How Using An Infrared Heating Pad Before Bed Can Improve Your Sleep

Heat Therapy to Improve Blood Circulation and Reduce Muscle Tension

In addition to assisting patients in reducing stress, pain, fatigue, and muscle stiffness, heat therapy is an effective remedy for numerous medical conditions, including arthritis, back pain, insomnia, memory loss, and even flatulence.

It is generally used as an adjunct to other treatment modalities, or it can be used alone.

Regardless of how the therapy is administered, the patient’s attitude towards it should be positive.

That means that the person should be relaxed, with a calm demeanor, and a clear mind.

The intensity of the heat and the time of day when it is applied should also be considered carefully.

Infrared heating pads are designed to have a specific temperature and are measured in degrees Celsius.

  • In order to make the best use of this type of therapy, the pad should be applied using a specific angle.
  • At a certain temperature, a person will begin to feel some warmth and will feel more relaxed.
  • Patients should be advised that during the process of the therapy, the body’s temperature and pulse rates will increase.
  • However, they should not remain under this level of heat for an extended period of time.
  • Once they have been treated, they should slowly return to their normal temperature.
  • By following these guidelines, patients can start enjoying a much more relaxed state of mind.

Infrared heating pads provide a safe, convenient, and inexpensive alternative to traditional approaches to treating back pain.

  • They are made of non-toxic materials, so they pose minimal risks to patients and offer fewer side effects.
  • They can be used for all types of injuries and patients who suffer from chronic pain can enjoy significant improvement.
  • Because they are completely safe, patients should be told that the pad does not conduct electricity.

This is another reason why the procedure should be completed by a trained professional.

Patients should be careful not to let the infrared pad come into contact with their skin.

This is what happened to me when i set the settings too high on the Infrared Heating Pad.

minor skin burn

Personally I have been using Infrared healing pad for a long time already about a span of 10 years and I was very careful not to get burn.

I sleep on my Infrared healing pad and the benefits outweight more than being burned which is minor and eventually will disappear as time goes by.

You have to keep in mind that the settings of the Infrared Heating pad should be set at very low to avoid future burns.

Here is a snapshot on the settings I used when Im using it for my bed preparing for my healing when sleeping

low infrared heat settings on the controller

You should put a blanket on top of the heating pad when you are going to sleep on it

blanket on top of heating pad

How To Reduce Stress And Relieve Pain With An Infrared Heating Pad

Infrared heating pads, also called infrared devices, are specially designed to heat the affected area of the body.

They work by emitting infrared energy through a heat emitter, which is placed on the body.

The heat can be directed to the affected area or can be passed through the body via the skin, reducing the pain and inflammation.

However, this type of treatment is only beneficial for certain patients with certain types of injury or illness.

Some studies indicate that the infrared therapy can provide pain relief for those who have injured muscles. However, the use of an infrared pad in such situations should not be the main goal of the treatment and should be secondary to the medical diagnosis and treatment of the patient.

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What is the Infrared Heating Pad?

The Infrared Heating Pad, which is based on infrared light, has many different benefits to it. When you start to research it further, you will discover a number of benefits. For instance, the infrared heating pad lowers blood pressure through the release of serotonin, which is also known as the feel-good hormone. The increase in serotonin is released, which gives the skin a feeling of well being and contentment. The release of serotonin is another benefit that comes from the use of an infrared pad.

Heating Pad – How Can a Heating Pad Cause Cancer?

Can a heating pad cause cancer

How can a heating pad cause cancer? What are the dangers of heating pads, how do they work and how can you use them safely?

Most people, including a growing number of professionals, believe that heating devices provide a range of health benefits. A study released in September 2018 concluded that heat is beneficial to our health when used appropriately.

Scientific Research:


That popular belief – that too much heat can be harmful to the body – is not based on research data.

Contrary to popular belief, heating pads and other heat sources do not cause cancer or any other disease. But, did you know that people that use heaters have been found to have:

Step by step methods – found in a news report were published to show how to help reduce the risk of cancer. This step by step approach was very easy to follow and involved three simple steps:

  • One of the health benefits of using heating devices is their ability to keep you comfortable.
  • Step one of this plan was simple: get an electric blanket to use around the entire house, either in the summer or winter, to keep you warm during cold weather.
  • For this next step, you’ll want to find a place to place your heating pad. You will also want to lay out a blanket underneath the pad so that you do not get burn.

Can You Overuse a Heating Pad?

Using a heating pad in an improper manner could lead to injury in the form of burns. Let’s look at some of the possible injuries from overusing a heating pad.

Can you overuse a heating pad

Heat burns can occur when the skin gets too hot, from direct contact with the heating pad. Heat burns are more likely to happen to individuals who wear clothes and more prone to developing in warm temperatures, such as during summer.

Also, it is very hard to burn yourself with a heating pad.

Skin irritation and dryness are often caused by overuse of the heating pad. In general, as we get older, our skin becomes less flexible. Because of this, the skin can stretch and tear more easily.

  • Heat rash can be a serious problem. It is a type of itching rash that causes the skin to become red and raised. The more heat, the worse the rash will become.
  • Irritants can cause burns when the burners are not properly cleaned and disposed of. In general, the best way to prevent burns from occurring is to use the pads with gloves on.
  • Heat blister is a blister that develops when the body overheats. It is not painful or contagious, but it can be embarrassing to go to work in this condition.

