through Light force therapy say that they experience what they are receiving.

Some of them even call that as a massage therapy that they can go ahead with. Due to the same reason, the clinicians are in a position to introduce Light force therapy and the benefits that come along with it to the patients without having to worry about anything. Patients are aware of the experience and it makes the life easy for all practitioners.

5. Cold laser therapy treatments are relatively fast

On top of everything, the Cold laser therapy treatments are extremely fast. When you are suffering from a specific health condition, your main intention is to get over it as soon as possible. On the other hand, you don’t expect to go through long treatment methods as well. In fact, the time spent with treatments would be a pain for you. That’s where Light force therapy comes into play.

The Cold laser therapy treatment sessions can be completed within a short period of time. In other words, the treatments would consume at most 5 minutes to 10 minutes depending on the depth, size and acuteness of the treatment. In order to deliver such quick and efficient results, high power laser lights are used as well. Therefore, you can proceed with Light force therapy without keeping any doubts in mind.

As you can see, Cold laser therapy reviews are positive and you will be able to move to the next step and get them without thinking too much.

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Does light therapy increase Vitamin D?

Does light therapy increase Vitamin D?

vitamin D from sun

There are two types of light boxes, one which is designed for treating skin related issues and the other one which aims to treat Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD) or sleep disorders.

The light boxes which are designed to treat skin related issues emit (UV) rays and hence they are harmful for people who do not have skin related issues.

Similarly, the light boxes which deal with sleep disorders and depression filter the (UV) rays through them and are able to increase Vitamin D in the human body.

light therapy box for SAD and depression

The light boxes which are created for treating sleep disorder or SAD, that emit 10,000 lux of light are a good source of Vitamin D. The light boxes not only help you with your sleep disorders but also help increasing the Vitamin D levels.

Do people who suffer with SAD have low Vitamin D levels?

Sun is the chief source of Vitamin D, people who reside in areas where there is less bright light exposure and have more clouds, they tend to have Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD) because they don’t have enough Vitamin D in their body which causes them depression.

light box for vitamin D

So, one of the reasons behind SAD is the low Vitamin D level. In long summer days, there is bright light, when people are exposed to it, they get the Vitamin D required in their body.

However, when it comes to dark and dull days of fall, the people don’t get exposed to enough Vitamin D which leads to a decline in the Vitamin D levels causing them back pain, muscle pain, fatigue, lethargy and depression. Low levels of Vitamin D cause people to suffer from seasonal affected disorder.

In case of no bright light, phototherapy is a better alternate. Instead of taking pills, you can get 20-30 minutes of therapy each day, while improving your sleep cycle, getting improved levels of Vitamin D and also getting rid of depression.

What is the difference between a light box equipment and a light bulb?

The light boxes and light bulb have the same purpose as they both emit light but the difference is of the intensity of the light that each of these emit. The bulb emits light just to get rid of the darkness while the light box emits light to treat sleep disorders, to help with depression and it also increases the Vitamin D levels. The light box is a stronger equipment which produces light of up to 10,000 lux, mimicking the results as that of the sun. However, the light bulbs have a very low intensity and cannot achieve any of the results that the light box achieves. The light bulb has the intensity of 500 lux which is too low to provide any benefits to the human body.

How to prepare for light box therapy in order to maintain Vitamin D levels?

If you are inhabited in an area where there is less sunlight throughout the year, then you need to have the light box therapy sessions more often because the lack of daylight throughout the year will definitely lower the Vitamin D levels in your body. You must consult your doctor to find out right timing, the duration and intensity of the light box therapy.

If you are inhabited in a place where the summers do have sunlight but winters are dull and cold, then when you first feel the approaching, you must start taking your therapy sessions. This will not only prevent you from losing the already present Vitamin D but it will also keep the levels maintained. However, you cannot just start the light box therapy sessions on your own. You need to consult your doctor to figure out the right time and the right schedule depending upon your need. Not only will you feel better with the maintained Vitamin D levels but you will also prevent Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD).

Mostly, the doctors suggest morning time for light box therapy session, where you can spend 20-30 minutes just for yourself, you can read a book, enjoy a cup of coffee or get the tasks done for your office.

What to expect while using light box therapy for increasing Vitamin D?

Light box therapy is wonderful for you in so many ways, as it helps you cope with depression, it helps you maintain a healthy sleep cycle and it also maintains the Vitamin D levels in your blood saving you from getting muscle pain and fatigue. No matter how wonderful does it sound, it can be slightly difficult to get used to the routine of light box therapy in the morning (if you have been suggested with morning time).

Sometimes, you may wake up and don’t feel like doing a therapy session, which is completely normal but the issue is that if you are not consistent with it then you will not be able to gain any of its benefits. So, the first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you are consistent with following the schedule designed by your doctor for you.

Secondly, it is possible that you might feel severe headaches the first few times you take the therapy session which is a normal side effect, you can discuss it with your doctor and he might alter the timing, duration or intensity of the therapy session. The alteration in the schedule will help you gain the benefits and it will help you get rid of the headaches.

Thirdly, if you are suffering from (SAD), you might still feel depressed or anxious even after the sessions or you might still get the muscle aches due to the lack of Vitamin D. This also means that the therapy is not quite yet working for you. Having a discussion with your physician will help you out with this.

Is it possible to get Vitamin D from tanning machines?

Tanning machines do emit light but they are designed for some other purpose. Their sole purpose is to provide skin tanning and not Vitamin D, so they will not be able to maintain the Vitamin D levels in your body. However, the light box machines are designed to produce 10,000 lux of light which has the ability to maintain the levels of Vitamin D. In case of a lack of bright light, you can opt for light boxes to attain it.

Can Vitamin D supplements be taken along with light box therapy?

Light box therapy is efficient in maintaining the Vitamin D levels in the body. People in areas which are dull and cold, have used light boxes to maintain the Vitamin D levels and to also prevent SAD. However, if someone has an extreme deficiency of Vitamin D, then they should consult with their doctor about whether they should take supplements, whether they should continue therapy or not. These decisions cannot be taken without consulting the doctor as only the doctor is aware of the prior medical history and the current medical situation of the patient.

