5 Studies: Is Laser Therapy Good For Frozen Shoulder?

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How Do I Know If Laser Therapy Is Good For Frozen Shoulder?

Is laser therapy good for frozen shoulder

How do I know if laser therapy for frozen shoulder is worth it? If you are experiencing some stiffness, pain and limited range of motion with your shoulder, the answer is yes.

It is known that when the joint is injured, inflammation occurs, which can cause a loss of full motion of the joint as well as pain.

There are two types of therapy that can help you reduce some of this inflammation and that are steroid injections, and cryosurgery.

  • If your frozen shoulder has been hurting and the swelling is not improving, you may need to seek out a specialist.
  • A physical therapist or a trained massage therapist can work with your doctor to determine just the right plan of treatment.
  • They can prescribe anti-inflammatory medication and strengthen the affected area.
  • They will teach you how to stretch properly so that the muscles can be helped to relax and to increase flexibility in the shoulder.
  • The stretching will help to increase circulation and allow proper movement of the joint.
  • They can also recommend physical therapy to help correct any problems that are causing pain or stiffness.

So, how do I know if laser therapy is good for frozen shoulder? This is a good question and one that physicians face all of the time. While they don’t always have the answer, there are many people that are seeing great results with this form of treatment.

You want to make sure that you find a doctor that has years of experience treating these types of injuries, so that you feel confident in their care. Once you start to see some improvement, you can determine whether or not laser therapy is good for frozen shoulder.

Low Level Laser Therapy – Is It The Perfect Solution For Frozen Shoulder?

The cold laser therapy is a perfect solution for frozen shoulder

The cold laser therapy is one of the most popular treatment methods for frozen shoulder.

This type of therapy works by using an instrument that infrared deep penetrating wavelength of 650nm to 1000 nm which is targeted on the injured area and this helps in alleviating pain and stiffness from the joint.

The therapy has been around since the 1990s and is one of the best treatment options for patients who suffer from frozen shoulder. This therapy helps in increasing blood flow to the area and this helps in reducing pain and stiffness from the joint.

  • The cold laser therapy is also very effective in improving the joint mobility which is essential for patients who experience a lot of pain from their frozen shoulder.
  • The low level laser therapy works perfectly in targeting the damaged area and increasing the blood flow in the joint, which leads to better joint mobility.
  • This helps in improving the movement of the joint and patients are able to move their arm freely without any restrictions.
  • The therapy also targets the damaged muscles and tissues and improves the joint mobility, which helps in improving the function of the muscles and tissues that ultimately result in better posture and reduced pain.
  • This therapy can be used along with other forms of low level laser therapy like massage, physical therapy and exercises etc.
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This type of therapy is one of the best available options for patients who do not want to undergo surgery and who do not want to experience the complications that accompany such surgeries.

Cold laser therapy offers long-lasting relief from this condition.

How Does Laser Therapy Reduce Stiffness and Inflammation in the Joints?

laser therapy reduce stiffness and inflammation in the joints

Laser therapy for arthritis is one of the most effective treatments if you are suffering from pain and stiffness in the joints.

The therapy helps to reduce the pain in the joints by relaxing the muscle in the affected joint, increasing joint movement and stretching.

It also reduces swelling in the joint because it causes direct damage to the structures of the bones and cartilage in the affected joint.

When there is no motion in the joint, the bones remain unaltered and the cartilage will slowly deteriorate causing stiffness and pain.

However, when the laser therapy is used along with other methods of treatment, it can lead to faster reduction in the pain felt in the joints.

Arthritis sufferers all over the world have now found relief thanks to laser therapy.

Before this therapy was discovered, people suffering from arthritis had to bear the pain for very long hours due to the inflammation in the joints.

But with the help of new technology, laser therapy is now considered as the most effective form of treatment for arthritis.

The therapy targets only the arthritic joints and thus provides relief from stiffness and pain in just a few minutes.

