EMF Blocking Phone Case: How It Works and Why You Need One

an EMF blocking phone case is a protective cover for your cellphone that contains materials designed to block or reduce the amount of electromagnetic radiation (EMF) that is emitted from your device. These cases are becoming increasingly popular with people who are concerned about the potential harmful effects of prolonged exposure to EMF radiation from … Read more

What is UT EMF?

UT EMF stands for University of Texas Electromagnetic Frequency. It refers to research conducted at the University of Texas to study the effects of electromagnetic fields on biological systems. This research seeks to understand how exposure to electromagnetic radiation affects health and the environment. The UT EMF group focuses on areas such as cellular biology, … Read more

EMF Fitness Kotara: Separating Fact from Fiction

EMF Fitness Kotara is a gym located in Kotara, a suburb of Newcastle, Australia. The gym offers a wide range of fitness classes and personal training services to individuals of all fitness levels. With state-of-the-art equipment and experienced trainers, EMF Fitness Kotara provides a welcoming and supportive environment for those looking to improve their health … Read more

Is EMF the Force in Newtons on Each Electron?

Electromotive force, also known as EMF, is a concept in physics that refers to the electric potential difference between two points in an electric circuit. It is often measured in volts and represents the force with which electrical charges are moved through the circuit. However, there is some misconception that EMF is the force in … Read more

Red Light Therapy Devices Produce Low Frequency EMF


Red Light Therapy Devices Produces very low frequency EMF that is totally safe You can find different types of Red Light Therapy devices, these electronic devices produce low frequency EMF which is not harmful for health. Scientific Research : The contents are in reference to http://www.bccdc.ca/resource-gallery/Documents/Guidelines and Forms/Guidelines and Manuals/EH/EH/Section7Final06062013.pdf Here is the excerpt from … Read more

Does Red Light Therapy Emit Radiation

infrared radiation

EMF – Is It Possible For Electrical Equipment to Have Electrons Flowing Without EMF Emissions? Are you aware that it is impossible for an electrical device to have electrons flowing without EMF?  That means it is not possible for a person to work or to use, a particular product without using a certain amount of … Read more