Taking supplements or alternating it with supplement pills is recommended by the doctor so the doctor’s suggestion should be followed for this purpose because if the Vitamin d deficiency gets worse, it can cause pain and discomfort.

Light box, a source of Vitamin D for people with limited mobility

Even in summers or warmer days, people who have limited mobility are unable to go out in the sun and staying inside most of the time can cause a decline in the Vitamin D. Same goes for the elderly, with age, people start losing their strength and are unable to remain active and energetic as they were in their youth, due to this they also remain unexposed to sunlight most of the times. This lack of sunlight can lead to lower levels of Vitamin D which can eventually become a reason for muscle ache and fatigue.

To regain the Vitamin D, the people with limited mobility and the elderly, with consultation with their doctor can have a 20-30-minute light box therapy session every day. With this, these people will have a better sleep because the light box also helps in sleeping disorders, they will also be in a good mood and they will have maintained level of Vitamin D.

Considering the side effects, the elderly might have headaches due to the bright light limited by the light box, they can nausea too in some cases. However, it will get better with time, as they will incorporate these therapy sessions in to their daily lives. No relying on pills for sleeping disorders, depression and even Vitamin D. People with older age and limited mobility can have various other therapies along with light box therapy without any concern or worries. However, people who have skin related issues or have had skin cancer in the past should avoid this therapy.

In conclusion, light boxes are a healthy, cost-effective and a safe alternate to getting Vitamin D from the sun. Not only gaining Vitamin D, but people will be able to achieve other health benefits too.

Here is an inexpensive light box from Amazon which can help you relieve your problems.


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Does light box therapy work?

Does light box therapy work?

light therapy box

People, all around the globe suffer from numerous sleep disorders, such as circadian rhythm disorders.

These sleep disorders come with symptoms which can impact the day to day lifestyle and functioning of an individual, adversely.

Insomnia, irregular sleep and the desire to sleep during the day are some symptoms which people really want to avoid as they interfere in the daily life.

The light box therapy which is also known as phototherapy helps people to bring their sleep cycle back to normal and also helps them to slowly toss out depression that they may feel during the cold and cloudy seasons.

To help treat these disorders, the light box therapy comes in. To find out whether it really works or not, first we need to find out and understand that what it really is.

What is light box therapy?

light box device to cure insomnia and depression

A light box is an equipment which is fixed in a position, it emits light for light exposure, this light exposure to the eyes of an individual is basically the light box therapy.

A light box may be used independently by people but with the technology advancing day by day, this kind of therapy can also be attained through light therapy glasses.

light therapy glasses

The light box therapy is also known as phototherapy, to guarantee its effectiveness, your eyes must be exposed to this light. With the light box therapy, you don’t certainly have to look at the light but your eyes must be open for it to really work. It is essential for the light box to produce a standard wavelength of light. The light emitted during phototherapy can be full spectrum which means that it is white in color but also includes blue light, on the other hand, it can only produce blue light. Blue light is said to be really effective for circadian rhythm disorders.

What are the disorders that can be treated with light box therapy?

Circadian rhythm disorders come with a commonality, the disturbance of the biological clock of the body with the external time. The natural dark-light cycle of individuals gets messed up causing them to stay up all night and to sleep during the day.

There are several kinds of these common disorders which may include jet-lag, delayed sleep phase syndrome, advanced sleep phase syndrome and others. seasonal changes in the length of the days also cause Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which impacts the moods adversely.

The lightbox therapy or phototherapy has the ability to help fix these disorders so individuals can perform their daily chores without being extremely sleepy during the day and without being depressed.

Coming to the answer of the question, yes, the light box therapy does work because when the circadian rhythm is disturbed, people face difficulty in staying up and alert during the day.

Depending upon the time taken by each session, timing of the session, intensity of the light and type of the disorder that an individual might have the sleep cycles can be adjusted. It is a time taking process, results may take a little time to really be seen, however, disorders such as jet-lag, seasonal affective disorders, advanced sleep phase syndrome, delayed sleep phase syndrome and others can be treated through phototherapy. However, the physicians recommend a specific time, duration and intensity for a specific disorder.

By following the instructions, you will see that you are gradually getting better. Alert in the day and sleepy at night, no more being a night-owl. Even the sleep physicians recommend this therapy because it doesn’t have many side effects and is safe as compared to sleeping pills and other methods of treatment.

What steps make the therapy sessions really work?

  • 1) Getting the right light box or light therapy glasses

The first step that you need to follow is to get the right equipment. After consulting with your doctor, you need to know what disorder you have and for what purpose you are going for therapy. Once you know that, you can look at the different options available with the help of your doctor. Make sure you read the user’s manual properly and follow all the instructions.

  • 2) Being patient, once the therapy sessions start

The next step is to be patient and it is really important, when people feel that they don’t see any difference they stop taking the sessions and then lose the benefits. It is essential that you remain consistent and patient while taking the sessions. Don’t leave therapy in the middle thinking that it doesn’t work, it does work but it takes time. Some people might see the progress sooner and some people might have to wait for a long time to notice progress.

  • 3) Note the progress being made

If you are consistent, then you will certainly notice a different in your sleep cycle. To maintain the progress, make sure that you note it so that you can discuss it with your physician later. Also, if you feel that no progress is made then you also need to note that. This will help you in future treatment and the future adjustments that your doctor might make relating your disorder and your therapy sessions. Keep track of the progress will keep you consistent to take sessions as well.

  • 4) Keep consulting your doctor

Lastly, consulting with your doctor is as important as getting the sessions. Make sure that you stay in touch with your doctor when you start taking therapy sessions. Track the timing, the duration and even the progress to discuss with your doctor. There are patients who after being suggested a light box therapy, start the therapy on their own and then they are lost about the progress. It is possible that you may need adjustments with the intensity, duration or timing once you start the sessions, only your doctor can suggest you right schedule, duration and timing knowing your disorder and previous history. Adjusting these key components on your own doesn’t necessarily have to beneficial. So, make sure to follow up with your doctor and get help in case of emergency.

How to make light box therapy effective?

To achieve the effectiveness of the light box therapy, there are four key components that need to be kept in mind while taking the therapy sessions.