It is usually characterized by redness, scabbing, and swelling. The blister itself is not painful, but it can be hard to treat once it forms.

Heat rashes are not always serious, but they can be. In general, burns cause irritation and dryness of the skin, but heat rashes have been known to result in infections.

Heat rash is often a form of an allergy, such as eczema or psoriasis. Because of the sensitivity of the skin, the first thing a doctor may want to do is provide some steroid cream for the affected area.

Burns often go undetected until they are at least half-healed. If you burn your arm on the heating pad and do not seek treatment immediately, the skin may become hardened, causing infection to occur later.

Any burn, especially those that develop over a long period of time, can be a fire hazard. Burns can also cause scarring and bleeding. Surgical incisions that become infected are also very painful.

How Long Should You Keep a Heating Pad On?

“How long should you keep a heating pad on?” While many people think that the answer to this question is obvious, the answer isn’t.

When it comes to whether or not you should keep a heating pad on after a certain amount of time, you need to think about why you are using the pad and how long you have it on.

It really depends on where the heating pad is used for.

For instance, I use a small heating pad placed on my work chair to keep me warm and comfortable the whole morning or evening and just use a timer.

I set it up to 55 degrees C and leave it on for 3 hours.

The long term effects would be very good blood circulation at your back and will give you a relief on all sorts of pain.  If the blood is heated then there will be a very good flow of blood inside your body.

Here is a picture on a heating pad at work with the settings I use.

infrared heating pad on chair

settings i use for heating pad chair

Can you use a heating pad for sleeping?

At night when I go to sleep I set my infrared heating pad the whole night but at very low settings to keep me warm.

  • The benefits I can say is that Im always full of energy, never get sick and very strong immune system.
  • I recover mild symptoms of colds and flu and virtually pain free.

Should you use a Infrared heating pad for sleeping?

  • For me, Yes, im very happy with the long term results
  • For you, it can be Yes or No.  If you are being responsible and make sure that the settings are low and making sure that you turn on the timer you can use the heating pad for sleeping.

But my advice is to use it for just 45 to 1 hour for your health benefits which is sufficient.

But me as a veteran using the the infrared heating pad, I can use it as long as i want and even go to sleep with it.

Infrared heating pad when used properly is an arsenal against aging.

Scientific Research:


Dr. Mark Wiley The Healthy Back Institute
Pill-Free Pain-Relief Today more than 150 million Americans suffer chronic pain. This amounts to a whopping 100% increase in just a dozen years! How is it possible, with our modern scientific mainstream medicine, that people are suffering more, not less?

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Best Jade Infrared Heating Pads 2020| 11 Scientific Facts

Jade Infrared Heating Pad 2020

Jade as a healing stone as proven by scientific findings

Apart from the stone being desirable as jewelry and ornaments, Jade has another importance in the medical industry. It had healing ability, which makes the stone even more popular.

Jade in Infrared heat Biomats Jade had the ability to produce negative ions. The negative ions enhance human body cell metabolism. Hence Jade is able to have a healing effect on the human body. Thus, Jade is an important material for its healing abilities.

Jade is used in Jade Infrared heating pad

infrared biomat

There are different types of biomats available in the market. Not all biomats contain Jade. Some biomats have jade gemstones attached on the surface. Of course, all type of infrared mats is meant for healing people. But it seems that Jade infrared heat biomats are the most effective among all the others.

Are Infrared Heating Pads Good?

When Infrared biomats are heated the jade stones are heated as well. After this, the infrared passes into the body and reaches body tissue. Here it starts its healing process.

The infrared heat the human body which increases the blood circulation process. The heated blood carries infrared to all the parts of the body and enriches it with nutrients and hormones. As a result, the body heals faster with Jade infrared heat biomats.

Scientifc Research:


Far infrared radiation (FIR): its biological effects and medical applications

  • Fatma Vatansever, Michael R. Hamblin
  • Photonics Lasers Med.
  • Published in final edited form as: Photonics Lasers Med. 2012 Nov 1; 4: 255–266. Published online 2012 Oct 16. doi: 10.1515/plm-2012-0034
    Additionally, increase blood flow also helps to remove toxic substances from cells. So, the cells heal faster with an improved metabolic rate.

What are the Health benefits of Jade infrared heat biomat?

Jadestone can produce negative ions. These negative ions enhance the metabolism of the human body.

Scientific Research:


It increases blood circulation on heating. Mild heating from the Jade stone infrared heat mat increases the number of white blood cells in the body. Hence, the immune system improves with the use of Jadestone biomat.

Improved blood circulation causes a rapid flow of blood to all the cells of the body. The blood floods each cell with nutrients and oxygen keeping the cells active. Muscle cells gain energy and relief from rheumatoid arthritis, muscle spasm, soreness, etc.

Jadestone infrared therapy can help improve the cell division process of the body. Also, it can help in carrying out endocrine functions.

As can be seen from above, overall the jade infrared heat biomat aids in carrying out a number of functions is the body. Making you healthier, and livelier in the process. Thus, your body cells heal faster from the effects of the jade stone.

Are Infrared Heating Pads Better Than Regular Heating Pads?

I have recently been reading a lot of articles about how better it is to use an infrared heating pad over a regular heating pad. The claim is that when an infrared heating pad is used, the body temperature of the person is actually raised up to normal temperature levels. So all of the cold and clammy parts are removed, and the person feels much better. However, some of the common questions I’ve seen asked are about whether these pads really do work, and whether they’re any better than regular heat pads.

