Amethyst Bio mat Mini


Biomat Mini

Now you can enjoy the curative benefits of Biomat in a less, more compact format with the Biomat Mini. The Biomat Mini offers the correct same technology and benefits as the bigger Biomat. Plus, as an added benefit the Biomat Mini is much lighter and easy to carry everywhere.

Biomat Mini Far Infrared and Negative Ion cure

The Biomat Mini absorb far infrared and negative ion cure into a smaller and highly versatile mat. The absorb amethyst technology of the Biomat bear soothing and beneficial far infrared seven inches deep into the core of your body – proper where you need it.

Bring the amenity of Biomat anywhere in your home. While Biomat Professional is created to fit perfectly on a massage table, Biomat Mini is accomplished enough for use around the house. Use it on your chair, or place on the floor or a favorite couch for use in your spare time. The Biomat Mini is perfect for the off-duty health care specialist and home user alike. It’s also easy and intact for your children or pets to use.

Far infrared is excellent in soothing ongoing health threat such as chronic pain and inflammation, headaches and migraines, and insomnia. For a circle of uses, please see our Biomat audit page.

Take your Biomat Mini with you

The Biomat Mini offers a solid way to bring the healing energy of the Biomat with you wherever you go. Take it on holiday. Enjoy a Biomat period at work. It also fits perfectly on a spa or dental office couch so whatever your health career, your clients will be able to enjoy increased relaxation during their period.

The Biomat Mini comes with an available hard-sided plastic travel case. The mat itself weighs only 8.2 lbs, while the 17”x33” range means it is large enough to fully treat your full back in one period.

Mini Biomat quality

The Biomat is an FDA registered medical accessory that uses only the best materials and factor. Your Biomat Mini comes with a full three-year warranty on all parts and factor. The Biomat build a digital control panel that uses an advanced IC chip manufactured by Texas apparatus. Pure, superconducting amethyst, clear through Biomat Mini’s visible side panel covers the entire top exterior. There are also 17 rare players of technology that cover the semiconductor heating plate.

Biomat has been proven secure and effective by extensive 3rd party testing. It has undergone accurate FDA registration development and ISO certification. As well, the Korea Institute of far Infrared enforced Estimation has tested and proved the Biomat’s far infrared technology.


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