10 Reasons LED Therapy Can Improve Healing Process With Massage

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Can LED Therapy Help Improve Healing Process in Combination With Massage?

The idea that leading therapy can improve the healing process in combination with massage sounds too good to be true.

But as the popularity of LED therapy is increasing, so are the studies on its benefits to physical therapists and the results of such therapy.

In fact, the use of LED therapy in conjunction with massage is gaining more acceptance by the physical therapy community.

LED lights are now used in a variety of therapies.

The two most popular include infrared and Pulsed Light Therapy. This article will focus on LED therapy and how it can improve physical therapy healing process.

But this is all set to change due to the use of LED therapy lights.

These lights will provide you with an infrared or pulsed light, which is similar to the sight that you get from the sun during the day.

Infrared and Pulsed light therapy is used for many physical disorders such as arthritis, muscle injuries, joint pains and bruises, and even psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression.

In fact, Pulsed Light Therapy is even used by many psychologists and sports therapy clinics for the treatment of traumatic brain injury cases.

What makes LED therapy very effective in the treatment of these physical ailments is that it does not cause pain during the therapy session.

  • In fact, there is almost no pain that is felt during the therapy session as this LED therapy is administered at a frequency that is not perceptible by the human eye.
  • What this means is that there is no discomfort felt by the patient while undergoing the massage therapy.
  • The LED therapy lamp helps the therapist by reducing the stress levels of the patient.
  • This in turn makes the patient more relaxed and more receptive to the massage therapy session.

Another important aspect of LED therapy is that it promotes relaxation, improves blood flow and oxygenation in the skin, and helps the muscles relax.

But one thing is for sure, the LED lamps used in these lamps are not harmful to the patients during the therapy sessions.

LED Therapy Brings Closer To The Surface

LED therapy for the purposes of pain management and other uses is a new and rapidly growing field that is beginning to take over traditional forms of massage therapy.

Many people experience ailments, and conditions that are chronic or that occur repeatedly, in which they seek relief from the discomfort and the pain that these ailments cause.

Even though a therapist can help a client reach a place of healing through massage and touch, a combination of massage and touch can often be very effective in addressing deeper reaching areas that massage therapist can’t get to.

The goal of LED therapy is to use light to target those deeper-reaching areas of the body that massage therapy simply can’t reach.

One area in which LED therapy can be beneficial is in areas that massage therapist can’t get to due to physical conditions or due to the client’s resistance.

  • In these cases, an LED light is used on the patient to help target and tighten the skin.
  • The light is placed about one inch below the surface of the skin so that it can penetrate the deepest layers of skin.
  • This enables the light to target the specific areas in the body that need treatment.
  • Another effective application of LED therapy is in the area of burns and cuts.

LED therapy, however, works much faster than traditional light therapy and can be used right away. This helps make the process of healing easier and faster for the patient as well.

This is especially beneficial to individuals who have suffered an injury or are healing from such an injury.

LED therapy is also very effective in alleviating conditions in which massage therapists cannot get to due to environmental conditions.

For example, if a massage therapist has to go into a patient’s home or another deep-reaching areas of the body where other treatment methods cannot reach, LED lights are used to help them see the areas they need to treat.

  • This helps the therapist to focus on these areas with better accuracy and less risk of being seen by patients who may not be receptive to light therapy.
  • LED therapy is also very effective when treating children.
  • By using the lights on the surface of the child’s skin, the therapist can better pinpoint the affected area to reduce the amount of time it takes to heal.
  • LED therapy is also popular in the field of sports medicine.
  • Athletes may need to use deep reaching areas of their body, such as the foot, ankle or knee, for extended periods of time.
  • In instances where treating the injury does not improve the condition of the patient, LED therapy is often used instead of more invasive methods of treatment.
  • LED therapy is also used in conjunction with ultrasound to help loosen and relax deep-reaching areas of the body, such as the neck and back.
  • This combination of treatments is ideal for athletes and people who have had traumatic injuries but are still experiencing symptoms.
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LED therapy has the potential to help anyone who experiences pain in deep-reaching areas of the body.

