6 Reasons Why Amethyst Crystals Emit Infrared Light

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Can amethyst crystals emit infrared light

god Dionysus speculated that amethyst could in fact emit light.

Because of this speculation, a number of mine workers were dispatched to search for this purple gem, and none of them saw anything.

Some later came back convinced that they had found what they had been searching for, but others remained skeptical and learned that no such radiation had ever been emitted by amethyst crystals.

Regardless, this still does not answer the question, “can amethyst crystals emit light?” The next clue we have is this:

Amethyst crystals have an extremely high absorption rate of heat, which accounts for the violet color of this stone.

When a crystal reflects and absorbs energy, or has a near-surface layer of the metal, it will “bounce” this energy back into its surroundings.

However, it is only when a crystal is exposed to heat for long enough amounts of time that it actually radiates heat.

If there are no layers, then the crystal must be emitting radiant light.

If we were to look into this infrared mystery further, we would find that the amethyst, along with several other quartz crystals, actually contain carbon crystals which are also coated in a thin layer of silicon.

These carbon crystals will all convert the infrared light that hits them into visible light, and this infrared radiation has a frequency that can be easily absorbed by the quartz coating.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense that amethyst can emit infrared light and that we might find such gemstones in our day-to-day lives.


How Amethyst Absorbs Heat Energy and Disperse Into Infrared Light Waves

amethyst absorbs heat energy and disperse into infrared light waves
  • Amethyst is used for many purposes by both the ancient Egyptians and Greeks.
  • It was believed by the ancient Egyptians that amethyst can help in raising the body’s temperature, and that it will protect you from fiery stones such as the quartz.
  • It was also believed by the ancient Greeks that amethyst’s color has magical powers because of its beautiful purple color.
  • In fact, the ancient Greeks used amethyst to cast spells; if you boil amethyst in water, place it under a flame for some time, and then remove it, an individual who takes the tea will experience magical visions and feelings.
  • The boiling water causes the amethyst to release its color into the water, and the hot color in the water symbolizes the fire that the tea burns.
  • The use of amethyst in the ancient times has been attributed to the belief that it can produce a mind-body connection.

The belief is that as an amethyst reflects infrared light, it is able to penetrate the body and pick up information from it.

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By picking up this information, the amethyst can then affect the mind and therefore change its moods and beliefs.

This is why amethyst is sometimes recommended to those who want to change their mental health.

The color blue also helps the gemstone absorb light, which makes the amethyst one of the best colors for absorbing infrared energy.

Ancient people were the first to use the gemstone to cure certain diseases. It was used in the ancient times to treat epilepsy, eye problems, memory loss, and pain.

One of the benefits of amethyst to the human body is that it increases the amount of vitamin C that is distributed throughout the body. This helps prevent the onset of colds and flu.

People who wear amethyst jewelry are less likely to contract skin cancer, which is another common disease. Amethyst jewelry is often recommended for those who have a hard time relaxing, who experience high stress levels, and for women who are pregnant or nursing.

Amethyst Amplifies Heat Energy Into Far Infrared Rays

Amethyst gemstones can absorb heat energy in the far infrared rays, known as the “white light” spectrum. This absorption of heat energy by amethyst decreases the internal pressure within the gemstone, which increases the amount of radiant energy that is emitted from it. As a result, the gemstone’s translucency, color, cut, and overall appearance is greatly enhanced. Amethyst also has a unique property of being able to refract microwave radiation.

amethyst amplifies heat energy into far infrared
  • Far infrared rays are extremely useful for many scientific experiments and are particularly important for scientific imaging as they allow scientists to view very small objects and structures under the microscope.
  • The properties of amethyst make it particularly effective for infrared images of gemstones.
  • For example, amethyst allows the scientist to see minute bubbles and cavities that would otherwise not be visible to the human eye.
  • Because amethyst reflects infrared light completely, the bubble appears black.

Far infrared rays have a wavelength that lies between red and violet, which is why they are ideal for using in cancer research.

Researchers use amethyst in a variety of medical research related activities, including cancer treatment. Since amethyst also absorbs heat energy, it is used for skin tanning. Another valuable medical application of amethyst is for treating high blood pressure.

High blood pressure causes many health problems, and the reduced pressure brought about by amethyst helps to alleviate these problems.