  • 1) Consistence

The first and the most important key component is the consistence. You can not adjust your sleep cycle or make your mood better with only a few therapy sessions here and there. You need to follow a proper schedule recommended by your sleep physician in order to achieve the best results and a notable difference in your sleep cycle and mood. Some people don’t follow the schedule and then complain that the therapy didn’t work for them. however, being consistent will definitely show you the effectiveness of this therapy.

  • 2) Intensity

Then comes intensity, the light box emits light in the intensity of lux, for different disorders you need different intensities. For Seasonal Affective Disorder you may need 10,000 lux of light during phototherapy. Now the important thing is that you have to be at a certain distance from the light for every disorder, for say, you have to be at least 16 inches away during your therapy session for seasonal affective disorder with 10,000 lux of light. You can get guidance about the intensity of light from your sleep physician to achieve the desired results.

  • 3) Duration

You certainly don’t want to sit near your light box for more than the suggested duration. The duration usually depends upon the intensity of the light. The higher the intensity the less time duration you have to spend around the light. The lower the intensity, the longer time duration will be taken by the therapy sessions. Light boxes come with different intensities of light; you need to consult your physician to guide you that how much of the intensity of phototherapy you need for your disorder. You can even have a look at the guideline manual, but its better to get advice from your doctor. Initially you may be suggested to take shorter session of therapy and then eventually you can increase the time.

  • 4) Timing

Some people usually neglect this key component and then they feel ineffectiveness of phototherapy. Timing is very important when it comes to various disorders. Your doctor is able to figure out the most suitable time for you for phototherapy. Mostly, people are suggested to take therapy sessions in the morning while some are suggested during the night. It completely depends upon the need of an individual which can vary from person to person.

Are the results visible?

After taking therapy sessions, you will start observing betterment in your sleep cycle.

There are a lot of people using the light therapy to alleviate the problem and I can recommend an inexpensive light therapy box which is available at amazon.

You will feel that your internal biological clock is coming back to its place, and the natural dark-light cycle is also being fixed. However, the results are not evident after a few sessions, for the results to be actually shown, you need to have consistence and patience. If you are not patient then you will not be able to achieve the effectiveness of the therapy.

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Can you do light therapy while pregnant?

Can you do light therapy while pregnant?

pregnant woman

Pregnancy is a precious yet difficult journey for a woman. A woman may go through high blood pressure levels, swollen feet, back aches, cramps, hypertension, gestational diabetes and so many other common conditions.

People usually neglect depression, but most women who are pregnant are depressed too. With all the hormonal imbalances that a woman may go through, it becomes very tricky to identify symptoms of depression in everything that is already going on.

Depression in pregnant women can be due to the chemical changes that are taking place in the brain or it can be due to the fear, stress, or anxiety a woman may have due to pregnancy.

What are the signs of depression in a pregnant woman?

Some of the signs of depression in a pregnant woman are as follow:

  • a) Lack of focus
  • b) Anxiety or feeling anxious at every other thing
  • c) Disturbed sleep cycle
  • d) Feeling unworthy
  • e) Lack of appetite or increased appetite

What things can trigger depression in pregnant women?

Depression in women has to have a trigger, it can be triggered due to some traumatic event that took place, hardships of life, problems in the relationship with partner or family, complications in pregnancy, loss of a child in the past and there could many other reasons.

Depression in a pregnant woman is a mix of some chemical changes and the trigger. Women can also get depressed by listening to other people’s life stories.

Many women do not pay much attention to depression in the earlier stages and then it becomes a trouble in the later stages as complications are caused by it.

It is necessary for the women to have a safe and comfortable environment during their pregnancy so that the baby can develop properly by getting proper nutrition.

Is depression unhealthy for the mother and child?

If the depression remains untreated, then it can cause complications in the pregnancy which is dangerous for the mother and the child both. In extreme depression during pregnancy, the child can be born with birth defects because it will not be developed properly. Depression leads to a less careful behavior of the woman where she doesn’t take care of herself and the unborn baby. Lack of nutrition due to improper diet can lead to developmental problems in the child. When women are depressed during pregnancy, it is likely that there will be a shift in the eating habits. In both cases, where the woman is eating less or she is eating way too much, it is harmful for her health and the baby. Even if the baby is born healthy to a mother who was depressed during pregnancy, the baby will be less active, weak and less strong as compared to the babies born to mothers who were not depressed.

If a normal woman is depressed, the doctors would provide treatment through medication usually, using anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills.

However, during pregnancy, these pills are not safe for the health of the mother and her child. So, to prevent any complications or fatalities, it is necessary to treat the depression that a pregnant woman is suffering with, without any harmful medication.

What ways can be used for treatment of depression in pregnancy?

  • a) Psychotherapy

The pregnant woman suffering from depression can seek help from a psychotherapist while discussing her problems to give her mental peace and to ensure her mental wellbeing so that the baby can be born in good health. The therapists take various sessions in which they can talk to the patient in detail and try to lessen the intensity of depression. These counselling sessions can be very helpful but they may not be effective every time. This can be slightly difficult if the patient is not willing to go a psychotherapist, even if she is willing to go, she might not open up which can be troubling.

  • b) Support groups

The second option is going to support groups, the pregnant woman can go to support groups where she can meet women who are going through the same journey as of her. This will make her relaxed and allow her to share whatever resides in her heart. This activity will release her mental stress while protecting the baby from any developmental problems. The problem that might arise here is that when you are depressed you don’t want to meet new people, or you don’t want to make public appearances. This can be a hurdle in the way of woman as she might not want to go to support groups.

  • c) Light therapy

Lastly, a highly effective option for pregnant women to leave depression behind while taking care of the unborn child is use light therapy. After consulting with the doctor, the woman can start the light therapy. If the doctor suggests lower intensity in the start then she can even opt for light therapy glasses and if not then she can opt for a light box. Everyday at a certain time, the pregnant woman can sit nearby the light box where her eyes are exposed to the light being emitted from the light box. The light from the light box acts as an instant anti-depressant while helps relieves depression and stress. With consistent sessions of light therapy, the pregnant woman will eventually be free of depression.

Is light therapy safe for pregnant women?

