Electric Heating Pad Shoulder

Heating Pad Shoulde

Introduction If you?re looking for a drug-free design for alleviating shoulder pain, ?shoulder pain heating pads and blanket are safe and effective. You can practice them at home, at the office, or if you travel often. It?s not incredible for shoulder pain comfort to help prevent tension headaches, so these heating pads or blanket have … Read more

Amethyst Bio-mat Mini


Biomat Mini Thanks to the technological advancements, you’ll be able to take advantage of the therapeutical benefits associated with Biomat in a less, more compact format with the Biomat Mini. The Biomat Mini offers the right same technology and benefits as the bigger Biomat. Besides, the other advantage of the Biomat Mini is far lighter … Read more

Amethyst Crystal Bio mat

negative ion mattress

What Is An Amethyst Biomat? The Biomat is an FDA licensed medical device that associate state of the art Far Infrared rays and Negative Ion technology with the healing energy of Amethyst Crystal. Biomat?s state-of-the-art technology relieves pain and enhances blood circulation. What Does Amethyst Do? alleviate Pain and Joint Stiffness curtail Stress and Fatigue … Read more

Amethyst Throw Pillow

Amethyst Throw Pillow

? A throw pillow, is a small, ornamental soft furnishing item build up from a broad area of textiles counting cotton, linen, silk, leather, microfibre, suede, chenille, and velvety. Throw pillows are a generally used piece in interior design and come in a broad variety of shapes, sizes and decorative aspect such as ridge and … Read more