Amethyst Heated With Electric Heating Power and Emits Far Infrared Rays – A Natural Treatment to Boost Energy

amethyst charged with electric heating power and emits far infrared rays

Amethyst, better known as the “stals of quartz” or “sparms of quartz” is one such green mineral that emits far-infrared rays under the spectrum of visible light.

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The crystals of amethyst also have a nearly transparent color, though their color can vary from near transparent to a slightly translucent pink.

Amethyst has been used by humans for centuries as a gemstone. Its healing properties are attributed to its ability to cure various physical ailments like headaches, colds, fevers, nausea, stress, insomnia, digestive disorders, eye problems, and vomiting.

Amethyst’s innate ability to cure these ailments along with its beautiful color have made it very popular as a gemstone.

In fact, amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones sold in the world. This is perhaps one of the reasons why amethyst charged with electric heating power and emits far-infrared rays are so highly sought after.

The powerful rays of this stone can aid the body in getting rid of various ailments that may have plagued us for many years.

There are several ways to purify your home environment using amethyst. For instance, you can place small pieces of amethyst on dark areas of the floor such as dark corners of rooms, hallways, and basements.

Another way of using amethyst is to place small pieces of amethyst on top of hot coals.

Amethyst charged with electric heating power and emits far-infrared rays is an exceptional aid in keeping any home or space fresh, clean, and safe.

Far Infrared Sauna Technology Using Amethyst and Other Stones

Far Infrared sauna technology is based on the principle that warm, far infrared radiation from an ionized water droplet evaporates into the air. The air is inhaled without a person ever knowing he/she was exposed. Far infrared radiation is much the same as visible and ultraviolet radiation. It has far more energy than visible light but less than gamma rays.

far infrared sauna technology uses amethyst and other stones for FIR

The infrared sauna technology that works best is one that does not use the traditional wood logs used in traditional saunas.

In these log saunas, the logs are heated and placed over a fire.

Amethyst is also included in some of the far infrared sauna technology that uses the principle of the stone emitting heat energy when it is crushed.

Amethyst has long been used in the world of saunas as well as other healing therapies because of its many abilities.

Many believe that it can help with blood circulation, alleviate anxiety, and promote a positive outlook on life. These are just a few of the many benefits of using saunas with amethyst.

Amethyst Can Heal Your Ill Health

amethyst charged by sunlight will also give off healing infrared heat

It has been said to help improve focus and memory, and can stimulate self-healing.

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Amethyst charged by sunlight will also give off healing infrared heat.

This can be used as a healing modality for improving circulation, speeding up recovery from injury, and promoting healthy bones.

  • Amethyst is considered to be a very strong healer of emotional and physical problems, and this has been used for thousands of years by the Egyptians and other cultures.
  • For this reason, amethyst can be used as an energy healer and protection.
  • One of the reasons it is so effective in these capacities is that it does not react negatively with other gemstones, including diamonds and other precious stones.
  • Many amethyst designs are also available in all colors of the rainbow, making it easy to match a particular color scheme.
  • Amethyst stones can be worn to protect the wearer’s eyes against harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun, and its soothing properties are also useful in helping to relieve stress.
  • Many people use amethyst for meditation or relaxation, and it can also be used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

Because of its affordability, many amethyst lovers choose to buy their gemstone in this way.

When you buy amethyst charged by sunlight will also give off healing infrared heat, you can be sure that you are getting a good quality stone that has been fully researched and that has high purity levels.

You can also buy a lower quality stone at a cheaper price, but you won’t get nearly the same effect because it will not have been fully analyzed and its makeup may be faulty. Buying your amethyst gemstone this way is a great way to make sure you are getting exactly what you want.

Amethyst Has the Properties of Bio-Resonance

Amethyst has the properties of bioresonance
  • Amethyst can be used to treat arthritis and rheumatism, and to alleviate muscle pain. It can also reduce anxiety and promote a feeling of well being.
  • Some users have reported having an increase in psychic ability and intuition.
  • There is even a type of amethyst called “omnia garnet”, which is recommended to help patients with sleeping problems.
  • People with epilepsy and glaucoma have also reported a calming effect from amethyst.
  • Because the purple color of amethyst closely resembles a diamond, it is often used to enhance eye color.
  • It may be best to avoid colored gemstones such as amethyst, however, if you suffer from any of these conditions. It should also be noted that this stone is sometimes incorrectly called “snow crystal” or “crystal emerald”.

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