Are infrared heating pads better than regular heating pads

Some people complain that their bodies end up retaining heat for hours, and I assume it would be uncomfortable for them to be lying there for such a long time. This isn’t something that I’ve ever experienced, but if I did find it unpleasant I would definitely switch to a regular heat pad. So how much better would an infrared heating pad be over a regular one? Well, I’d say it’s still a good bit better, because the longer you can sit on one of these things the more benefits you’ll get from it.

The big difference between an infrared heating pad vs electric heating pad, is that the infrared heating pad penetrates deep into soft body tissues to promote blood circulation.

The electric heating pad does just heats the body on the surface.  If you just need some comfortable heat then electric heating pads are fine.

How Long Can You Use An Infrared Heating Pad?

In an effort to find out how long can you use an infrared heating pad? The answer is that it really depends on how well you use it.

One of the problems with traditional heating pads is that you have to be right up against it in order to get the warmth.

Some models of infrared heating pads use a tube to send the infrared light to the pad surface. Because the heat is emitted by the tube, you are able to adjust the amount of heat that is emitted into the air.

A good pad will last for more than 10 years depending on the manufacturer.

  • For most people, that is about 45 minutes to 1 hour everyday for health maintenance.
  • For me personally i use it on my home office chair and sleep with a larger infrared heating mat.

See the pictures below:

jade infrared heating pad

infrared heating pad on bed

What is FIR?

FIR stands for Far infrared light beams.

far infrared spectrum

Naturally, infrared comes from the rays of the sun. Along with infrared, there are other waves in the sun rays.

Some of them are harmful to the skin. FIR is the wavelength from the sun rays that are beneficial to our health. So, it is filtered to remove the harmful rays. Hence, we only receive rays that promote our health.

If you are planning to use a Jade stone Infrared heating pad then you should look up at the best ones in the market first. For you, we have prepared a list of three Jadestone infrared mats to make it easier for you to select one.

Review of Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad

UTK Far Infrared Jade Heating Pad

UTK Far Infrared Natural Jade Heating Pad for pain relief

Far Infrared Jade heat pad is a self-drying far infrared absorber that is energy efficient, providing superior performance to most of its competitors.

UTK Far Infrared Jade Heating pad is a good choice for those who are looking for high quality heat management technology.

All in all, this UTK Far Infrared Jade Heating pad will provide you with high quality performance and durability, regardless of the conditions under which you will use it.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of UTK Far Infrared Jade Heating pad, you can read our review below to know more about the benefits of this heat pad.


There are (3 ) available sizes:

  • Small 15 x 19 inches
  • Medium 21 x 31 inches
  • Large 24 x 70 inches

The medium size is the bes seller since you can move it around and becasue of portability.

I personally use both size: Large and Medium as you can see the pictures below:

infrared heating pad on bed

jade infrared heating pad

Pros :

  • 126 Individual Natural Jade Stones
  • Negative Ions
  • Adjustable 159 degree Fahrenheit
  • Low EMF
  • Digital Controller Which Is Very Easy to Use
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Can use it on shoulders, back

Cons :

My son used it for about 3 months and some of the Jade Stones Got Dislodged from its place

The infrared mat is designed to give you are body massage with jade seamed in the infrared heat mattress.

Additionally, there’s jade attached to the mattress. These are meant to relax your upper part of the body, along with joints, stomach, and rest of the parts.

The infrared biomat is not only design for massage therapy, but it is also designed in a way to benefit your health. Its shape and design can activate parts of your body to relax and get rid of common blood circulation ailments.

Healthy Line Natural Jade and Tourmaline Mat


It is important to read and understand what other people are saying about the Far Infrared Heating Pad before you make your decision.

The Far Infrared Heating Pad is a unique device that many people have not heard of, but if you take the time to read through a few reviews you will find a lot of positive reviews for this product.

This is installed with the latest technology. You will find real Jade stones attached to the device for therapy. It also comes with FIR technology. The infrared used from the device penetrates deep within body tissues and start its healing process.

The treatment can help you get rid of muscle fatigue and pain.

Specifications : 72 x 24 inches

Pros :

Jade stones and Tourmaline Stones

Negative ions released by both natural stones

Comfortable to sleep on it

Use it for semi permanent location such as bed or sofa

Cons :


Ereada Far Infrared Amethyst Review

ereada infrared heating pad

Ereada Far Infrared Amethyst is a name brand product from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

These goods are designed to ease muscle pain, stress and inflammation and help prevent injury.

The good thing about this product is that it is manufactured in a factory that has gone through strict quality control processes.

So, what is it that makes Ereada Far Infrared Amethyst so special?

Pros :

As stated before the product comes with a five-point specification and this includes: the Heat Transfer Performance, it contains Oxygenation Microcapillaries and contains an Infrared Thermocapillary Fabric as well as a Thermal Confinement System.

The specifications have been established to provide the best heating process.

Ereada Far Infrared Amethyst will stay heated longer than these other products while maintaining its design.

The back of the box states that it is “Safe, non-allergic and non-irritating”.

This means that it is going to be safe for most people to use.

Cons :

Some people may experience some mild side effects such as headaches and a slight stinging sensation.

It is a proven fact that Ereada Far Infrared Amethyst does not have any skin allergies so this should not be a problem for you. It has also been proven that it will not cause any allergies or allergic reactions so this is a good choice if you are looking for a new product to help with your pain.