Low Level Laser Therapy For Shoulder And Arm Joint Mobility

low level laser therapy shoulder joint and enhances joint mobility

Low level laser therapy is a new treatment that can be very beneficial for those who are suffering from pain from a rotator cuff injury, or other injuries to the shoulder and arms.

  • This type of therapy is great for those who need to work on their upper body strength, but do not want to deal with a possible nerve injury.
  • This treatment allows the patient to use their upper body without having to worry about possible nerve damage.
  • These injuries are usually caused by the inability of the person to use their shoulder properly.
  • A good massage or deep tissue massage will usually loosen up the area and make it easier for the body to move, but if a patient is not stretching properly then this can cause problems.
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The low level laser therapy works on the same basic principles as other types of therapies.

It relaxes the muscles and increases mobility through a targeted heat beam.

The heat produced does not burn or penetrate the skin so there is no danger of burns, sores, or scars.

Low level laser therapy is effective because it promotes blood flow and circulation in the targeted area.

Patients are encouraged to exercise on a regular basis, eat healthy, and get plenty of rest.

This will all help to keep the body and joints working at their peak efficiency.

Those who have been injured from a sports accident or a traumatic accident can also use low level laser therapy.

Those who have arthritis can benefit from low level laser therapy in combination with their regular medications to help control the pain.

This form of therapy is considered minimally invasive and non-invasive, making it appropriate for patients with minor problems.

Improving Circulation in the Shoulder

Low level laser (LLL) improving circulation in the shoulder offers a non-invasive, safe and effective treatment option for patients suffering from a myriad of problems caused by low levels of blood circulation.

With arthritis as one of the main causes of weak and fragile tissues, patients find it difficult to move or perform daily tasks without extreme pain and discomfort.

Laser technology offers a painless way of addressing these issues and is ideal for use in many other health issues.

Using lasers to stimulate the healing process within the body also enhances tissue repair and promotes healthy blood flow.

low level laser improving circulation enhances cellular repair in shoulder

Low level laser improving circulation in the shoulder improves cellular repair by improving collagen and elastin production in the affected areas, which reduce pain and decrease inflammation.

The body’s natural healing process also heals damaged cells much more quickly and efficiently than it can with medication.

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Collagen and elastin are the building blocks of connective tissue and when these two substances are not produced properly, it leads to an overall weakening of the patient’s body.

When the body has a low level of collagen and elastic fibers, it can easily break down and become easily injured.

This is why using lasers to improve circulation in the shoulder enhances cellular repair.

When used on a consistent basis, low level laser (LLL) improving circulation in the shoulder promotes and helps to promote the health of the surrounding tissues, thus improving function and relieving pain.

Some patients have experienced complete eradication of their shoulder pain after only one or two treatments.

If you or a loved one suffers from this debilitating condition, consider using this treatment to achieve better health today.

Discuss your medical history with your doctor and ask about potential risks and benefits of this treatment before schedule an appointment.

You may be pleasantly surprised to know that low level laser improving circulation in the shoulder is a real solution, a solution that is painlessly and effectively delivering long term results.

Is LLLT Plus Exercise Treats Frozen Shoulder Pain?

LLLT plus exercise eight weeks effective than exercise pain to four weeks

During this program, you are required to do a total body workout that is not as intensive as other programs but enough to give you results.

This will include running, walking, leg lifts, crunches and squats, all of which can burn a lot of calories without putting too much pressure on your joints.

There will be shoulder stretching exercises to alleviate joint issues.

What is more, it helps to improve your balance and core strength and this in turn makes you less prone to injuries.

While you are working out, this is done primarily by six repetitions of each of the exercises.

The six reps of each exercise will get you the maximum results.

As soon as you are done with a set, then you will not be allowed to do another set for about a few days. In order for the muscles and tissues to recover.

This will help you build up your muscles and you will feel the effects almost instantly. Long term results will definitely get rid of that frozen shoulder.

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