The light boxes which are created for SAD are safe for pregnant woman as it filters out the UV rays making it completely safe, the light with the intensity of 7,000-10,000 lux is said to be beneficial in reducing the intensity of depression. However, the light boxes that are created for skin related issues must not be used as they will end up being harmful for the skin instead of being beneficial for the mother and baby. The light therapy is not only helpful for the mother in being stress free, having a regular sleep cycle but it is also completely safe for the fetus. However, any light therapy equipment that releases UV radiations will leave its adverse effects.

Women who are pregnant yet not depressed should still take light therapy sessions in the winters. In the winters, there is less exposure to sun which declines the Vitamin D level in the body. As winter arrives, pregnant women with consultation of their doctor can start using light therapy to ensure better sleep cycles, maintained Vitamin D levels and coping with depression.

Can pregnant women use light therapy for disturbed sleep cycles?

sleeping problems resulting in harmful medicines

In the later stages of pregnancy, women face insomnia and uncomfortable sleep at night due to the backache, hormonal imbalances and swollen feet. Some women also face delayed sleep phase syndrome during pregnancy as well. It becomes difficult for them to sleep early at night.

Sleeping pills are again not a good option because all the pills whether sleeping pills or anti-depressants, they have the ability to reach the placenta which can be harmful for both the baby and the mother. In this case, to fix the irregular sleep cycle, using light therapy is a suitable option.

With light therapy women will be able to get proper sleep, which will make them relaxed and hence it will keep the mommy and baby healthy.

Who should avoid light therapy?

As light therapy is healthy for pregnant women, elderly and all other people. So, who should avoid light therapy and what are the situations in which you should stay away from light therapy? Well, the doctors suggest that people who have lupus, they must avoid light therapy, as they are taking a variety of drugs so we never know what reaction takes place. In this case, people with lupus should avoid light therapy.

Secondly, people who have skin cancer, or have had skin cancer they should definitely say away from light therapy. Also, if you have any skin condition, then you must consult with your doctor before you start light therapy because it is possible that it might not be beneficial for you.

Thirdly, people who are taking any kind of medication for any disease or condition, they need to figure out whether the light therapy is helpful for them or not through their doctor. People who are on any sort of medication should never start light therapy without discussing it with their doctor first.

As far as pregnant women are concerned, light therapy is safe for them. It will help in maintaining Vitamin D levels, it will also allow them to sleep better at night and most importantly, it will reduce depression.

Women residing in cold areas can use light therapy to prevent SAD, due to this, they will have a happy and comfortable pregnancy unlike women who are depressed and tired of muscle aches.

However, it is essential that the pregnant women consult their doctors before taking any supplement, any home remedy, any therapy or any other kind of treatment. Consulting with your doctor will let you have a comfortable yet stress free time while you are pregnant.

Does Light Therapy Help Depression?

Does Light Therapy Help Depression?

woman in depression

Depression is a depressive disorder which is a combination of sad feelings and lost interest in different activities (Source) which deteriorates the physical and mental well being of an individual.

Depression can adversely affect the thinking, acting, and doing of individuals. It can lead to inefficiency of an individual, causes a lack of confidence, causes a feeling of being tired and alone, and can even disturb the sleep cycles. Depression overall negatively impacts the personality of an individual. ( Source )

What are the symptoms associated with depression?

Some symptoms which people suffering depression might show are as follows:

  • Lack of appetite or an increase an appetite
  • Losing or gaining weight
  • Difficulty interacting or conversing with people
  • Difficulty in making public appearances
  • Lack of concern
  • Lack of focus and concentration
  • Messed up sleep cycle
  • Lack of physical activity and lethargy
  • Feeling of being unworthy

How does light therapy help with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a depression (Source) that comes with fall or winter, the cold and cloudy weather with a lack of bright light causes people to be depressed.

Light box therapy of photo therapy is known to be effective for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) because the light emitted through the light box acts as an instant anti-depressant.

Instead of taking anti-depressant pills, people opt for light box therapy because it has fewer side effects and is very effective. Anti-depressant pills can have so many side effects such as constipation, insomnia, dry mouth, blurred vision, increased appetite and gaining of weight, on the contrary, the light box therapy is safer and cost effective.

Sitting a few feet away from the light box while working or doing any other chore will have the same effects as the anti-depressant pills. So, you can give around 20-30 minutes to light box therapy each day to achieve better results than the anti-depressant pills.

The doctor may recommend a specific a timing, a specific duration and a specific intensity of light during a light box therapy session for the individuals suffering from depression. As the light emitted from the light box acts as an anti-depressant, it will make the individual feel better during the winter time. It also has to do with the longevity of the days, during the long summer days people feel energetic and active while they feel highly low in the short winter time. Also, the light therapy can help people take a lower dose of anti-depressant pills if they are already taking some.

What kind of light box should be used for treating SAD?

There are two different types of light boxes, one kind of light box is used for treating skin conditions while the other is used to treat depression or any sleep disorders. However, it is quite possible for people to confuse between the two.

The major difference is that the light box designed for treating skin related diseases emits (UV) lights while the light box that is used for treating depression or sleep disorders filters out the (UV) light so the eyes of the user can be protected from damage. Since, the light emitted from the light box for depression reaches the eyes of the people, so it is essential that it filters out the (UV) light.

How does light box therapy treat people with nonseasonal depression?

As we talked earlier that people have depression in the short winter days due to a lack of daylight, they feel low and unenergetic, which can be treated gradually with the help of light box therapy. Similarly, there are people who are suffering nonseasonal depression and there are many types of it. So many different reasons cause this nonseasonal depression.

Some common subtypes of nonseasonal depression include postnatal depression, bi-polar depression, premenstrual depression and so many others. Even for these subtypes of depression, the light box therapy acts as an anti-depressant and is cost-effective.

Patients just have to make a onetime investment instead of spending heft amounts of many on a variety of different pills.

In order to treat nonseasonal tradition, the same procedure is followed. People spend a specific amount of time near the light box where they need to have their eyes open so that the light can reach their eyes.

The timing of the session is usually scheduled in the morning when people wake up, however, it can vary from person to person depending upon the need and the doctor’s advice. Similarly, the duration of the sessions along with the intensity is advised by the doctor depending upon the type of the depression.