The low energy required for this type of treatment makes it ideal for treating many conditions.

Therapists who prefer to treat with light can incorporate LED therapy into their sessions to make treatment more effective.

LED therapy is being used in more clinics and hospitals around the world every day.

It is predicted that the number of people opting to undergo LED therapy will continue to grow.

LED Light Therapy Beneficial For So Many Musculoskeletal Issues

In light of current evidence, LED light therapy is a potentially safe and effective treatment modality for many musculoskeletal issues. Of the potential treatments modalities available, the use of Light Therapy seems to hold merit due to its potential to improve many underlying pathology and issues underlying the musculoskeletal system.

The results of recent studies suggest that the use of LED light therapy can provide rapid improvements in symptoms and function for patients with chronic pain and arthritis.

Discovering The Benefits Of Light Therapy For Massage With Deep Penetrating Infrared wavelength Therapy

There are many benefits of using deep penetrating infrared (IPL) and other forms of light-based therapies in massage therapy.

  • One of the first is that they are extremely effective for use on injured or sore muscles, joints, and tissues.
  • They stimulate the body’s natural healing processes as well as reducing pain due to inflammation.
  • The types of IPL used in massage therapy include light waves, which can reach the deepest layers of tissue and provide targeted relief from stiffness and pain.
  • Heat therapy (such as steam), cold therapy, and ultrasound (sonoplatis) are other forms of light-based treatments that can be applied to the skin for deep tissue massage.
  • Infrared has the ability to penetrate deeply through the skin, entering the body’s blood stream where it is able to target damaged or abnormal cells.
  • This property allows light to repair and maintain the body’s health. It also stimulates the body’s own production of natural healing compounds such as fibroblasts, collagen, and hyaluronic acid.
  • As these tissues become more plentiful, the body’s ability to heal itself improves. Some benefits of using IPL include:

Deep tissue massage has been proven to have beneficial effects on the skin’s appearance and healing process.

It can improve circulation, enhance lymphatic function, and increase the flow of oxygen to the cells throughout the body.

It is a holistic form of healing that encourages self-healing of the body through its soothing effect and its ability to penetrate through the skin. Studies show that it promotes fibrosis elimination, increases the body’s antioxidant status and enhances the body’s ability to produce natural hormones and enzymes.

When used in conjunction with other massage therapy techniques, IPL helps to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis, venous insufficiency, and osteoarthritis.

It can help to alleviate pain and stiffness caused by: repetitive motion injury, tendonitis, bursitis, and osteoarthritis, and it can improve the functioning of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Massage With Light Therapy Is Especially Beneficial For Back Pain

There are many benefits to massage with light therapy. It will not only relax the individual but it will also help the body to increase its ability to heal itself.

This type of therapy is very beneficial in relieving pressure and tension that are held on a persons back, shoulders, neck, and other soft tissues throughout the body.

In addition, there are several benefits to using light touch therapy.

  • First, it has been known to help with blood circulation, which can be beneficial in preventing strokes and heart attacks.
  • Second, it can also help relieve the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia.

One of the main benefits of massage with light therapy is that it increases blood flow to the tissue being treated.

This helps to increase circulation to all parts of the body, including the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

  • Third, it also increases the lymphatic drainage process by drawing fluids away from the body in the form of perspiration. This process flushes unwanted toxins from the body, which has been shown to reduce pain, improve mobility, and provide overall health benefits.

Massage with light therapy is very similar to massage with regular massage but without going through the use of massage oils or creams.

This form of therapy is very gentle and effective.

Massage With Light Therapy Is specially Helpful For Neck Pain

Massage with Light Therapy is specially helpful for neck pain.

The therapy will involve different techniques such as Light Therapy massage which uses massage light to help the body relieve stress and tension which in turn relieves pain and tightens the muscles of the body.

Many people believe that massage is a superficial treatment and they do not realise just how deep the massage goes to the muscles and connective tissues of the body.

Experience in providing this therapy is very important so that you know when you have been having too light of a massage that will result in any unwanted side effects.

If you are experiencing Light Therapy massage services for the first time, then you may want to speak to a professional masseur to find out whether this type of massage would be beneficial to you.