Specifications :

  • 20″ x 32″ (50×80 cm) Ereada® Amethyst Mat Mini
  • 24″x59″ (60×150 cm) Ereada® Amethyst Mat Compact Pro (Midsize)
  • 29″ x 73″ (72×186 cm) Ereada® Amethyst Mat Professional (Pro)
  • 39″ x 75″ (100×190 cm) Ereada® Amethyst Mat Single (Pro XL)
  • 20″ x 12″ x 4″ (50x30x10 cm) Ereada® Amethyst Pillow
  • 18″ x 7″ x 3.5″ (45x18x8 cm) Ereada® Mini Amethyst Pillow

The most popular size is the :

  • 24″x59″ (60×150 cm) Ereada® Amethyst Mat Compact Pro (Midsize)

Back Rescue Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad, ( Full Back , 21 x 32 inches )

Back Rescue Far Infrared Heating Pad, Jade (Full Back, 21 x 32 inches)

A Back Rescue Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad was reviewed by Consumer Reports and was awarded “recommended” status.

The various benefits, pros and cons of the product were discussed and outlined by the reviewers.

Consumers who bought the pad were very satisfied with it.

  • The pads were labeled with their specific name so that they could be easily identified when opened.
  • The labels were not a big problem since all units come with a manual that is well written and easy to read.
  • The review on the Back Rescue Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad mentioned that it does work for those with a low-range or a medium-range heat factor.
  • The Back Rescue Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad is very safe and offers several benefits in comparison to other heating pads and their built-in heating coils.
  • It is known for its ability to save power and increase heating times compared to other heating pads.

This pad is an ideal item to consider purchasing if you are living on a limited budget or if you just want to avoid the costly purchase of an additional heating pad or their wiring.

Highlights :

  • 0.5 mG level of EMF on the pad surface
  • Negative ions from the Jade Stones
  • FDA Approved Device
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 72 to 135 Natural Jade Healing Stones
  • Great for office, car, taxi driver, or truck driver
  • Easy to use controller
  • Size : 21 x 32 inches
  • Weight : 5.5 pounds

Ovida Far Infrared Heating Pad Electric Mat Jade (21 x 35.5)

Ovida Far Infrared Heating Pad Electric Mat Jade (21 x 35.5)

The regulations on the Infrared Therapy Pads from Ovida are also very strict and you can be sure that they use only high quality, medical grade materials.

Ovida Far Infrared Heating Pad Electric Mat Jade

The Ovida Far Infrared Heating Pad from Jade will give you the advantages of infrared heat therapy while offering you the ability to do your own self treatments in the comfort of your own home.

A pad that is made with high quality medical grade materials should also have scientific credentials.


  • 126 Individual Natural Jade Stones
  • Negative ions
  • Far Infrared Heat
  • Easy to use controller with timer
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Size : 21 x 35.5 inches
  • 0.5 mG Low EMF

11 Science Proven facts on the Benefits of Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad Mats

Deep Tissue Pain Benefit From Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad Mats

Deep Tissue Pain Benefit From Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad Mats – Learn How To Treat Your Spine Pain And Cure Your Tendonitis With A Well Fitting Heating Pad!

If you suffer from chronic pain in your back, shoulder, neck, or hips, then you know how difficult it can be to find relief.

While there are many topical treatments that can be very effective, many of them are only effective when taken on a daily basis and not if the problem is chronic.

Luckily, there is a revolutionary new way to treat chronic pain without the painful side effects of prescription medications by using a heating pad that delivers only heat which is completely safe for you to use.


George D Gale, Peter J Rothbart, Ye Li
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Sciatica Benefit From Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad Mats

If you are looking for a sciatica benefit from jade far infrared heating pad mats, here is how it works.

The tingle sensations that often accompany lower back pain or sciatica can cause discomfort in a person’s daily life.

It can become unbearable when the condition worsens and causes stiffness and discomfort.

Chiropractors and other medical professionals have developed advanced tools to help patients through this pain.

Most of these tools involve injection of medicine, electric heat pad, or traction devices.

However, if you want an even simpler way to alleviate pain without spending hundreds of dollars, then you should look into jade far infrared heating pad.

Source : 

An Innovative and Portable Multimodal Pain Relief Device for the Management of Neuropathic Low Back Pain – a Study from Kashmir (Southeast Asia)

Shah Faisal Ahmad Tarfarosh, Baseer-ul-Rasool Lone, Mirza-Idrees-ul-Haq Beigh, Mushbiq Manzoor
Cureus. 2016 Jun; 8(6): e661. Published online 2016 Jun 29. doi: 10.7759/cureus.661
PMCID: PMC4968782

Restore degenerative cells benefit from jade far infrared heating pad mats

Source :

How Jade Infrared Mat Heals Bones and Joints

Jades help heals bones and joints by absorbing toxins and naturally removing free radicals.

It also improves overall circulation, which helps in healing, increases the amount of elasticity to help in healing faster.

Jade can remove toxins from the blood and helps remove free radicals in the body, helping to improve your immune system to fight infections. It

is proven to improve the flexibility of joints, teeth and ligaments and can also help reduce pain and also speed up the healing process.