The sessions may start with a shorter duration and can lead to a longer duration, it can happen in the opposite way too, the doctor may suggest a longer duration and then the sessions can lead to shorter duration depending upon the need.

Are abnormal circadian rhythms related to depression?

Yes, it is observed that circadian rhythms which are sleep disorders including delayed sleep phase syndrome, advanced sleep phase syndrome, shift-work sleep disorder, jet-lag and other sleep disorders are linked with depression.

These disorders are linked with Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD) and nonseasonal depression both, when people are depressed, their physical and mental well being is disturbed. It also disturbs their sleep cycles, overthinking, feeling of guilt, feeling of being unworthy keeps the people awake during most the time of the day as they are mentally disturbed which also disturbs them physically.

Not getting proper sleep also messes up the hormonal balance in the body causing more problems. It is likely that people who are depressed whether due to SAD or due to any other subtype of nonseasonal depression will have an irregular sleep cycle.

People who suffer from insomnia or other sleep orders may have depression and depression can be the cause of these sleep disorders.

However, this can be treated with lightbox therapy, by taking consistent therapy sessions. People with depression complain about irregular sleep cycles, they also feel the need to sleep during the day while they face difficulty sleeping at night. So, depression whether it is SAD or nonseasonal can be related to abnormal circadian rhythms. In both cases, the therapy is helpful, for depression it acts as an anti-depressant and for irregular sleep cycles, it interferes to fix the biological clock.

Can people with old age benefit from light box therapy?

People of older age groups also deal with depression whether it is SAD or nonseasonal depression. They may also suffer with abnormal circadian rhythms, so, to get treatment for these, instead of taking pills and other complex treatments, people belonging from old age groups can also benefit from light box therapy. They also need to follow the following steps in order to keep the effectiveness of the therapy in check.

The people belonging for older age must also get the light box with the advice of the doctor, the light boxes come in different intensities so they should get the one with the right intensity. Also, if they require lower intensity of light, instead of a light box, they can opt of light therapy glasses. Doctors can suggest the right equipment according to the need of the person. If the person is suffering from depression, the therapy will allow him to take a lower dose of the anti-depressant pills.

  • b) Tracking of the timing and duration

People with an older age also need to track the timing and the duration of the session that they are taking. They should consistently take the session on the recommended timing by their physician to attain the best possible results. Also, they must not increase the suggested duration on their own.

  • c) Noting risks or side effects

Anti-depressant pills, tranquilizers or sleep pills have greater adverse effects as compared to a light box. However, the lightbox also has some risks including eyestrain, nausea, headache and mania if the person is suffering from bipolar depression. People with older age are more likely to feel any of these effects as they have lesser strength, in case any of these risks or side effects are felt, the patients must consult the doctor right away to prevent any damage.

  • d) Consultation with the doctor

The doctor must be consulted at all steps of the light box therapy. When you get the equipment, when you start taking the sessions or when you plan on stopping the therapy sessions. All of these steps should be taken under the guidance of the doctor.

In conclusion, people can suffer from a variety of disorders, whether sleep orders such as abnormal circadian rhythms or Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD).

People can also suffer from nonseasonal depression. However, the light box therapy is helpful in both ways, whether it helps in fixing the sleep cycle or whether it becomes an anti-depressant for people suffering from depression.

To achieve the effectiveness of the light box therapy, the timing of the session, the duration and intensity must be followed according to the schedule provided by the physician.

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How does red light therapy work for weight loss?

How does red light therapy work for weight loss?

weight loss goal

Red light therapy is a non-invasive way of removing the unwanted fat from your body (Source), it gives you the perfect body shape and gets rid of obesity. People change their diets to get the desired results but losing fat by changing diet is slow and time taking process. The results take a lot of time to show a visible difference however, red light therapy is a safe and natural way of getting the wanted results in much less time.

Being overweight is generally unhealthy for your body, people who are obese have a greater chance of getting cardiac failures (Source), stroke, hypertension, diabetes and so many other diseases. So why not look all young and fit while being healthy as well. Start with a few sessions of red-light therapy and you will be shocked to witness the amazing results.

What is red light therapy?

infrared light spectrum

A device is created which emits safe yet concentrated light which when hits the skin cells, stimulate their energy production. The energy packets known as Adenosine Triphosphate (ATPs) are stimulated through the red light and the fat which is stored in the cells is released. It not only stimulates the energy production but it also makes an impact on the hunger levels of the people. The red light has the ability to control hunger hormones which prevents the fat from depositing.

Impact of red-light therapy on cellulite:

Women of all ages who gain weight get cellulite as well. cellulite removal can be tough, women have been exercising for quite a while to remove cellulite however they have not been successful in removing the cellulite completely. However, women who exercise and get red light therapy done have seen notable differences.

Impact of red-light therapy on body sculpting:

A lot of females around the world look up to fashion models and they intend to achieve a body which looks great in the mirror, just like models. Exercising and diet is solely not enough to achieve the “contoured” effect that women have been desiring. Many surgical and cosmetic treatments were adopted to get the sculpted look but eventually they showed terrible side effects. The red-light therapy has been able to give women a perfectly contoured body with safe and non-invasive ways.

Fat loss on stubborn areas:

before and after pictures using red light therapy on face

Losing fat in some areas of the body can be very difficult, no matter how much you work out, no matter how many salads you eat, no matter how much you run, it just doesn’t go away. However, red light therapy is being used to get rid of the stubborn fat from areas such as the belly and thighs. The thighs have looked tighter and the skin looks firmer, while the fat from belly is lost and the people can get the flat belly they always wished for.

Can red light therapy be done at home?

before and after images after using red light therapy

There are so many methods of fat loss, some include extreme diets, some include extreme exercise, some require surgery, some require you to take pills, some require you to drink teas but none of them give you the end result without causing any side effects.

Also, to get these treatments done, you have to a surgical clinic, a spa or a gym.

Even after spending so much money, you are unable to get the perfectly sculpted look. However, with the red-light therapy, you don’t have to go anywhere, you don’t have to expose your secret to anyone.

You can just stay at home and use the device on different parts of your body to get the perfectly sculpted body. The astonishing thing is that it is completely safe, non-invasive and easy. You don’t have to give hefty amounts of money for surgery or for other weight loss plans. You can do it all on your own and get the results that you dream about.