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Do you know that massage with light therapy is noninvasive?

This means that massage with light touch on specific parts of your body such as the neck, shoulders, palms, arms, and legs will not disturb the biochemical balance in your body because it is very gentle.

This means that massage with light touch can be safe and effective, and will not trigger your body’s defense system that will increase pain sensitivity.

Massage with light therapy is effective for relaxation, pain relief, and for stress management.

  • Light therapy is also known as phototherapy and it uses light rays from a hand-held lamp to treat aches, pains, injuries, and diseases.
  • Light has the ability to penetrate the skin and the nervous system so that it can trigger the production of natural healing properties in our body.
  • Light has the ability to stimulate and improve blood circulation, relieve pain, and speed up the regeneration of cells.
  • In the process, it also triggers the release of natural pain relievers and endorphins.
  • This means that massage with light can be safe and effective.
  • Light therapy is used to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and to speed up the healing process.
  • In addition, it is safe and effective for all age groups including infants and old people.
  • With the continued use of light, massage therapists are able to relax clients before, during, and after massage therapy sessions.
  • Light therapy is a versatile form of alternative medicine that is very effective and safe.

Massage With Light Therapy Is Gentle And Relaxing

  • You have probably heard how massage with light therapy is gentle on the body.
  • It relaxes and soothes tight muscles and helps relieve pain.
  • Massage is a great way to enhance your health, but it can be too harsh if not done correctly.
  • Many people get massage with light therapy to relieve the symptoms of allergies or colds.
  • The warmth from a massage with light therapy allows the individual to relax more because the light is penetrating into the body which is soothing and relieving.
  • Massage with light is very effective for calming the mind and relaxing the body.
  • A massage therapist who knows how to properly manipulate light and heat will be able to find just the right spot to apply the therapy.
  • This allows the therapist to gently loosen tight muscles and relieve any stress that is in the affected area.
  • The light and heat penetrate deep into the muscle giving them relaxation and help reduce any stiffness.
  • You will notice that after a massage with light therapy, you do not feel as stiff.
  • The massage with light therapy is also beneficial for the mind and body.
  • The soothing light stimulates the central nervous system, which allows the individual to feel positive effects from the therapy.

There is no need to feel uncomfortable or to massage someone else who is unwell because massage with light therapy is gentle and relaxing.

Massage With Light Therapy Increases the Regeneration of Muscle Tissue

Massage with light therapy increases the regeneration of muscle tissue because it stimulates the growth of new myofibrils (muscle fibres) in a fast, biological manner.

Muscle fibres are the threads that connect muscle tissue to bone and other organs through mechanical connections.

Myofibrils are actually small fibres of myoglobin which is the chemical component in muscle that absorbs light.

Muscle recovery stimulates muscle growth by increasing the release of growth hormones.

In addition, light massage increases myofibril protein accumulation in the injured muscle tissue by promoting the accumulation of protein in injured myofibrils.

This increased protein accumulation supports the formation and growth of new muscle tissue.

The fibres from the myofibrils are then recruited into the injured muscle to complete the task of tissue repair.

Studies have shown that massage with light therapy increases the regeneration of muscle tissue in patients with shoulder dislocations.

Furthermore, massage with light therapy increased muscle strength and improved range of motion in patients with shoulder dislocation and hip surgery.

Massage with light therapy is also effective for patients with osteoarthritis.

In addition, massage with light therapy increases myofibril protein accumulation in the injured muscle tissue, promoting the formation and growth of new muscle tissue.

Massage With Light Therapy greatly Increases Repair Muscle Tissue

Massage with Light Therapy is the latest in a long line of natural health remedies and can be very helpful for muscle tissue repair.

It is all the more impressive considering that light therapy is actually an ancient form of therapy dating back to 3000 B.C. and used by the ancient Chinese for pain relief and muscle maintenance which has similarities with led light therapy but using moxibustion.

In the Western world, massage with light therapy is now used for many different types of health complaints, including chronic pain, arthritis, sports injuries, aging, mental health, and much more.