Source :

Aaron A Puhl, Christine J Reinhart, Elisabeth R Rok, H Stephen Injeyan
Pain Res Manag. 2011 Jan-Feb; 16(1): 45–52. doi: 10.1155/2011/625315
PMCID: PMC3052407

Arthritis Benefit From Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad Mats

Just as the name indicates, a far infrared heating pad is a type of heating pad that is equipped with a 100W/m² infrared heating device.

The infrared device’s rays are able to penetrate the surface without heating up the surface directly.

Since it penetrates without heating up the surface, this type of heating pad is ideal for arthritis sufferers.

Not only that, but it also feels great to the skin because it is not hot.

Since it is not heated directly by the rays of the sun, arthritis sufferers can feel comfortable, even when they lay on the pads.

Source :

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Back Pain Benefit From Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad Mats

Back pain benefit from jade far infrared heating pad mats can help you.

There are many different types of infrared heaters that can help relieve pain and the number one choice for many people are the jade far infrared pad.

For one thing, the jade far infrared heaters are quiet and can provide relief without irritating the skin.


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Boosts immune system benefit from jade far infrared heating pad mats

These pads have been used successfully in hospitals for many years and have helped to reduce the risk of infection in intensive care units.
Using the Jade far infrared heating pad will boost immune system to help fight infection and virus.
Source :
Shanshan Shui, Xia Wang, John Y Chiang, Lei Zheng
Exp Biol Med (Maywood) 2015 Oct; 240(10): 1257–1265. doi: 10.1177/1535370215573391
PMCID: PMC4935255

Renal problem benefit from jade far infrared heating pad mats

Anyone who suffers from a kidney or renal problem should not neglect the added benefits of Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad Mats.

The heating pads are made with superior composition of super absorbent JASpar-R.

The JASpar-R is the only ultra violet-absorbing polymer that doctors in the field have approved for this purpose.

Source :
Naveen Sharma, Eun-Joo Shin, Nam Hun Kim, Eun-Hee Cho, Bao Trong Nguyen, Ji Hoon Jeong, Choon Gon Jang, Seung-Yeol Nah, Hyoung-Chun Kim
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Treats reproductive disorder benefit from jade far infrared heating pad mats

Far Infrared Heating Pad Mats are one of the popular best selling to advertise fertility therapies in various health centers and clinics.

This is a wonderful product which is able to treat numerous infertility issues like female infertility, male infertility, in vitro fertilization treatments, and fertility problems like fallopian tube disorders, spermatorrhea, tubal defect and others.

  • This particular heating pads are perfect for promoting a healthy pregnancy and helps to improve the chances of conceiving a baby.
  • These pads can be placed on the abdomen or can be used as an external heating pad on the body surface.
  • There are a number of different styles and shapes of these infrared heating pads that can be easily found out in the market.
  • These pads are able to emit moderate heat to help the body to produce hormones necessary for proper ovulation.

Various related reviews on this infrared heating pad that can be easily found on the internet and are written by those who have tried using this therapy and have also reported about its benefits.

Source :


Stress Benefit From Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad Mats

The Far Infrared Heat Pads can help to relieve stress in the body. They provide the same health benefits as the massage, without the full service of a massage. This product has been known to be effective for helping with blood circulation, memory function, muscle spasms, arthritis pain, and just about any other condition that you can think of.

Source :

Effects of Far‐Infrared Emitting Ceramic Material Clothing on Recovery after Maximal Eccentric Exercise

Renan Felipe Hartmann Nunes, Naiandra Dittrich, Rob Duffield, Marília Cavalcante Serpa, Tiago Martins Coelho, Daniel Fernandes Martins, Luiz Guilherme Antonacci Guglielmo
J Hum Kinet. 2019 Nov; 70: 135–144. Published online 2019 Nov 30. doi: 10.2478/hukin-2019-0028
PMCID: PMC6942487

Detoxification Benefit From Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad Mats

Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad Mats are a new and revolutionary concept to help you start to feel the detoxification benefits from jade far infrared heating pads.

The infrared therapy is commonly used for treating chronic fatigue, pain, rheumatism, dermatitis, asthma, fibromyalgia, asthma attacks, tension headaches, neck aches, and sinus congestion among other ailments.

This method of infrared therapy has been scientifically proven and is very efficient in promoting the physical detoxification of the body in the most effective way possible.

Studies have shown that a number of users have felt more energy, improved circulation, and better digestion when using the natural infrared pad treatment, as a result of which they get relieved from pain and stay in tip-top shape as well.

Source :
Donghee Lee, Yelim Seo, Young-Won Kim, Seongtae Kim, Hyemi Bae, Jeongyoon Choi, Inja Lim, Hyoweon Bang, Jung-Ha Kim, Jae-Hong Ko
Korean J Physiol Pharmacol. 2019 Mar; 23(2): 141–150. Published online 2019 Feb 15. doi: 10.4196/kjpp.2019.23.2.141
PMCID: PMC6384197
Are you aware of jade stones?

jade stone

Jade stones are famous among people for its fascinating green shades. Their green appearance attracts a lot of people. Hence, it is an ideal material for making jewelry. In this article, you will read about Jade Stone and Jade Infrared heating pad. But before we get into all the good qualities of jade stones and it uses it best to understand what is jade, where did it come from, etc.

What is jade?

Jade is a type of stones that are found in many green shades. The material is durable, and if polished, it gives off a lustrous appearance. For this reason, it became a desirable material for making ornaments, talismans, gemstones, etc.

If we look at the chemistry of the material, jade is made up of either jadeite or nephrite.