All you need to do it that you need to take some time out everyday for a specific portion of your body and then use the red light on your skin through the device. Eventually you will start noticing the difference.

Is the red-light therapy helpful for scars?

before and after picture on light therapy for face

The red-light therapy is very versatile, it not only focuses on weight loss but it also aims at removing any scars, cellulite, eczema or wrinkles that you might have.

As you age, you start noticing wrinkles on your body and there is no harmless way of getting rid of them. The wrinkle removing creams cause damage to the skin so instead of opting for those, you can use the red-light therapy to achieve a firm, elastic and younger looking skin as well.

Does the red-light therapy have any negative impacts?

Quite a few people have used the red-light therapy to lose weight and cellulite and they didn’t have any negative comments about it. Red-light therapy stimulates the cells to release fat from the cells. This process leaves the skin firm and restores the elasticity of skin. It gives an opportunity to people to look youthful one more time. As people age, they start taking care of themselves and their skin becomes wrinkly, however, this therapy will give them the skin that they once had and the body they always dreamed of.

Benefits of red-light therapy:

The benefits of the red-light therapy are as follows:

a) Safe and non-invasive

The first thing any person is concerned about before getting any treatment is the safety of it. In the whole world, people are witnessing horrible side effects of various surgeries which went wrong. Instead of providing the promised results, people have gotten worse with the side effects. So, the best thing about this therapy is that it safe, you don’t have to worry about something happening to your body later. Some surgical methods do get rid of all the fat but just for a short period of time. By using the red-light therapy, you will notice an instant difference.

b) Reduces appetite

The red-light therapy not only reduces fat but it also makes an impact on the appetite of the person. Hunger has a very important connection with fat. The unhealthier you eat; the more fat will be deposited. After getting the therapy done, it will reduce your appetite with which you will eat less and less fat will be deposited in the future. So, instead of investing into expensive weight loss teas, or pills, invest into red-light therapy to be physically fit and confident.

c) Weight loss in less time

People work so hard to lose weight, to get the desired body shape but the trouble is that it is not easy to lose weight. Losing weight with diet and exercise can take years and by that time, people start feeling demotivated. So, they don’t work hard any more, become obese and get fatal diseases. However, with red light therapy, it is an easy process, you take red light therapy sessions along with your daily exercise and you will end being super surprised by looking at yourself in the mirror. This therapy allows you to give you a reduced waistline. Also, it will give you an opportunity to shop for new clothes because you will be too skinny for your old clothes.

d) Keeps the person energetic

Red-light therapy is not all about promoting a skinny body, it’s about being healthy and being without fat deposits. Fat deposition is the sole reason for weight gain, irregular shape of the body, lethargy and even fatal diseases. Once you remove this stubborn bad boy from your body, you will feel like a new person. You will feel a notable difference in your own behavior. Running, walking around 3,4 blocks will not be a problem for you anymore. To make sure that you stay slim and skinny, you will exercise more and will remain energetic.

e) No side effects

There are many ways of weight loss and each one of them have been known for a side effect. People get more fat after getting surgical procedures done, some of them start losing hair, some feel that their skin is losing elasticity. However, red light therapy is nothing like it. It is completely safe process which gives you a fit body while maintaining your physical well being.

f) Bring your confidence back

After gaining weight, people lose their confidence. They feel that they are not good enough anymore, which is not true.

But with the red-light therapy, people can lose weight and go back to their actual weight. This will make them feel healthier and more confident about themselves.

In conclusion, obesity, greater fat in the body can be unhealthy for people.

It will make them lethargic, less energetic and prone to fatal diseases. Whereas, the red-light therapy comes in as a method of reducing weight, getting rid of unwanted fats from the body, reducing cellulite and even getting rid of the wrinkles. It not only gives you the perfect body shape, youthful skin, healthy body and energy with being invasive or causing any side effects.

What Is Blue Light Therapy for Acne?

What Is Blue Light Therapy for Acne?

blue light therapy for the face

Are you worried about acne problems?

face full of acne

Everybody once in a while faces problems with acne. Acne appear in the face particularly in the teenage years when there are hormonal changes. The hormones work together with the fats and bacteria on the skin to form acne.

You might consider using blue light therapy to treat acne troubles.

What causes acne on the skin?

At first, you need to learn how acne is formed, to understand how to get rid of them. Acne is formed with the presence of a male hormone called androgenic. The hormone combined with bacteria on the skin and fatty acids forms acne. Fatty acids come from the fat glands under the skin.

Hence, acne is formed in main areas where fat is stored. Such as face, shoulders, chest, back, etc.

What is blue light therapy?

blue light therapy for face

Blue light therapy is used as a skin treatment for improved skin health. When there is an acne breakout blue light therapy is used to keep the breakout in control.

On the application of blue light to the skin, the light wave enters the skin pores and kills bacteria. Blue light wavelength is harmful to bacteria, and so it cannot form acne anymore.

If the skin is exposed to blue light, the absence of bacteria reduces the chances of acne.

Another benefit to blue light therapy is that it removes oxidizing radicals from your face. These radicals cause aging of the skin. Hence, making your skin look better and younger.

How effective is blue light therapy for acne?

When blue light therapy is applied to the skin, it kills bacteria from the skin. Along with that the heat from the therapy reduces the oil glands of the skin. Hence, the skin has fewer bacteria and less fatty acid to form acne.

Although blue light therapy manages to reduce acne from the skin, many people who do not like the results. They want something that effectively removes acne from their skin.

Sometimes blue light therapy is used with oral drugs to improve skin health. But even after that, the result does not show a marvelous improvement in skin appearance.

So, many people might think of alternative ways to treat acne problems other than blue light therapy.

Does Blue light therapy leave acne scars?

No, blue light therapy does not leave acne scars. But it sometimes it can leave moles and blisters. Both of the effects are temporary and will go away with time.

Does blue light therapy work for acne?

Yes, blue light therapy works as a treatment for acne, but only when the acne outbreak is mild. Since it is a natural process to kill bacteria and stop causing more acne, you cannot expect a clean, smooth skin after the therapy.

