Blue And Red Light Therapy: 5 Killer Ways to Radiant Skin

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Blue And Red Light Therapy: 3 Killer Ways to Radiant Skin

blue light therapy on face killing bacteria

Acne can be a whole new experience for teenagers but they are not the only ones effected by it.

Adult acne is also something that is quite common and could be a nightmare to many. The very thought of it scares most since it could happen to anyone at any given point.

When acne comes to severe stages it causes permanent damage to the skin resulting in acne scars or marks.

Out breaks are common between ages 11-30 but can also affect other age categories.

Adult Pimples can be treated easily since there are several remedies using anti- bacterial or anti-inflammatory properties. However, acne scars are very hard to remove and can lead to permanent damage of skin cells.

While there isn?t any miracle pills or cream to prevent formation of acne over a night, dermatologists are constantly researching on various methods to reduce and prevent acne from occurring.

Acne is something that is happens throughout a lifetime and the best thing to do about is been constantly vigilant on current remedies and trends.

Adult acne is not a myth and something that should be regarded as important as acne during the teens. With proper treatment you can have a healthier and younger looking skin in a matter of months.

The reason behind acne

The main idea behind acne is both common on adults as well as teens. It?s the same process but occur due to different reasons. Our skin has various properties to keep our bodies healthy and fit and some of them are regulating temperature and removing off unwanted bacteria. Furthermore, our skin has tiny pores that are barely visible to the naked eye.

Every pore consists of a tiny follicle that is home to a strand of hair and an oil gland (commonly known in dermatology terms as sebaceous). These glands secretes the oil which travels up the strand exiting the pore and onto your skin.

red light therapy for skin diagram

The reason behind the secretion of the oil is to keep your skin moist, lubricated and soft. Even though this may seem an essential requirement in the cleansing process it is also the main reason in the causes of acne.

Once there is an excess amount of oil produced the pores become prone to bacterial infection and other harmful elements. And with time these pores start getting infected and pus grows underneath your skin damaging it. Leading to a zit or nodule.

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These are small lumps that are visible since they are an accumulation of pus and damaged blood vessels. If not treated with proper care it can lead to acne scars. Unlike your ordinary acne marks, scars are a permanent and is something that requires intense treatment.

The various types of Acne

Treating acne is very important and understanding the type of acne is important as well. In order to have a more effective treatment and better understanding we should identify the types of acne out there.

Distinguishing them are crucial in the healing process. A small spot or indentation are some signs of acne but they all have different characteristics. Acne are divided into 2 categories inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne which means acne which cause swelling and the ones that don?t cause swelling.


black heads occur when a pore is clogged due to a collection of sebum and dead skin cells. The characteristic black color is dues to the pore open on top and clogged at the bottom.

blackhead on face

Whiteheads ?

these are also formed due to the pores closing up all around. These are quite hard to remove since these pores are completely closed. A lot more treatment is needed to remove them.

whiteheads on face

Cyst ?

they are combination of many like bacteria, sebum and dead skin cells. These are the worst case scenarios when they are very deep and deeper than nodules. Since it?s so deep there is a high chance of acne scarring to occur.

cyst on face

Nodules ?

these are solid lumps that stay beneath the skin. Quite visible and similarly can cause irritation. They go much deeper and. these often occur when not treated for a long period.

scary nodules on face

Pustules ?

when the walls around the pores start breaking down nodules occur. They are bumps in the skin filled with pus and have a yellow feature.

pustules riddled on face

The reasons behind Adult acne.

There is no scientific evidence that provides sufficient proof of a proper age category for acne to occur.

That being said we must been constantly vigilant about it, but there are common reasons as to why Adult acne occurs. Even though these outbreaks happen mostly during the teenage phase recent studies show they can have a similar scenario during the adult phase as well.

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Commonly it?s believed that there are changes only between teenagers, and that can be the main cause of acne but ask a young adult and they will prove you wrong. True enough teenage hormonal changes can be the cause of acne outburst but studies indicate there are several other factors that trigger acne.

Stress can be the root for acne in most adults

Life depending decisions and choices are something of a package that comes once we become adults. Our free thinking time during teens dies away gradually. That said, these lead to a high amount of stress and with that several changes takes place in the body which leads to acne. For starters our adrenal gland secretes the stress hormone called cortisol, this helps the body dealing with stress but unfortunately a tiny bit of testosterone also secreted with it. Thus making the oil glands within the pore produce a lot more than required

Adult hormones

Just like the hormonal changes during teens these also affect once you are an adult. Fluctuating hormones which are common just before menstrual cycle are often the main cause within women. Once these hormones kick in androgen like testosterone the rest would be the formation of pimples, black heads and the list goes on


it may seem more likely to happen during teens but these affect also during adult hood. Dirt and dust from the city can be a main cause of acne and once you go to work on a regular basis it becomes the root cause behind your acne problems. Even sitting in your office space can lead to build up of bacteria. Studies show even air conditioned spaces consists of many bacteria that are quite harmful for your health

Using the wrong products

This is not mainly targeted to adults but there is a reason why choosing the right products are quite important. As we age so do our skin. And the best way to continue using beauty products is to make sure they are oil free and not too hard on the skin surface. The products may have been very useful during your teens but when its time make sure you get the one that suits your age.

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Too much of cleansing

Well it is a good habit to keep your face clean but over doing it can lead to micro damages and dry out your skin. Since the body identifies the lack of moisture within the skin it secretes more oil glands to compensate with it, as usual leading to acne. Further, scrubbing hard and trying to get nasty pores out are another reason behind it.

Sugar may not always be nice

Just as we are well aware teenagers and adults react differently in many given situation and the process of sugar has the similar effects. Since it increases the insulin levels studies show that these increases can lead to boosting the production of oils within your skin.

How Blue and Red light therapy can help people overcome acne?

blue and red light therapy session on face

If you are a person who is suffering from acne, and if you want to get a permanent solution for it, you need to go ahead with blue and red light therapy. This is offered to you with LED lights, which emit both blue and red colors accordingly.

Blue colored light is in a position to kill bacteria

which is responsible for the creation of acne. In other words, it can provide a great assistance to you with calming the irritation that causes acne.

On the other hand, blue colored light is also in a position to balance the production of sebum.

sebum on skin

This is done without drying your skin. Hence, you will be able to end up with the most impressive results at the end of the day.

Red light can stimulate the production of collagen in your skin.

red and blue light therapy device for skin problems

Therefore, it can reduce the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines. Along with that, the blemishes created by acne are also removed.

As you can see, if you can first use blue light therapy and then use red light therapy, you will be able to receive impressive results with overcoming the appearance of acne. You can get a lot of relief with this method.

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