Both the material gives off a similar green lustrous look, which makes it difficult to differentiate. For a long time, Jade was thought to be one material.

What Makes Jade So Sought After?

chinese jade craftsman

Artists of Jade Craftsman of China has been working with Jade for a long time. It was here were the Jade artworks begin. After some time some Jade artist recognized that there were two different jades. One which they worked on every day, and the other which came from Burma. The Jade from Burma were harder and denser. It was easier to work with the Jade from Burma, and it would luster more when polished.

After a long time, scientists recognized that there are two types of Jade. The Jades had different chemical components. But still, they appear identical to each other. When the two types of Jade were differentiated with their property, one was given the name imperial Jade.

Imperial Jade was reserved only for emperors of China.

chinese emperor

It was translucent bright and had consistent green texture. It enthralls appearance made it a perfect stone to complement the emperors. Hence, it gained its name as imperial stone.

Depending on the quality of Jadestone, it can cost more than diamonds.

Jade treatment and its expression Jadestone can be treated in a number of ways. The different treatment gives off a different jade expression. It has been treated with heat, dye, wax, bleach, etc. In time, Jade is treated in new ways for its color and appearance.

As a result, Jade buyers now want to know about all the treatment process a jade stone has been through before they buy the stone.

I myself have been using it to maintain my health and even sleep on it.

infrared mattress

I also use a smaller infrared heating pad on my chair.

negative ion mat on my chair

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Best Laser Hair Growth Device 2020| Clinical Trials

Do lasers really regrow hair?

Low-Level Laser Therapy Helps Fight Hair Loss

One of the most overlooked treatments for treating hair loss and baldness is low-level laser therapy.

  • This is one of the fastest growing treatment methods for preventing and reversing hair loss.
  • In most cases, this treatment is not costly, but can still offer significant benefits to the patient.
  • This treatment can help you increase your overall self esteem and self confidence.Once the follicle is over-exposed to the lights that are emitted from the low-level laser, it will begin to die off.
  • The entire process takes a few minutes and will give you a beautiful head of hair within the first few sessions.
  • The length of time that you take to see results depends on the patient, and the type of low-level laser therapy that you use.

Even though low-level laser therapy for hair loss can be expensive, it is the best way to slow down and prevent the progression of hair loss.

You can learn more about the use of low-level laser therapy for hair loss from this research that was conducted.

Study One :

There was a study done on 2013, 24 male patients were treated and observed and used for a duration for 6 months using the HairMax Laser Comb with the infrared wavelength of 650nm to 780nm deep penetrating infrared light.

The results of the study,

Following 14 weeks of treatment, increase in hair density on both the vertex (145.1/cm2 vs. 137.3/cm2 pre-treatment, P < 0.005) and occiput (163.3/cm2 vs. 153.3/cm2, P < 0.005) as well as anogen/telogen ratio (vertex: 84.7 vs. 79.7 pre-treatment and occiput: 91.9 vs. 89.6 pre-treatment) was observed, and 83% of the patients reported to be satisfied with the treatment Scientific Research:

Low‐level laser (light) therapy (LLLT) for treatment of hair lossPinar Avci MD  Gaurav K. Gupta MD, PhD  Jason Clark MD  Norbert Wikonkal MD, PhD  Michael R. Hamblin PhD

Study Two :

The 2014 study of 41 males ages 18 to 48 was conducted to determine if there was a noticeable increase in the amount of hair re-growth after a specific laser hair treatment. These men were randomly assigned to three treatments in random order. Each person received four treatments, one per week for an eight week period. The subjects’ hair was assessed at each visit with the use of a specially designed photographic system. In each case, subjects reported having a significant increase in the amount of hair that was on their head when they returned to the clinic. The following are the three major conclusions to be derived from this study:

2013 study of 41 males ages 18 to 48 found that laser hair treatment

Here is the Detailed Data on the study made:

A transition zone scalp site was selected; hairs were trimmed to 3 mm height; the area was tattooed and photographed. The active group received a “TOPHAT655” unit containing 21, 5 mW lasers (655 ± 5 nm), and 30 LEDS (655 ± 20 nm), in a bicycle-helmet like apparatus. The placebo group unit appeared identical, containing incandescent red lights. Patients treated at home every other day × 16 weeks (60 treatments, 67.3 J/cm(2) irradiance/25 minute treatment), with follow up and photography at 16 weeks. A masked 2.85 cm(2) photographic area was evaluated by another blinded investigator. The primary endpoint was the percent increase in hair counts from baseline.


The study reveals that men who received a long wavelength, central thermal infrared laser treatment had a greater hair re-growth than those who received a short wavelength, peripheral laser treatment. Men who received laser treatment with the potential to penetrate the hair follicle for greater length had a greater increase in hair growth than those who received only the peripheral treatment. For example, the men who received the short wavelength treatment only saw an increase in hair re-growth. Those who received the longer wavelength laser treatment saw an increase in hair re-growth by about forty percent. In all cases, it was not only the increased thickness or length of the hair that caused the larger re-growth of hair on the treated areas, but also the ability of the laser to penetrate the deeper layers of the hair.

Scientific Study:

The growth of human scalp hair mediated by visible red light laser and LED sources in males.Lanzafame RJ1, Blanche RRBodian ABChiacchierini RPFernandez-Obregon AKazmirek ER.

Are laser hair growth devices safe?