Light therapy uses massage techniques such as targeted ultrasound, phototoxic or photodynamic therapy, and other methods to promote the repair of damaged cells or even encourage the formation of new muscle tissue.

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By using light, it helps to increase blood circulation and allow nutrients and oxygen to reach the injured or damaged area where it is needed the most.

For example, light can be used to stimulate the production of collagen, which is key to helping repair and prevent muscle soreness and damage.

Light also increases oxygen flow to the muscles and helps to protect them against dehydration.

Light therapy can also be used on the deep tissues of the body such as the neck, back, shoulders, and hips. Light can also be used to help relax muscles and improve range of motion after a massage.

The Cause of an Instant Release of Nitric Oxide (NO)

Infra-red light is a fairly new technology that is becoming more popular in many aspects of cosmetic and tattooing practices.

It has been found to be especially beneficial in the area of skin tightening and anti-aging.

As you are probably well aware, exposure to UV light can cause sunburn and even skin cancer.

However, with recent advancements in medical technology, there are now safer and more effective options for skin lightening that are much safer than ever before. One of the newest and fastest growing in these types of treatment methods is the use of lasers.

Led Therapy Increases Lymph Drainage

A recent study by the University of Illinois’ College of Medicine found that led therapy increases lymphatic drainage.

Lymphatic drainage is a method used to remove waste products and remove pathogens from the lymphatic system.

When lymphatic drainage reduces in a person’s body it can cause problems within the circulatory system, therefore, the immune system becomes weaker causing a person to become more prone to colds and the flu.

Led therapy has been proven to increase lymphatic drainage.

The increased lymphatic drainage will help to eliminate toxins and improve circulation, which is exactly what was found to be beneficial by the University of Illinois’ College of Medicine.

The use of light to stimulate and alter the behavior of healthy white blood cells. When a molecule such as a hemoglobin molecule becomes excited, it emits energy in the form of a beam of light. This can be used for many applications and uses including the ability to promote healing of wounds, and to clean up debris from the skin and eyes.

Has Led Therapy Had an Amazing Effect on Nerves?

Led therapy is an innovative form of therapy used to treat a wide range of ailments, including chronic pain, neuromuscular disease, and arthritic conditions.

Led therapy has a remarkable effect on the nervous system and brain, which help to promote healing and rehabilitation.

Nerve damage caused by rheumatoid arthritis affects the peripheral nervous system, which is involved in controlling the sensation of touch, pain and movement.

By using low intensity led light, patients suffering from this neurosurgical disease are able to reduce pain and improve motor function.

LED Therapy For Fibromyalgia – What You Should Know

LED therapy for Fibromyalgia is a safe, effective alternative form of treatment.

This form of therapy uses light emitting diode (LED) technology to stimulate the body’s natural pain-relieving properties and to alleviate symptoms of fibromyalgia.

LED is an electrical light source which can be placed either under the skin or in the top layers of the skin.

LED is thought to create a positive effect on the brain and may help patients achieve a state of relaxation, thereby reducing symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Why Is LED Light Therapy Getting Popular in Chiropractic Clinics?

Patients seeking alternative therapies are turning to more unconventional methods such as LED light therapy.

While LED lights have been around for years, recent reports suggest that they are becoming increasingly common in chiropractic offices as a way to help patients treat back pain and other issues.

One reason why LED is becoming more popular in chiropractic is the cost factor.

The treatment consists of using special lights that provide a gentle, natural glow to a patient’s spine.

Since the lights use minimal amounts of electricity and are therefore more cost effective than traditional light therapy options, patients are finding it to be a cost effective method to get the type of results they are looking for.


LED Light Therapy Becoming Popular in Physical Clinics

LED light therapy is one of the many treatments being offered in the field of physical therapy.

Many professional therapists such as massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists and osteopaths are using this therapy in order to help patients overcome many injuries and problems that they experience.

Getting therapy using light allows the therapist to perform more sophisticated techniques without causing unnecessary discomfort to the patient.

Physical therapy is becoming popular with the advent of many new technologies and as more physical therapists incorporate these new technologies into their practice, the light therapy will undoubtedly become more common and used by more physical therapy professionals.

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