6 Great Total Body Enhancement Alternatives That You Must Try

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Total Body Enhancement Alternative By LED Light Therapy Bed

When you use the Total Body Enhancement Alternative by LED Light Therapy Bed, you will feel a lot better than if you are just sitting around all day in bed, doing nothing at all.

Many people do not enjoy being in bed all day because they feel stiff and sore.

This can cause serious health problems over time.

However, with this total body enhancement alternative by LED light therapy Bed, you will be able to enjoy a great night’s sleep.

This will allow you to feel much more energetic throughout the day and get the sleep you need.

total body enhancement alternative by LED light therapy bed

This total body enhancement alternative by LED light therapy bed will help you get rid of your pain and soreness, as well as increase the blood flow throughout your body.

  • When your circulation is good, it allows your cells to transport the oxygen and nutrients throughout your cells. However, if you have poor circulation, it will limit the growth of new cells and make you feel more tired than you would like.
  • This will allow your body to eliminate swelling and pain in your muscles and joints.
  • You will also notice that you have better energy and you do not feel tired all of the time.

Total Body Enhancement Alternative by Ganbanyuko Stone Beds

total body enhancement alternative by ganbanyuko stone beds

Ganbanyobo healing benefits are due to the effect it has on your body’s ability to heal itself.

It increases your bodies circulation and enhances its activity in the elimination of toxins and wastes from the body.

It will also boost your immune system, allowing your cells to fight against any disease and infection.

It will make your digestive system work more efficiently and enable your liver and kidney to eliminate toxins from your body much faster.

This is an ancient health practice in Japan where people lie in hot stone bed and sweat it out. It generates internal body heat thereby increasing in blood circulation for the whole body.

It is a traditional Japanese sauna where the temperature reaches 42 degrees C. The stone bed is normally made from volcanic silica plates. The heat penetrates deep about 2 inches into body tissues which is great for both mind and body for healing.

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Total Body Enhancement Alternatives by Using a Whole Body Red Light Therapy Panel

The Total Body Enhancement Alternative by Red Light Whole Body Panel is an all natural, completely safe and easy to use.

This is actually a red light therapy panel large enough to cover your entire body and it is basically the same infrared red light therapy used in Planet Fitness total body enhancement machine.

The red light therapy panel does not rely on invasive or surgical methods, which means there is no need to see a surgeon or to spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery.

You can actually use this at the comfort of your home in case you do not have accessibility to going to Planet Fitness.

total body enhancement alternative by red light whole body panel

By using The Total Body Enhancement Alternative by Red Light Whole Body Panel, you will be able to take control of the way that your body looks and feels.

You will become aware of what you are doing each day and you will begin to feel healthier and fitter.

You will notice that your clothes are fitting better and your blood pressure is lower.

You will lose weight and you will gain muscle mass.

Your energy levels will increase and you will find that you are more motivated to workout each day and to really work hard and eat well. You will be able to enjoy the process and you will love the results.

Total Body Enhancement Alternative by Infrared Heat Mat

total body enhancement alternative by Infrared heating pad

The Total Body Enhancement Alternative by Infrared Thermo therapy is an infrared heat therapy for the total body.

  • The use of infrared heat for the total body is a fairly new idea but one that has been used in various forms of treatment for a very long time.
  • Heat is the most effective way to treat large parts of the body because it causes the cells of the tissues to react like little engines and to move quickly and efficiently.
  • This allows more blood and nutrients to reach the damaged areas of the body and the repair process can start much more quickly and more effectively.
  • The Total Body Enhancement Alternative by Infrared heating mat not only increases your overall health, but also your overall well being and makes you feel better than ever before.
  • The use of heat does not cause any damage to the body, but in the healing process it does increase circulation and reduces inflammation and swelling. This results in better healing and increased flexibility for the body.
  • In addition, the heat works with the natural healing process of the body by stimulating the lymphatic flow and increasing white blood cell formation.
  • When you combine this type of body enhancement alternative with other natural techniques you can experience much better results than you would from traditional treatments.
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While the total body heating pad is not going to be exactly as effective at treating your problems as a more conventional exercise routine, you will be amazed at some of the results you can achieve.

Total Body Enhancement Alternative by Using Red Light Therapy Devices For Portability In Accessing Hard to Reach Areas

There are many people looking for an effective total body enhancement alternative at home by using professional handheld red light therapy devices.

The idea behind this therapy is to increase blood circulation and energy levels throughout the body.

This method also targets specific parts of the body which have been proven to be more difficult to improve such as the breasts, buttocks, private parts and thighs.

For this reason, you should consult your doctor before starting any red light therapy at home.

total body enhancement alternative at home by using red light therapy

By using red light therapy devices you can target on areas that needs more healing such as:

  • Led Facial Mask
  • Led Wand
  • Red Light Thigh Wrap
  • Red Light Neck and Shoulder Wrap
  • Red Light Infrared Foot Slippers

You have to be very specific with this treatment, though.

  • There are certain spots that will work best and there are certain places that don’t, so you need to be very particular about this and if you have any doubts at all, you should not undergo the treatment.
  • I would look into would be in the upper thigh area of your back, between the top of your underwear and your calves.
  • This is an area that tends to weigh a lot, especially for people who are really overweight.
  • This will be a great treatment to use because the excess weight causes the muscles in this area to become less toned and to develop calluses.
  • This can be aesthetically pleasing as well as providing some instant results.
  • You may want to try would be in the lower abdomen area between your hips.
  • This part of the body seems to be one of the most responsive to any type of body toning or exercise.
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Using this body part for a portable red light therapy device can be quite effective and it does not take much money to undergo these treatments either, which is very important.

Total Body Enhancement Alternative by Red Light Tanning Bed

health benefits of red light therapy tanning beds in spa salons

There are numerous health benefits of red light therapy, also known as photo-sensitivity or phototoxic therapy.

In the most common application, a patient lies down on a tanning bed in tanning salons and that is fitted with a special unit that provides a controlled exposure to infrared red light wavelengths of light that are high enough not to cause pain but not bright enough to cause sunburn.

This type of red light therapy tanning beds procedure also has other health benefits.

  • It reduces wrinkles by preventing excessive skin dehydration, improves circulation of blood, minimizes age spots, reduces dark underarms and helps reduce skin pigmentation.
  • It also reduces stress, blood pressure, insomnia and anxiety.
  • It also promotes a sense of well-being and reduces depression.
  • When lying on a tanning bed, make sure that one’s body is exposed only to the infrared red light therapy.

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