There is very much science behind the use of Low-level laser to stimulate hair growth. A great deal of research has been conducted in this arena to find out the true cause and effects of low-level laser therapy on the human body. Through this kind of technology, a person can have rejuvenated hair and beautiful skin.

The devices used are using 660nm to 850nm LED red light which is basically just lights that do not emit heat or cause any side effects.  They are all safe to use.

Does Capillus Cap really work?

According to Capillus claims that its low-level laser caps can effectively reverse hair loss and can stimulate the growth of new hair.

According to the FDA, laser therapy is classified as an “off-label” use of lasers for therapeutic purposes.

It is approved by the FDA Cleared for this purpose.

However, there are several clinical studies conducted using lasers to stimulate hair growth in patients with Alopecia Areata and similar hair loss conditions.

  • According to the Cosmetics Ingredient Review (CIR) of Capillus, its laser caps can effectively cure baldness by stimulating hair follicles to re-grow.
  • This product claims that the laser eliminates DHT that is a major cause of hair loss.
  • According to the CIR, the device works on all types of hair, including non-HIPAA, medical, thinning, and male pattern baldness.
  • The device is said to be particularly effective on people with alopecia.
  • Capillus claim that its low-level laser caps can effectively reverse hair loss in about 75% of people who use the device. Based on the three major clinical studies, Capillus claims that its low-level laser caps can effectively stimulate hair growth in more than 99% of the tested participants. So far, so good.

Scientific Research:

New clinical trial proves low level laser therapy (LLLT) devices effective in treating male and female pattern hair loss. These devices are now available to South Florida residents at Hair Transplant Institute of Miami.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) February 27, 2014

Best Laser Hair Growth Device Reviews

NutraStim Professional Hair Growth Laser Review

Nutrastim Professional Laser hair growth device

The NutraStim Professional Hair Growth Laser Comb Review is written by a consumer. It is not unbiased, but it is based on the honest review of a NutraStim professional hair growth and laser treatment.

The company has been around for over 20 years and has recently developed their best product ever. It claims to improve the rate of hair growth by up to 50%, while at the same time diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They also claim that the hair will look thicker and stronger than it ever has before. This company is one of the top hair loss treatment products in the market today.

Pros :

  • 12 Strong Infrared LED which can penetrate deep into hair follicle
  • Flexibility to move it where needed most
  • FDA Cleared Device
  • Usage of 8 minutes per session, 3 times a week for about 4 months to see results
  • Some people see results in 6 months at most
  • Can be used as a maintenance

Cons : Timer’s Beep is loud and no adjustment

Theradome Review – The Pros and Cons of the Laser Hair Growth Treatment

Theradome laser hair growth device

Theradome PRO LH80 laser hair growth treatment is one of the many products available in the market that promises to provide a great growth for your hair.

Theradome PRO LH80 laser hair growth

You may also be wondering why the Theradome PRO LH80 laser hair growth treatment is as long lasting as it is.

This is because of the fact that they use the high intensity of the light to get the hairs to grow long.

Besides that, the human hair cell that produces melanin are also stimulated.

This is a natural effect that is induced by the use of a laser.

Some people do not like the idea of having to have a laser treatment done because they believe that the hair follicles are in the follicle and it can just be wiped off.

But, once you read the Theradome review, you’ll see that what it does is stimulate the cells and this is exactly what happens.

Pros :

  • Recommended by Bosley and HairClub woks in conjunction with regrowth serum
  • Awards in magazines and news
  • Duration effectivity is 6 months
  • FDA Cleared Device
  • Great for thinning hair
  • Easy and uniform laser treatment with 80 Infrared LEDs
  • Usage is just twice a week for 20 minutes
  • Foam within the helmet for comfort
  • Speakers for Music
  • Cooling System


  • Annoying sound when it is about to shutdown

Capillus82 Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth

Capillus82 Laser Hair Growth Device Cap

It has 82 Infrared laser LED light on the inside of the cap.  This is also FDA cleared.  The great thing about this is that it is very lightweight and does not look strange when using it at work, office and travelling.

This is a very comfortable device since it is very soft and it does not feel like you are wearing infrared lights underneath.

When you are going out for a walk in the park, shopping, grocery or movie, it is extremely convenient.  No one knows that you are wearing a laser hair growth device!

The cons is that there are no controls.

It works for 6 minutes and shuts off by itself.

  • Great for travelling since it comes with an international adaptor.
  • A lot of customers are saying that this device takes a little bit longer as compared to other products out there, but it still works.
  • A duration of at least 6 months to see results.
  • But since it is easy and convenient to carry it around, some people do not mind wearing this especially if you are the type of person who is on the go all the time.
  • Simply charge it overnight and use it when going to work.
  • Great simple device, a real plug and play device.

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

irestore laser hair growth device

When looking at the IRestore Hair Growth System, it’s important to realize that this is not the new or improved method to do hair loss.

It is simply a treatment for patients that want to regrow hair. In this review, we are going to talk about what the system can do for you.

In the end, you will see that the advantages of the treatment far outweigh any of the disadvantages.

The reason that I love the IRestore is because it does not cost any more than other methods out there.

It uses lasers to regrow hair, which are not only safe but have been shown to increase hair growth in all ages and races.

Unlike surgery, you can use the laser treatments multiple times without problems or scarring.