Most people expect the skin state that is not achieved by blue light therapy.

When acne is treated with blue light therapy, the skin is exposed to blue light for a short time. This can be for four weeks when the blue light is used regularly on the skin. It can be used eight times for fifteen to thirty minutes.

The results are noticeable in two weeks to four weeks after the treatment. You have to remember, blue light stops more acne formations rather than reducing the acne itself. So, it prevents acne on the skin rather than remove the acne that has already grown there.

Is blue light therapy safe for acne?

Blue light therapy is safe for acne treatment. There are people who have sensitive skin, blue light would be a good option in treating this acne and kills the bacteria so that future problems will not occur anymore.

In addition to that, there is oral medicine for getting rid of acne. There are medicines which can be taken in conjunction with the blue light therapy. So, you might want to take a blue light therapy for acne. But the main problem is the long effects when you are taking prescription drugs.

Unlike using the blue light therapy which is non-invasive and there are numerous devices which can use to maintain your skin at home.

Benefits of blue light therapy

The therapy is preferred cause it does not have any serious side effects. It can be applied in the home, blue light therapy devices are available in the market. You don’t need to be an expert to apply them on your skin. It prevents acne outburst. The medicines for treating acne might be cheaper but they also have side effects. Might be cheaper but there are always side effects taking medicines.

Blue light therapy might be a good way to treat acne problems. But it also has some side effect that you need to consider.

If blue light therapy is applied to babies than it might cause the bronze baby syndrome. In this effect, the baby’s skin and urine turn into a greyish brown color, due to exposure to blue light.

The syndrome continues during the time of blue light therapy, and once the therapy application is over the symptoms fade away as well.

Sometime blisters might also occur in babies due to blue light therapy. Of course, you should not use blue light therapy for babies and infants since they are very susceptible to any form of medicine of prescription drugs.

Blue light therapy can cause headache in some patients. It happens rarely.

If the blue light is used in some newborn, many moles might occur on the skin of the newborn. It only sometimes happens and needs to be looked out for.

Blue light exposure can cause some skin pigmentation. However, it disappears after the treatment is stopped.

When blue light therapy is applied, the eyes must be protected carefully. It can cause retinal damage. Even after wearing eye protection, sometimes the light reaches the eye and cause side effects. If the blue light influences different types of pigmentation somehow, then it can cause long term outcomes.

However, most of the side effects discussed are temporary and will wear away with time.

Please check the link on using light therapy for skin reviews

Light therapies for skin treatment do not cause harm. Although they are costly they don’t have severe side effects. They prevent acne by killing bacteria on your skin. So, it helps to clean up your skin in the process.

People who are under skin medication might not be able to use blue light therapy.

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Red Light Wavelength for Health

Red Light Wavelength for Health

red light therapy

Are you aware of red light wavelengths?

The idea of using light for health benefit has been used for ages. In the past, light therapy was used by many civilizations to improve health. It was determined back then that light keeps our body healthy.

Now clinical researches are carried out to find out about them in depths. In the light spectrum, there are different colors of light from red to blue.

Each color of light has a different wavelength. The colors are separated in a spectrum due to their speed and wavelength. It seems that different wavelength has a different effect on our health.

infrared light spectrum

The red light wavelength is the smallest wavelength in the light spectrum. The light wavelengths stand in between ultraviolet and infrared. Infrared wave is the closest to red light. Along with red light, it also has some positive effects on us, if used wisely. Red light wavelengths When sun rays enter the atmosphere it carries energy in many sorts of wavelength. Some of the wavelengths are useful to us while others can damage cells. The wavelength that ranges from 650nm to 850nm can improve our health.

One of those wavelengths is the red light wavelength. It is because of the useful effects they are used in therapeutic treatment. When the red light is taken by our body, it helps the cells carry out its functions. So, more energy is produced in the body, that aids in healing activities.

Red light energy is carried in various wavelengths. The wavelengths of 620nm to 700nm belongs to the red light family. All the red light wavelengths have a good outcome on your body.

However, some wavelength is stronger than others. The wavelength that is between 630nm to 680nm its powerful effects on the body.

Why red light is beneficial to us?

Red light wavelength has a positive effect on the human body. When we go outdoors, we feel good because our body absorbs red light from the sun. The sunray wavelengths have red light present in them.

The red light wavelengths enter our body and it activates our cells. Energy from the wavelength is absorbed by the cells and increases cellular activities. So, our cells function properly.

Mitochondria in the nucleus release more energy. The additional energy is used in cell multiplication. This means healing and rejuvenation of the body.

How red light is applied to the body?

red light therapy device

Although red light is good for the body, you cannot go out into the sun and soak all the red light you want. Sun rays come with many other wavelengths that are harmful to you.

One of them is UV rays, which is can cause skin cancer. To get rid of this problem, red lights are emitted artificially for therapy.

This is done with platinum LED and therapy lights. When the red light is emitted with the artificial process, there is no UV light or other harmful wavelengths. Your skin will only receive the red light that your body rejoices.

Other than wavelength that serves cancerous growth, there are also wavelengths promote premature aging. Using artificial method saves you from all those threats that come with sunlight.

Additionally, you can choose which wavelength of red light you want to apply to your body. Whether you want the powerful red light or the mild one, you can select whichever you want.

Red light therapy combined with infrared therapy has many variations in wavelength. The variations differentiate them into many types of red light therapy. Such as:

  • Cold laser therapy
  • Low power laser therapy
  • Photonic stimulation
  • Biostimulation
  • Soft laser therapy
  • Photobiomodulation
  • low-level light therapy

All types of therapy, improve your health condition.

How red light therapy works?

When red light therapy is applied to a person, inside our cells there are substances called chromophores.

Chromophores are found inside the mitochondria of our cell, which is responsible to produce energy. The chromophores absorb photons from the red light and infrared radiations.

When it does, adenosine triphosphate is released by the mitochondria. This is energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate. In this case, more oxygen is taken to produce more energy and release it into the body.

After the process mentioned above, the energy is used in making elastin and collagen. Both of these help in cell regeneration. It’s not like the process would not occur without a red light.