  • You have the option of using the treatment right now or moving forward to the future when your hair problems may be less pressing.
  • The treatment works by using a specific laser technology.
  • The patient has the ability to control the amount of treatment that they receive.
  • Most people opt to move forward to the future and get additional treatments at the rate that their hair loss has become more intense.
  • This device is a hands free laser hair growth device which is also FDA Cleared.
  • This helmet is very convenient and recommeded to use it at home or work.
  • This helmet has 5 pads to keep the weight evenly distributed and comfortable.
  • Comes with a time display and option to stop it.

The company guarantee that the infrared led light diode is 650nm which ensures that it goes deep into hair follicles to encourage blood circulation for hair growth.

In just 16 weeks a lot of people says that there are results.

LaserBand 82 Review – HairMax Laser Band 82 Review

Hairmax laserband 82

For anyone that wants to have the best chance at hair growth, the LaserBand 82 may be the perfect hair-growing product.

This product was designed to help people who want to grow their hair faster.

It is not a cure for baldness, but it can help with hair growth.

When people first use this product, they may experience some short-term side effects, such as itching, redness, and flaking.

However, after using the product for a while, many people notice that their hair grows more slowly than before.

This review will discuss the different features of the product and some of the major reasons why you may not want to use it.

  • First, the product offers three different laser treatments that work to stimulate the growth of hair.
  • The first treatment is a single laser beam that is used to increase the length of the hair.
  • The second treatment is used to control the regrowth of hair in thinning areas.
  • Finally, the third treatment is used to stimulate hair growth on top of the head, improving texture and volume.
  • The laser Band 82 works in two ways to help people to grow more hair.

In this review, I will explain some of the benefits of the product and give you an honest review of it.

I am a man that has suffered from hair loss since I was a teenager.

I am not sure how much longer I will be able to continue to fight my loss of hair, but I wanted to find a treatment that could give me the results I wanted.

After reviewing the LaserBand 82 and trying it for about six months, I am very happy with the results and I highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to grow more hair and keep it.

  • This device contains 82 Infrared laser diodes
  • It runs for 30 seconds
  • This device can be moved where you needed most, lets say in forehead
  • 7 FDA Clearances device and 14 licenses for using as a medical device
  • This device has teeth on it, this is to ensure that it grips to the hair follicles for optimum infrared light therapy
  • It may not be very comfortable but its only 30 seconds
  • This device works great for thickening of existing hair
  • Usage is 90 seconds of 3 times a week
  • 6 Months again is the time frame for you to see results

A Step by Step Guide to Using Your New Laser Hair Growth Device

Looking for a step by step guide to using your new laser hair growth device? This short article will give you a few pointers that can help make your laser hair growth experience easy and successful.

One of the first things you will want to do when looking for a step by step guide to using your new laser hair growth device is to determine exactly what you need.

There are several different kinds of laser hair removal devices on the market, some of which are designed to treat very specific types of hair growth and others which can be used to treat all types of hair growth.

  • The first step in your journey towards using your new device is to find the model of the laser you are most comfortable with.
  • Most models have three basic settings: low intensity, medium intensity, and high intensity.
  • Depending on the type of hair you have and the level of pain you want to experience, you may need to experiment with these settings until you find the one that works best for you.
  • The next step in your journey to using your new device is to decide how much time you want to spend on each step.

When you are first getting started with this process, you can generally start at low intensity settings and work your way up to higher settings as you achieve more hair growth.

Once you feel comfortable with your settings, you can move to higher intensity settings.

Remember, though, that after a certain point in time, your device will be unable to maintain the higher settings on your own, so it is always best to talk to a technician to determine how much time is needed.

  • The next step in your journey to using your new device is to decide how deep the treatment needs to be.
  • How deeply you need to go depends entirely on the type of hair you have.
  • If you are trying to treat light hair growth, a mild setting will work well; if you are treating darker hair growth, a deeper setting may be necessary.
  • Usually, a lower setting will suffice for light hair growth, but if you have darker hair, it may be necessary to use a slightly higher setting.
  • The next step in your journey to using your new device is to decide how long the treatment will take.

As mentioned above, the procedure takes anywhere from the following laser hair growth treatment data according to the manufacturer, depending on the type of hair growth and treatment you are doing. It is a good idea to determine how long your treatment will take before you actually schedule it.

Data Table on Usage Times

  • LaserBand 82 30 seconds per session, 3 sessions, 3 times a week
  • iRestore 8 minutes per session, 3 sessions, 3 times a week
  • Capillus 82 6 minutes per session, 3 sessions, 3 times a week
  • Theradome 20 minutes per session, 2 times a week
  • Nutrastim 8 minutes per session, 3 times a week

The final step in your journey to using your new device is that you have a receipt so that you will be able to get a refund if your device does not work for any reason. The receipt is usually included with your purchase of the device.

The last step in your journey to using your new device is to have fun. Treating your hair with laser can be a fun and exciting experience.

With a little bit of patience and good diet and regular exercise, you will find that you can grow your hair with laser without having to pay a fortune in trips to a professional hair clinic which can cost you an arm and a leg!


I did not review numerous laser hair growth device out there since the companies that I have mentioned goes extra mile to ensure that there product works and backed up by clinical trials and scientific research.

Personally i like the Theradome since 20 minutes will ensure that you receive lots of infrared light therapy that goes deep into your hair follicles for the much needed blood circulation for a thicker hair.

But if im the type of guy who is always on the go then the Capillus82 works wonders.  If you wanted just to treat specific are on your scalp then the Laserband 82 is best.

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