But with the help of red light therapy, the process occurs faster, and produce more energy in a natural way. Hence, red light therapy has no side effects. The only possible harm it can do is burn your skin to overexposure of light heat.

How red light therapy improves health and mental conditions?

Along with red light therapy helping with health, it also helps to improve mental conditions. To understand how it helps, you will need to understand what happens inside our cells in stressful conditions.

In stressful conditions, our mitochondria release nitric oxide. When nitric oxide is present inside the cells, it inhibits oxygen consumption. In turn, it eventually affects the production of ATP which is very important for us. If this continues the cells might die, which is bad for our health.

When red light therapy is used the photons absorbed by the cells continue the process of consuming oxygen. So, ATP production works well and carried out cell divisions.

Resulting in an improved mental state for the one receiving red light therapy.

When it comes to stimulating the mitochondria, red light has the wavelength that can penetrate through the skin and activate it to enhance your health.

Red light therapy benefits both our mind and body. One of the best reasons for choosing a red light therapy is that naturally influences your body to improve your health condition.

The entire process is natural, hence there is no side effect to the red light therapy. There are other types of light therapy that influences your body.

But only the red light wavelengths are able to penetrate your skin and improve influence the cells of the body. So, you will remain healthy and active as you absorb more energy from the red light wavelengths.

before and after light therapy



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What does red light therapy do?

What does red light therapy do?

what does light therapy do?

A commercially growing therapeutic technique, red light therapy is being increasing adopted by salons and aestheticians across the West. Red light therapy in simple terms uses the low level wavelengths of red light to treat several minor and major diseases, including both physical and mental.

Red light therapy has a biochemical effect on the body which energizes the cells, effectively helping in better functioning of the immune system. The method aims to stimulate the cells to work in a more effective manner and develop the deficiencies by exposing them to natural light.

The result of which can be see in the form of portable devices and clinics that have come up which use red light therapy as tool to cure several illnesses.

History of red light therapy

red light therapy panel

The use of heliotherapy has been in practice for several centuries. There are records in Indian medical literature which talk about using natural sunlight in combination with herbs to treat skin diseases. Chinese and Buddhist literature to have similar accounts.

This shows the ancient significance of the use of light therapy. The very first light therapy was developed by Niels Finsen, a citizen of Faroe Islanders to treat lupus vulgaris, a skin infection. He made application of short wavelength light to treat the disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, a kind of bacteria.

infrared light spectrum to skin

He is considered father of phototherapy in the modern age for developing the first source of artificial light. Niels bagged the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1903. After his discovery, light therapy was used extensively in treating several diseases in the UK, from late nineteenth century to early twenty century.

What does red light therapy do?

Right light therapy is a natural light and is easily able to penetrate the skin surface without causing any harm. The primary use of red light therapy in clinical treatments is to increase the energy content of mitochondria. It creates a biochemical effect on the cells which help in curing the diseases.

blood vessel dilate when using light therapy which is very good for blood circulation

This enables the mitochondria present in the cells to create a compound called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This compound helps the cells to function more efficiently, enabling the cells to repair the damaged parts at a faster pace.

Red light therapy promises to cure several skin diseases, joint pain, arthritis, trauma and depression. Red light therapy or RLT is also known by the names low level light therapy (LLLT), photobiomodulation and soft laser therapy.

Areas of applications

Apart from skin diseases, red light therapy is also used to treat retinal conditions and sleep disorders. The benefits of light therapy is undisputed and proven. There are several organisations and institutes that are funding studies to find further concrete results on the effectiveness of light therapy.

That said, there is still wide scale adoption of red light therapy for treating several ailments. Let us look at some of the diseases that can be cured and unearth the answer to the question – what does red light therapy do?

Skin conditions

before and after red light therapy to skin

Red light therapy is widely believed to provide cure to a wide range of skin conditions. The treatment involves exposing the skin to a controlled bandwidth of natural light. The light emitted by red light therapy is able to penetrate the skin layer to a depth of 5 millimetres and charge the cells up.

Light therapy is considered one of the best methods for treatment of innumerable skin disorders. These include psoriasis, atopic dematitis, acne vulgaris and vitiligo. American Cancer society even states that light therapy has the potential to cure specific kinds of skin cancer.

Pain and Inflammation

As we have learned, red light enhances activity in the lymph system. This leads to a positive result in treatment of inflammation and swelling. Red light therapy also helps in dealing with arthritis and joint pain. It has been proven through several researches and studies.

The benefit of red light therapy in the case of arthritis is that conventional medicines only offer a way to deal with the symptoms. However, studies have shown that the use of red light therapy offers a cure to arthritis by treating the cause at the cellular level.

Curing retinal conditions

Recent researches have shown that red light therapy offers a new avenue in the field of treating retinal conditions. These include diseases like amblyopia, methanol-induced retinal damage and Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy.

A study of small clinical trials observed that there were positive results in treating common retinal conditions like diabetic retinopathy, variations of retinitis pigmentosa, etc.

Low light therapy was even able to cure amblyopia in adults. This is a major breakthrough as amblyopia is considered to be untreatable after the elapse of the critical period (first decade of life).

Mood and sleep disorders

Seasonal affective disorder is a major disease in the developed nations. This is caused by the lack of exposure to natural sunlight. Red light therapy deals with SAD by making up for the lost sunlight exposure and fixing the internal clock mechanism of the body.

Red light therapy is also able to reduce the intensity of sleep disorder experienced by individuals suffering from Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer and chronic circadian rhythm sleep disorders (CSRD).

The most advantageous use of red light therapy is in the treatment of non-seasonal depression and allied mood disturbances. A study funded by Cochrane Collaboration, a British charity concluded that light therapy resulted in showing positive antidepressive effects on patients suffering from non-seasonal depression.


Red light therapy is considered a relatively safe technique for diagnostics of several diseases. The modern red light therapy has been in use since more than a century and the popularity is only going to grow over time.

The best part about light therapy is that the ease at which it can be administered. Unlike, other diagnostic methods like chemo therapy, surgery, etc., red light therapy does not damage the skin. This helps to provide a painless and smooth treatment.

In addition to this, there are many portable devices available which lets the user to take red light therapy, sitting right at their homes. The most celebrated part about RLT is that there are no side effects that have been observed so far.